03 December 2005


I'm usually quite a homely person and however this week, I had met up with Colin for dinner at Outback at Millennia's Walk on Wednesday, then Lam and Amelia at Hard Rock Cafe on Thursday. Quite unusual really.

"...So I read to myself:
A chance of a lifetime to see new horizons
On the front page
A black and white picture
Of Manhattan Skyline"
'Manhattan Skyline' A-Ha
The Curious Incident of the Mercedes Benz 500 and BMW

Alrightly, there wasn't really any incident. I spotted two curious vehicles at Crusaden Road on Thursday night. The first is a large Mercedes Benz 500 which had a licence plate 'JOHOR'. It was a huge, graceful, powerful car. It was parked at the side of the road beside the Forum Galleria mall. There was an orange and white BMW in parked nearby. It appears to be a police vehicle of some sort with sirens and lights on top. It was obviously not a local police vehicle. It's a Malaysian police car on our roads! The contrast between the two vehicles could not be greater. The police vehicle was worn and well-used while the Mercedes was sparkling new.

Well? I think the Mercedes belonged to a member of the Johor royalty and the BMW is his or her police escort. The Johor royalty has been known to visit Singapore very frequently. Nothing mysterious really.

"We sit and watch umbrellas fly
I'm trying to keep my newspaper dry
I hear myself say,
"My boat's leaving now"...
so we shake hands and cry"
'Manhattan Skyline' A-Ha
Missing Meow

I spotted Meow's girlfriend peeking from a drain when I was walking home last night. Later, my father told me that Meow's girlfriend and son were around my place. I guess they were looking for poor Meow. Everyone misses him. Even the other cats miss him.

Meow's son looks like a smaller version of Meow. Heheh.

"Now I must wave goodbye
Wave goodbye
Wave goodbye
Wave goodbye
Wave goodbye
Wave goodbye"
'Manhattan Skyline' A-Ha

Soldat: The German Soldier on the Eastern Front 1941-43

This new one published by Concord Publications has great photo references of German infantry in the Second World War. I used various publications from Signal Squadron Editions, Concord Publications, Osprey and a few others for their photo references when I sketch infantry.

"At the first glance, I knew there was no chance
To come into contact or to find a new compact
'U-Men' Front 242

02 December 2005

Live Here Now!

Live Here Now is a British company which is authorised to make live concert recordings and release them on CD. They will have concert CDs of most concerts in a tour.

So far, concerts CDs from Erasure, Goldfrapp, Client, Heaven 17 are available.

The CDs cost between 15 to 20 pounds each.

Unfortunately, the Client CD is sold out. So are a few of the Erasure concerts.

"Silicon advisers leading the way
We reach our cruising altitude1-1-2029,
West Europe, midnight
Invisible and silent, circling overland
Scanning, taping, filing, instantly checking
Every human, car and plane of the quarters we survey"

'Circling Overland' Front 242

Revolution of the Heart

Good news! Howard Jones is back with an electronic album. Electronic, guitar guitars and all. In a sense, quite unlike his previous accoustic guitar efforts as heard in 'Human' and 'Angels and Lovers'.

1. Celebrate Our Love
2. Respected
3. Just Look At You Now
4. Revolution Of The Heart
5. I've Said Too Much
6. The Presence Of Other
7. Black & White
8. Another Chance
9. Stir It Up
10. For You, See Me

Early impressions? Not bad at all. The album is created with great heart. This is one of the most bouncy, poppy Hojo CDs in a while.

Of course one should not pay $43.00 for it. Look for the inexpensive Australian edition that comes with two CDs, one of which has remixes.

"Backbone of the fighter force, of the defence industry,
Devoted tools of the power, warrants of the order"
'Circling overland' Front 242
Journal of Armoured Assault and Heliborne Warfare Volume 13

I have always thought that this series has a particularly awkward title. Anyway, the latest issue has great images of the Austrian Ulhan Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV).

When I read of the small numbers of armoured vehicles of the current Austrian army, I would think of the contrast in numbers with the great Austrian armies of the Seven Years War and the Napoleonic Wars.

"They seem to live in Panavision
On a TV screen or in a non-stop dream
'U-Men' Front 242

01 December 2005

Heart of the Forest: In Full Glory

An electronic piece created with Painter IX. A mixture of electronic ink and watercolour were used to colour this piece.

"Nerves connected to the center, we are tied to the machine
Invisible and silent, circling overland
The planemakers designed us to outturn and outmaneuver
Intruders in the skies, intruders in our skies"

'Circling Overhead' Front 242

Tender Buttons

I had no idea that Broadcast's 'Tender Buttons' was released until I saw it mentioned in a blog entry. (Thanks Steve! You've even seen it LIVE!!! Unimaginable! I am green with envy.)

That's it, I shall have to hunt for the new Broadcast album. WOO! I am excited. I have been disappointed in the last St Etienne and Hooverphonic releases but not so with Broadcast ('Haha Sound).


I found it at HMV for $43.00 (US$25.30). Rip-off. Outrageous!

I also found Howard Jones' new one, 'Revolution of the Heart', a supposedly return to his electronic roots. His last two 'Human' and 'Angels and Lovers' were accoustic guitar fare. Ack.

"1-1-2029, the stars are shining bright"
'Circling Overland' Front 242

30 November 2005


'Hung Up'. What a horrid single. Gimme gimme gimme ABBA anytime.

Strange Building

I spotted this strange building in Chinatown. I wonder about its origins and age. It appears to be a restored building and could well be new.

In terms of architectural tradition, I can't place it. It appears to be a mish-mash of several styles. Weird.


I did a little reading. This apartment building was designed and built in 1925 by Frank Wilim Brewer (1886-1971). The style is described as 'Chinese eclectic style with a dash of Charles Rennie Mackintosh thrown in for good measure.'* Brewer had apparently designed quite a number of buildings here.

I found the information in 'Black and White: The Singapore House 1898-1925' by Julian Davison. An excellent and fascinating volume.

*Direct quote from the book.

"Open the window
Jump on the roof
Danger can come
From everywhere
My skin is damp,
I'm shivering
Am I scared or am I cold
The tension rises"
'Commando Mix' Front 242
More about this Blog

The title of this blog is taken from the Jorge Luis Borges short story 'The Garden of Forking Paths'. The name on my email is taken from the title of Stanislaw Lem's masterpiece 'The Cyberiad', a playful novel of parables written in the seventies. Highly recommended.

As you can probably tell, I enjoy reading, hence all the references to book titles and so forth.

"You've got to survive
Stick it in your mind
It's your Leitmotiv"

'Commando Mix' Front 242

29 November 2005

A Moment of Lucidity

Finally, my head has cleared. Will I be granted a moment of lucidity? I was dizzy throughout the most of yesterday and last night. The cold medicine last week and the coughing were not assisting. Whoa! Time to wake up! Time to do things! Hurrah!


Standing small in the wilds. A piece created with mixed media. Watercolours, pigment markers and Copic markers.

Illustration Friday theme: Small

"As We Fall From The Sky
Our Lives Pass By
Emerging from This Vision
Life Is Stranger than Death
'This Faith' Front Line Assembly

28 November 2005

The Sword in the Anvil

There it was, a solitary sword, gleaming in the afternoon sun.

I'm on my knees to pray
Since I kissed you once
And I held you once
Things have never been the same"
'Everyday' Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

27 November 2005

Cold III

A very restful Sunday. I almost close to full recovery. Heheh.

"The lights are going out
One by one across the world
With faces turning down
The night will hide the sound
She comes to you"
'The Lights are going out' Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark