15 October 2005

Figure VI: Waaaah!

He leapt out of bed with a bound, full of zest and life, looking forward to a life of toil! He is the corporate wage slave, the archetypal salaryman.

"The look in your eye
The pressure, you kill with a knife
Toxins and games
You - you vow to win"
'Resist' Front Line Assembly
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14 October 2005

The Tower of the Queen

A tribute to Terry Gilliam's work of genius 'The Brothers Grimm'.

"Don't upset the teacher
Though we know he lied to you
Don't upset the preacher
He's gonna close his eyes for you"
'The Circus' Erasure

Building with Art Decor features

There are many buildings with Art Decor stylings scattered throughout Singapore. Here is one of them, not the most inspiring sight but nevertheless, an interesting one.

13 October 2005

Five Overlooked Synthpop Albums

Certain synthpop albums lack the visibility of their more illustrious compatriots. These are some gems which I feel were overlooked by the synthpop and electronic music community when they were first released:

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Liberator
John Foxx and Louis Gordon - Crash and Burn
Hubert KaH - Hubert KaH
Merge -Lost Heroes
Wave in Head - Time to speak

"A war of technology
Threatens to ignite
Digital murder
The language of machines"
'Mindphaser' Front Line Assembly

12 October 2005

A Verdant World

In the stillness, she could hear the approach of the Demiurge. Is it a portent of the End?

'The rather dour young man on the Ducal Throne, who could not yet have been thirty, leaned forward with one hand on the arm of it, and stared at Ash with eyes so dark as to be black. A faint colour touched his pale cheeks. "You tried to kill me!"'
'The Book of Ash Volume 2: Carthage Ascendant' Mary Gentle

11 October 2005

After Action Report (08.10.2005): 'Thirty Years War Quad - Nordlingen 1634'

Seow Buay and I rolled a die for sides, giving me the Swedes and him the Imperialists. We quickly set up given the limited number of units. We were all set to go!

Nordlingen, as everyone knows (well..), is a pivotal battle in the Thirty Years War which broke the back of Swedish power and restored the advantage to the Imperialists. The Swedes did manage a revival late in the war.

On the armies, the Imperialist army was larger but more coherent while the Swedish army generally had higher unit strengths but were divided. Given the state of the fatigued Swedish forces, the demoralisation level for this battle is set at 100 and 75 for infantry and cavalry while that of the Imperial forces is set at 125 and 100 respectively.

A examination of the battlefield showed a central division by rough terrain and impassable woods into two parts. For both the Swedish army and Imperialist army, the majority of their armies would be deployed on side closer to Nordlingen. It would be difficult for the armies to support the minor elements on other side of the divide. It was much more difficult for the Swedes actually.

The initial deployment was a curious one. An advance Swedish detachment under Horn stood poised to attack an isolated imperialist hill with cannons while the two armies stood facing each other on a plain. The Imperialist cannons were mostly placed on high ground.

Given the tripling of factors given to Swedish infantry in turn 1, I attacked with most of Horn's forces, demolishing three out of four infantry units (5-3 or 5-4 units). Unfortunately, the two cannons units disrupted my powerful infantry units. Seow Buay swiftly moved substantial forces to counterattack. He did not waver and neither was he half-hearted. My tactical mistake from this point basically doomed the enterprise. I failed to position my 15-4 infantry units properly and thus did not rally them. I did a silly suicidal attack with a powerful unit. It was going to be a matter of time before the Horn detachment was lost. I had lost a wing there! It was obvious.

At turn 2, I moved my entire army forward, forsaking my artillery and attempting to threaten Seow Buay's army. However, Seow Buay was unconcerned. He simply denied his flank and deployed on high ground behind his artillery.

At that point at turn 3 to 4, I had to make a strategic decision. I could withdraw and await him, essentially waiting at my lines from a position of strength. This would also definitely end the game at this point as Seow Buay would not forsake his powerful position despite his superior numbers and the destruction of Horn's detachment (That would draw off about 30% of his forces up to turn 4-5). Seow Buay would end with a substantive victory at the minimum. I would have about 20VP and he would need 30 or more which he could more than easily have gotten from the destruction of the two 15-4, 13-4 infantry units, and not to mention the cavalry units.

Anyhow, I decided to throw caution to the winds. I would try to force a decision. Either, I claw out a draw or lose my army. Using my 12-4 infantry units, I proceeded to try to punch through his centre. I managed to disrupt a few units but in turn, more than six of my units were disrupted by a combination of cannon fire and die rolls. Risky attacks. I managed to eliminate a few units but lost substantially more.

By turn 7, my line was beginning to collapse. Seow Buay had managed to reduce the Horn detachment to two disrupted units.

I started withdrawing to my gun line while Seow Buay's maruadering cavalry came around my short flanks. Through carelessness, I lost an artillery piece. At turn 9, my army was on its last legs, and the infantry was just short of demoralisation. At that point, we ended the game. Seow Buay had won a complete victory.

In hindsight, there were two major approaches for the Swedes to consider.

1. The withdrawal of Horn's units and the re-joining of the detachment with the main body. If this was chosen, the Swedish army could actually wait in a secure position for the larger Imperialist army. This was never the obvious choice as almost everyone would have attacked with Horn.

2. Attacking with Horn and then holding the hill with the two cannons for a prolonged period while the main Swedish army attempt to attack left. (ie Imperialist right wing). This strategy appears viable. Again, the risk is not inconsiderable.

For the Imperialists, it would be mostly be the employment of a reactive strategy. Should option 1 be chosen, the Imperialists would have to decide whether it is worth advacing and abandoning a position of strength. The Imperialists have a preponderance of artillery on high ground. The Imperialists have numerical superiority despite lower strength units. And lastly, greater staying power through a higher demoralisation value.


I think this is a worthwhile battle to play and I would love to play this again. We will likely be trying Rocroi next.

"Scientists have proof without certainty; Creationists have certainty without proof"
Ashley Montagu

The Distant Bridge

A little sketch done when I was sipping an ice lemon tea at Burger King on a Friday night. Fairly enjoyable sketch. Nothing more.

"Synthetic conspiracy
Masters of the human race
The mind now knows
New levels of fear"

'Mindphaser' Front Line Assembly

10 October 2005


A charging Roman centurion and a legionary. A sketch based on a rather small blurred photo. The motion blur filter was likely used in that photo. I had to reconstruct some details.

"A war of technology
Threatens to ignite
Digital murder
The language of machines"

'Mindphaser' Front Line Assembly

09 October 2005

The Labyrinth

Illustration Friday Theme: Lost

I drew most of this while I was at Spinelli's at the Heeren tonight and I finished the details when I got home. The buildings in the background are of a variety of styles, with elements of Moscovite churches, Eastern Orthrodox churches and a Dutch gable. A mish-mash really. I am hoping for a feel of the fantastical.

"Everybody’s looking for a new sensation
Everybody’s talking about the state of the nation
Everybody’s looking for a promised land
Everybody’s failing to understand"
'Pleasure Little Treasure' Depeche Mode


For him, it was a moment of lucidity. He reminisced of times passed, the hopes and the regrets and how he used sit in this spot, pondering on a promising future.

"Mesmerised by a decade of faith
Flowers and remorse
A fading vision lost in time
Tragedy on course"

'Mindphaser' Front Line Assembly