11 February 2006


I will be drawing a Merkava MBT soon. Sleek, menacing and purposeful tank.

I will draw a Merkava 1 and a Merkva 4 possibly in the future.
Another two unlocks!

Woo! I achieved Master Sergeant in Battlefield 2 last night. Two more unlocks. I chose the M95 for the Sniper and the G36C for the Medic.

I am beginning to make kills using sniper rifles. However, it is difficult. Ack.

Apparently, there are some Punkbuster Proof hacks on this site:

I suspect that there are people using wall hacks and aimbots. Some of the killing shots I have been hit with seem impossible. Then again, it's hard to tell.

10 February 2006


It's Friday at last! It's a gloomy Friday though. Grey skies, scattered clouds, humidity, wet roads.

I'll probably drop by HMV and Borders this evening.
Songbird Open Source Media Player

The new Songbird Open Source Media player v0.1. Is this as good as the Windows Media Player? I don't know yet. I will have to see. The good news is that it can play WMA files! Hurrah!

Hopefully, this player will have a large memory footprint like some commercial players out there. Download (7.87MB) English

*Image taken from the Songbird website.
Twilight Struggle

Twilight Struggle is a board and card game from GMT Games depicting the struggles between the two superpowers in the bipolar Cold War of the last fifty years. This game of 'Twilight Struggle' is between David and Wei Yi. Wei Yi has said that the mechanics of the game is relatively simple, not unlike a German board game.

I placed a pre-order some time ago and I'm waiting for my set.

09 February 2006


Gary Numan is back! 'Jagged' is due to be released in March. His somewhat recent 'Exile' and 'Pure' albums were atmospheric, gloomy and dark. Very dark. I think this should be in the same vein.

07 February 2006


Two free unlocks for Battlefield 2. I wonder why. I chose the MG36 and the L85A1. I have tested the former and it is very usable at medium range.

06 February 2006


Oh no! There is apparently an aimbot for Battlefield 2.


"MSXSecurity is proud to announce the first -evr- battlefield 2 aimbot. This is not a color aimbot, but a TRUE vector aimbot. This is the same deadly aimbot that most counter-strike hacks use. With vector aiming, you are able to specify where you want to shoot (head / stomance) and also have features such as FOV and distance settings, smooth aiming so people dont know your hacking, auto aim, auto shoot and more. This is the first and only battlefield 2 aimbto to hit the market. Still included with the BF2 Hack is our famous Commander hack, which lets you get commander whenever you want, instantly. With commander hack you can drop 20 artillery strikes in 1 minute, with no waiting time. Have infinte supply crates too! Check out these movies of the commander hack in action! Artillery spamming movie -- Supply spamming movie."

There has been talk about it on forums. Is this for real?

Appalling! Does that explain those incredible shots that people make?

"Well, it seems PB has decided to try and ban anyone who was kicked in the past for certain violations. When it first started happening, people thought it might be a certain hack, or a certain string, but after alot of code analyzing, it appears to just be a globally set in ban, for anyone who was caught with violation xxxx within the last x months.With that, MSX is proud to re-release msxbf2sh RC2 Which has completely new anti PB technology, as well as a very spiffy HW spoofer/unbanner, which lets you "auto-magically" unban yourself and play on PB servers again with a new cdkey. There is 2 options for this cheat. The first option is "I am already HW banned, I have nothing to lose" Which institutes complete anti PB code, with SS protection, HW GUID spoofing, and much more.The second option is "I am not banned, and would like to keep it that way" Which is the same hack as above, without anything that is considered a serious violation to PB. (guid/hw spoofing or SS protection)Users do NOT have to download anything to use the new version. Just load up RC2, and the new DLL will automaticlly be streamed to your hack, and you will be able to pick your options from there. "

It can foil Punkbuster! Anti-Punkbuster technology! Noooooooooooooooo!

Features on the cheat as advertised on the website:

  • 100% Punkbuster proof. You will never get caught
  • Commander hack - Lets you get Commander whenever you want to, and lets you have unlimited artillery and supply crates with no waiting time!
  • Minimap w/ enemy radar (shows you where the enemy is on radar)
  • Nametags - Shows you where the enemy is by making a bright red nametag
  • Health ESP - Shows you how much heatlh enemy has
  • Aimbot - Auto aim or Auto shoot to the enemys head or stomach. Works for tanks and planes too.
  • View Distance - Lets you see really far away (look @ the pic of the carrier)
  • 5 crosshairs entity wallhack
  • Chameleon Skins - Lights up the enemy in bright colors
  • Nosky - Removes the sky for better FPS
  • xqz2 wallhack
  • Nofog - Removes the fog so you can see better
  • Nowater - Removes the water for better FPS
  • Save / Load Function - Lets you keep your favorite settings one click away
  • Asus wallhack
  • Anti PB Screenshot - Keeps you from getting caught by delivering a clean screenshot

It will spoil the game if it gets too popular and countermeasures are not found for it.

*Screenshots taken from the company's website.


It seems that Malaysia had taken delivery of three batches of Brazilian ASTROS II multiple rocket systems in 2003. These multiple rocket systems are fielded in a regiment that is now fully operational with three batteries, each with six ASTROS II launchers (3 x 6 = 18 launchers. Each launcher can have between 4-32 rockets). This was reported in Janes Defence Weekly on 16 January 2002. The Malaysian army had also received a quantity of Avibras AV - VBL (Viaturas Blindadas Leves) 4 x4 light armoured vehicles which are likely to be forward observer vehicles.

It would be interesting to know the exact compositions of the rockets bought and also the amount. The types will also be interesting as there are several rocket types associated with the ASTROS II and these include the SS-30 (127mm, range 9-30km), SS-40 (180mm, range 15-35km), SS-60 (300mm, range 20-80km) and SS-80 (300mm, range 20-80km).

Quoting from another source, the rocket warheads include:
"Cluster munitions warheads and dual purpose anti-armour and anti-personnel bomblets for increased area saturation are available for the SS-40, SS-60 and SS-80 rockets. A high explosive white phosphorous incendiary warhead provides anti-personnel, smoke deployment and materiel incendiary capability. A mine deployment warhead carries anti-personnel and anti-materiel mines. An anti-runway warhead which is equipped with a delayed action fuse has the capability of penetrating reinforced concrete runways to a depth of nearly 0.5m."

The Iraqis also fielded this Brazilian system. The Iraqis fielded ASTROS II rockets against Iran in the long-running Iran-Iraq war of the eighties and they also fired off some against the Saudi Arabian and American positions during the Battle for Khafji in the liberation of Kuwait.

The ASTROS II rockets were bought for 184.2 million US dollars.

The Malaysians had also bought the PT-91 main battle tanks from Poland and G5 artillery systems from South Africa.