26 November 2005

The Tools I use

I use a variety of tools when I draw.

Here they are:

Drawing pens
Great pencils, more pencils and the humble pencils
Copic Markers
Colour pencils
Wacom interactive display

"There's nothing on TV,
He took her to a movie
But she's the one for me,
He took her to a movie
We're at number three,
He took her to a movie
But so did I"
'He took her to a movie' Ladytron

25 November 2005

Human League Remixes and Rarities

This new one has apparently been released. I will be looking for it.

1. Being Boiled (Travelogue Version) (Travelogue Album)
2. The Sound Of The Crowd (12” Versino - Complete) (12” Single)
3. Hard Times (Love Action B-Side) (3” CD Single)
4. Non-Stop (Open Your… B-Side) (12” Single)
5. Don't You Want Me (Extended Dance Mix) (12” Single)
6. Mirror Man (Extended Version) (12” Single)
7. You Remind Me Of Gold (Mirror Man B-Side) (12” Single)
8. (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Improvisation) (12” Single)
9. Total Panic (Fascination B-Side) (3” CD Single)
10. The Lebanon (Extended) (12” Single)
11. Life On Your Own (Extended) (12” Single)
12. Electric Dreams (Extended) (12” Single)
13. Human (Extended) (12” Single)
14. Heart Like A Wheel (Extended) (CD & 12” Single)

Now, if only Alphaville, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Camouflage were to release all their old remixes on one CD.

"I think she's been alone,
He took her to a movie
When they cut off the phone,
He took her to a movie
And when her cover's blown,
He took her to a movie
But so did I"
'He took her to a movie' Ladytron

An Art Decor Building along Prinsep Street

An intriguing remnant of an earlier era along Prinsep Street. The front door of the building is wooden with metal grates with a stylised motif. There are two flagpoles mounted on the upper stories and there is that linear motif adorning the front.

"As We Fall From The Sky
Our Lives Pass By
Emerging from This Vision
Life Is Stranger than Death
'This Faith' Front Line Assembly

24 November 2005

The Tomb

Death comes as a release for some.

Illustration Friday theme: Free

"Faces of a Thousand People
The Sickness in Their Mind Is Real
We Fight and Struggle to Survive
This Cultured Way of Suicide
This Faith Is Real
The Betrayal
'This Faith' Front Line Assembly

Greek Hoplite

An old ballpoint pen and markers sketch which was a delight to do.

The reference was from a book on ancient Greek warfare.

"He met her in the fall,
He took her to a movie
And when they'd done it all,
He took her to a movie
And from the hospital,
He took her to a movie
But so did I"

'He took her to a movie' Ladytron

A bore that I'm used to

There are apparently three covers for the forthcoming single, each featuring a member of Depeche Mode. Again, these covers are not the most inspiring of covers, being drab and unimaginative. Maybe, a white cover would have sufficed.

"And when her heart was sad,
He took her to a movie
He's all she's ever had,
He took her to a movie
And should their love turn bad,
He took her to a movie
But so did I"
'He took her to a movie' Ladytron

23 November 2005

Apartment Blocks

I have spoken of the ugly Esplanade and Supreme Court buildings previously.

Of course, not every new building in Singapore is a monstrosity. This is one of those new slender apartment blocks in the city area. It is visually striking. I marvel at the daring and I wonder about the floor layout.

"On to
On to The Mindfield
Into The Hole
Chemical Cauldron
Location Still Unknown"

'Surface Patterns' Front Line Assembly

22 November 2005

Cold II

Damnation! The cold has gotten worse. The burning sensation in my throat has subsided but I have a bad cough. I didn't sleep last night due to that cough.


Just messing around. Another one in the same vein as the previous thin framed one.

"There's a painting on the wall
That wasn't there at all
Ten minutes ago
There's a girl who walks the line
She's with you all the time
She won't let go
And I can't see me with another girl
As everything slows down across the world"

'The Lights are going out' Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

20 November 2005


I love sketching trees and forests. Unfortunately, there are few mature trees on the roadsides in Singapore. That instance in the photo above is, well, rare. What does one see on the streets? Instant-trees! Yep. Trees planted in nurseries and are then transplanted. Smooth small trees designed for maximum shade.

Thus, there are few old trees of character worth sketching around. What can I say?