04 March 2006

Observations of the Centre of the World

Shanghai is the place to be in the Twenty First Century. Shanghai is it. It is the centre of the world in a loose sense.

What follows will be a series of little missives on my visit to Shanghai. They are my observations on the little things, the taxis, the shops, the people, the food, etc. Little things really. The experience is immersive in all senses. Visual, aural and so forth.

As it is, it is my first visit to China. As an ethnic Chinese, do I feel something for my ancestral lands? I guess I don't. I'm sentimental over certain things but ethnic and national pride aren't things that I get emotional about. I'm hardly your typical patriotic chest-thumbing nationalist.* People may cry over their national flags, their 'native soils' and their culture. Well... that's them.

*Besides, I'm not a citizen of the People's Republic of China (PRC), I'm Singaporean.


Here I am, at the Bund.
"Do the things external which fall upon thee distract thee? Give thyself time to learn something new and good, and cease to be whirled around. But then thou must also avoid being carried about the other way. For those too are triflers who have wearied themselves in life by their activity, and yet have no object to which to direct every movement, and, in a word, all their thoughts. "

'The Meditations' Marcus Aurelius, 167 A.D.

03 March 2006


I got shanghai-ed to Shanghai. Anyway, I'm back and I've tales aplenty...

26 February 2006

Airbus A380

Images, courtesy of Jonathan who went again on Friday. He managed to get an exclusive visit to the interiors of the A380. Wooo!

For years, the large airliner segment of the airliner market was dominated by the Boeing B747. Will the advent of this airliner end the years of American dominance in jet air travel?

Asian Aerospace 2006: B-1B Lancer

Image, courtesy of Jonathan who went there a second time!

Beautiful, sleek and lethal.

Why the American Press must print the cartoons

An excellent article from the Christian Science Monitor.