06 May 2006

Singapore Elections 2006

The polling has closed. I doubt if there will be any surprises.
A nice afternoon

I was in the NYDC cafe at the Heeren earlier this afternoon with my Creative Muvo player*, a sketchbook, a glass of ice coffee and 'The Art of War in the Sixteen Century'**. I was doing a landscape piece. What a pleasant way to while away the afternoon on election day.

*Very nice and portable 1GB player. Highly recommended. I have encoded a lot of my CDs into WMA files.
**Well-known volume written by Sir Charles Omen.

Elias Building 1928

Elias Building on Selegie Road. Prominent Star of David on the facade.

05 May 2006

Space 1999, Blake 7, Children of the Stone, Sapphire and Steel

I recall with fondness the imaginative British SF and Fantasy TV programmes of yesteryear. 'Space 1999', 'Blake 7', 'Children of the Stone' and 'Sapphire and Steel'. Those programmes incorporated sophisticated storytelling*, at least for a kid, they were sophisticated.

Some of the programmes were frightening for a child to say the least but I enjoyed them then.

I recall watching 'Children of the Stone' on Malaysian TV then. I wonder how many of these programmes have been released on DVD. I'll probably look it up someday. Nostalgia is just that. Nothing more.

I wonder how many people in Singapore and for that matter throughout the world, share the same childhood programmes...

*Okay, maybe not Space 1999.. Haha.
Zombies and Ninja-Pirates having Tentacle Sex in a Bosnian pyramid?

What? No, that is not the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie. Neither is it the latest anime. It's just a silly title. It's just that it is Friday afternoon! Yes! The end of a loooong week. Phew!

I shall visit the Time Machine Studio this evening. There is a book of illustrations on knights and medieval warfare that I will pick up. I will also pick up some illustrated military volumes. Hardware. Vehicles.

Thank goodness it is election day tomorrow. I shan't have to work.

I ran 2.4 km in 12:36. It is a minute slower than my time from a few years ago. This is disappointing. Oh well. I guess I will improve my running times in time to come.

Anyway, I have made good progress from a few weeks back.
The Dolmen

Well, the coloured piece. Done with Copic markers.


The original is 17cm x 11cm approximately. I will be resizing this image again. The colours are just conventional for clarity. Extremely conventional. Some finishing is probably needed, however, this piece is done on half a normal A4 photocopy paper. It's somewhat too thin. I will see what I can do.
The North Korean People's Army: Origins And Current Tactics by James M. Minnich

A week ago, I suddenly started on 'The North Korean People's Army: Origins And Current Tactics'. It's fairly engrossing. It seems that the South Korean military has some information in Korean that has not been translated into English. I finished reading the North Korean People's Army book the next evening. The book contained doctrinal details at various levels. The unit frontages, attack, defence, evolution of the army. However it is a thin volume. There is clearly not much available information beyond that. Frontages of the formations in defence and attack are described. Anti-tank doctrine appears to be of key importance. Doctrine is a combination of Russian mechanised operational art and the Chinese's people's war.Notables: The anti-tank elements of the North Korean formations are antiquated. Su-76 (What?!), AT1, AT2 and some recoiless rifles.The SOF element is extremely large in the order of 120 000 personnel or more. This is clearly descended from the Chinese lessons in the Chinese Civil War.

Sadly, there are no visuals of the North Korean army in the thin volume.

I started on something on the 'The Chinese Army Today' by Dennis J. Blasko afterwards.

04 May 2006

ROTERSAND - Dare to Live - Perspectives on Welcome to Goodbye

1) Dare To Live (SR ver)
2) Storm (Haujobb's Reinforced by DESTROID)
3) Almost Wasted (ReSmoothed)
4) Alive (ReVenge)
5) Would You Spin This (Reclubbed with Nathalie de Borah)
6) Give It All Away (ReVoxed ver)
7) Drop Your Edukation (UK mix)
8) By the Waters (SOMAN Sheffield mix)
9) Almost Wasted (4am edit)

Woo! The new second single from the Rotersand album 'Welcome to Goodbye' is due out! Excellent! It's about time.

03 May 2006

Singapore Open Gaming III

Ken Lee has announced the details for the next session of Singapore Open Gaming.

