21 January 2006

Old Streets

This evening, I took a walk from Raffles City to Clarke's Quay. There, I proceeded to Robertson Quay, Kim Yam Road, Mohamed Sultan Road and River Valley Close.

I recall that there was a kampong at River Valley Close in the late seventies. I recall seeing a well there in 1977 and attap houses.

20 January 2006


I will probably get a 1600 or 2000-dpi mouse at Sim Lim Square this evening before heading over to Orchard Road. Heh.

It's impossible to run straight, let alone drive a vehicle in Battlefield 2 with my current twenty dollar mouse.
Battlefield 2 Statistics

Brian and I have recently been playing quite a bit of Battlefield 2.

Here are the links to our statistics:

Shyue Chou's statistics

Brian's statistics

As you can see, Toepopperman's statistics are a lot better than mine. I tend to get killed at the spawn point far too often. And I charge with guns blazing far too often against better players.

When Wilson the Fuzzyoctopi joins us, I think his statistics would easily top us all!

My current ratio is very poor:
Kills :32
Deaths: 88
Ratio: 0.37

This was inspired by the ruined bridge which I saw in Rome a few years ago. Sketch with pigment ink. Imaginery scene.

19 January 2006


This new single from Eurythmics is the worst single I have ever heard from this duo. It's a filler for their latest greatest hits compilation.

It is on par with Madonna's 'Hung up' as the worst single of 2005.

18 January 2006

Adventures on the Battlefield

My current first person shooter (FPS) game of choice is Battlefield 2 and its expansion, Battlefield 2: Special Forces.

The previous few nights, I went on the ranked servers and was massacred on the scale of 1 kill is to 10 deaths. On certain games, I could not score even a kill! I was averaging 4-6 points per game. My mouse cursor was jumping and it was not stable. I need a new mouse.

In games, I was getting killed within 1-2 seconds of respawning by artillery barrages, snipers, base-campers and so forth. Last night, I decided to be patient instead of charging headlong into action. Yes, I was still focused on kills but I also go for flags.

I was able to manage a better than 1:1 ratio at times. At other times, I managed a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio with 18-27 points and over 50 if the side wins.

I have been somewhat successful on the Special Forces servers, managing a 1:1 or better ratio.

I have also planned my deployment when I used the sniper. And I have managed a few satisfying kills. It is fruitful to snipe at the base where players are more likely to be stationary.

On another note, I find that on one-to-one face offs, I would get wasted by the advanced G36 or F2000 assault rifles that some players are carrying. I have resorted to carrying Light Anti-Tank Weapons (LAW) and twice, when I was jumped, I blew my adversary away.

The players on the ranked servers are better than the typical unranked ones. My rank is still private first class (PFC) in the game. I hope to make corporal tonight.

The latency on the Singapore servers (EASG), Thai servers (EA TH) and Japanese servers are decent on Starhub cable. Strangely enough the latency on the Taiwan servers (EATW) are too high. Lousy ping times.

The most satisfying moment of last night was when I ran to a surface-to-air missile (SAM) launcher just when a Blackhawk helicopter was hovering nearby and brought it down, killing the three occupants.
In Strict Confidence new EP 'Where sun and moon unite'

Woo! The new 10-track In Strict Confidence EP 'Where the sun and moon unite' is due out in mid-March. Information from their blog on myspace.com

1. Promised Land (Extended Version)
2. Paradise Regained
3. Pearl
4. Promised Land (Club Mix)
5. Wintermoon (Samsas Traum Remix)
6. Diamond
7. Emergency (Blind Faith & Envy Version)
8. Paradise Regained (Patenbrigade:Wolff: Remix)
9. Promised Land (Blutengel Remix)
10. Samael (Lucas Boysen Mix)
Korean Market

Ink sketch from an small photo in a magazine. It turned out very well. June 2002.

17 January 2006

Battlefield 2 Euro Force Booster Pack

Woo! The new booster pack for Battlefield 2 is due out on the 8th of February. Ack. There won't be a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM release. Pity.

Hmm.. New maps, new vehicles and new weapons. Promising!

New Maps
Operation Smoke Screen
Taraba Quarry
Great Wall

New vehicles
Main Battle Tank - Leopard 2A6
Main Battle Tank – Challenger 2
Fighter – Eurofighter (Typhoon T1)
Attack Heli – Eurocopter Tiger (Tiger HAP)

New Weapons
SA80 L85A2
SA80 L85A2 with UGL (AG-36)
Benelli M4
L96A11 New Army

European Union1 new award
European Union Special Service Medal

I have been playing a lot of Battlefield 2 and I have been playing badly, getting slaughtered ten times for every kill I make. I am only gaining 4-6 points per game (unless the team wins) on ranked servers in Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand.

Players on ranked servers seems to be a lot better than those on local servers and non-ranked ones.

*Image taken from http://www.battlefield2.com


A sketch from 2003. Pigment ink.

16 January 2006

Classic Art Decor Building

Old Art Decor building on Prinsep Street. It has most of the classic features of a building of this type. Flagpole, etc.

15 January 2006

Mosque at Gentle Road

Thirty or so years ago, there was once a Malay kampong at Gentle Road. Today, the area is filled with semi-detached houses and the IRAS skyscraper (Is that where our tax dollars go? In both senses of the word...). The old mosque, which was a zinc and attap affair, has since been rebuilt into this nice elegant place of worship. There is even a glass minaret!

During Hari Raya, they would sacrifice rams at this site. You could smell death and, the stench was very strong.