Date: 13 May 2006
Time: 1pm-6pm
Venue: Blk 3 Queen's Rd, #01-139. Residents' Commitee Hall (located one level below Westlake Restaurant, along Farrer Road)
Cost: $3 per person*

As usual, all are welcome.

I'll try to be there in the later part of the afternoon. I work half day Saturday.

*The cost is to cover the rental of the premises. At least, there is no hourly rate like some places.

Run run run

I went for a pleasant slow 5.2km run at Toa Payoh last evening. The previous few nights, I ran along Bukit Timah Road at night. The new Brooks running shoes are great.
The books I am reading

Last week and earlier this week, I read 'The North Korean People's Army: Origins And Current Tactics' by James M. Minnich, 'In the Company of Soldiers: A Chronicle of Combat' Rick Atkinson, 'The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the United States Marines' Bing West and Ray Smith, and 'Spectrum 12' (which is a collection of mostly American SF and fantasy art).

I am almost pretty much done with reading material on 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'. I have one last one to read, 'On Point', which is a operational treatment of the advance up Baghdad in 2003. I will write a little about them later. Discuss the lessons, tactics, observations and more. There is quite a bit to relate about the biased media, the savagery of Islamic terror and more.

I am currently reading 'Illicit: How Smugglers, Traffickers and Copycats Are Hijacking the Global Economy' by Moises Naim, 'The Thirty Years War'* by Wedgewood, 'The Chinese Army Today: Tradition and Transformation for the 21st Century' by Dennis J. Blasko.

I have been trying to finish 'Istanbul : Memories and the City'* by Orhan Pamuk for a while now. I have been distracted by other books. Ack.

*I have been trying to finish them for a while but I have been distracted. Oh well.

Beowulf .5

This is an aquaintance's Beowulf .5 rifle. What is it? It is essentially a M16 with a new upper receiver and barrel giving it a capability to shoot 12.7mm rounds. I guess if I can own firearms in Singapore, I will love to have this.

I have another aquaintance online who was selling the .458 SOCOM rifles. Like the Beowulf, it is an M16 with a capability to shoot .458 SOCOM rounds. From what I have heard, it is extremely effective and have been used against Islamic insurgents in Iraq. In one instance, a single round hit the buttocks of a terrorist, destroying his lower torso. Needless to say, the terrorist subsequently died.

02 May 2006

'Electronic Highway' C.J. Bolland

1. Tower of Naphtali
2. Con Spirito
3. Nec Plus Ultra
4. Zenith
5. Bones
6. Catharsis
7. Spoof [Remix]
8. Neural Paradox
9. Drum Tower

This overlooked 1995 release is one of my most favourite techno albums besides the early Orbital ones. Cold yet dramatic, 'Electronic Highway' conveys a pulsating and mesmerising world of bleeps and artificial sounds. 'Electronic Highway' is a hypnotic world of sound, quite like that forgotten masterpiece from Code, 'The Architect'. Sadly, I haven't heard very many good techno albums since. FSOL has returned but who really cares? Pretentious Moby sucks the big one.

There are good stuff which I have probably missed in recent years. Oh well.
Chelsea 3 Manchester United 0

This is a bit late. However, this calls for a celebration! Yes! Hahaha! Now, let's see if Liverpool can pip Manchester United for the second spot. That will be hilarious! Hahaha!
Britannia: The Ancient and Medieval Invasions of Britain

The gorgeous components of Britannia. I got this week or two ago.

There are a bunch of German gamers in the boardgames community who suffer from component dazzle and I am sure they would be impressed with this game though they may bemoan the lack of plastic figures.

Wei Yi has recommended this heavily but I have yet to play this classic boardgame. I can't wait.

01 May 2006

The Dolmen

A stylised ink piece of an imaginery landscape. These are great fun to do.

Pigment ink pens used. 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5. Faber-Castell, Artline and Pilot.

30 April 2006

The Subway in Shanghai

The subway in Shanghai is clean and modern. It was obviously very new. Built in the last decade or less. The subway does resemble that of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) in Singapore.

When I was queuing at the booth, I saw a bunch of youths leaping over the barriers to avoid payment. Wow! It seems that this happens everywhere except for Singapore...