17 June 2006

Argentina 6 Serbia & Montenegro 0

A very highly impressive Argentinian performance. Messi is touted to be the new Maradona. I can see why (besides his built).

From what I see, either Brazil or Argentina will be the eventual champion this year. The strength and depth of their squads are amazing.

16 June 2006

Evening in Town

I met June and BlackRX in town and we had coffee at NYDC at the Heeren this evening. This is the first time I have seen Mister BlackRX in five years.

'Subkutan' De/Vision

De/Vision, long known for their excellent synthpop along the lines of Depeche Mode return with 'Subkutan'. People who miss classic Depeche Mode are generally amendable to De/Vision's compositions, especially their excellent first album 'World without End'. However, the new De/Vision album 'Subkutan' shares the new murky sound as the rather disappointing 'Void' album. Instead of soundwriting, 'Subkutan' relies a lot on sound effects. The album is a major disappointment as compared with the previous two which were fabulous due mainly to the songwriting and a strong electronic element. 'Subkutan' feels almost as tired as Depeche Mode during their horried 'Ultra' years. Oh well. One can hope.

1. Subtronic
2. The End
3. Star-Crossed Lovers
4. Addict
5. Obey Your Heart
6. No Tomorrow
7. Still Unknown
8. In Dir
9. E-Shock
10. My Own Worst Enemy
11. Not Made Of Gold
12. Summer Sun
13. Subtronic (Beat of Steel Mix)

However, I love the cover though. Heh.

15 June 2006

Faith & Disease 'Beauty and Bitterness'

1. Igloo
2. Ebb And Tide
3. Beauty And Bitterness
4. Emalee I
5. Emalee II
6. Glas-Glow World
7. Chandra's Lament
8. Intro: Voltaire' Vallerie
9. Crown Of Sorrow
10. Content Injuries
11. Metallic Cat
12. Louise

I was reminded of a track from this old CD during an exchange of emails regarding the Clan of Xymox with V recently. The noteworthy thing about this 1993 release from Faith & Disease is their cover of Clan of Xymox's classic goth track 'Louise' which preserved the spirit of the original. You could hear and feel the yearning.

An exerpt from the Projekt site:

"At first listen you might peg Seattle's Faith & Disease as similar to the lush sounds of Mazzy Star and This Mortal Coil. But wait, upon closer inspection (and that can be exhaustive as the band already has 6 CDs to their credit) one will find a versatile band that runs the gamut from brooding 4AD-ish guitar-synth-melancholia to surprisingly advanced eclectic instrumentation -- sometimes hinting at Celtic folk, other times experimenting with styles that might alarm the darkwave-ethereal crowd (like the use of a steel-pedal guitar on their criminally-underrated Insularia CD of 1998), yet still tie in with the bands overall "beautiful sadness" aesthetic."

Hmm.. I didn't know that they have moved over to Projekt. They were originally signed to Ivy Records.
Old Flats

These ugly old flats near the Sim Lim Square shopping complex, right at the junction of Prinsep Street, are slated for demolition. There is an art school being built nearby. These were early government flats, functional monolithic concrete structures, built for the booming population* in the fifties and sixties. It was a period where the majority of people were living in shophouses built around the turn of the century to the twenties and zinc-covered huts in muddy kampongs** in the jungle.

The programme of building subidised flats have been a roaring success over the decades in housing the expanding population then, as such, 80% of the people now live in government-built flats.

Public housing has come a long way. Public housing has evolved greatly then, with newer forms replacing the older ones. The new flats at the Sengkang area resembles condominiums and can be mistaken for them.

These old flats are an early slice of Singaporean history. They will be gone soon.

*I found in an old volume of the Guiness Book of Records that KK Hospital did record the most births then.
** Villages.

Bashir says John Howard should become a Muslim!

AK referred this 'hilarious' (in AK's words) article which appeared on an Australian news site.


"Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir says Prime Minister John Howard should become a Muslim if he wants to avoid going to hell."

More exerpts:

" "I think John Howard should convert to Islam," he said.
"If he wants to be saved from hell, he needs to convert to Islam and God willing, he will be forgiven by Allah." "

And a threat:

" Secondly, he warned Australians to never try fighting Muslims because they will definitely lose. "Maybe with God's permission, they can kill us, but they certainly can't beat Islam," he said. "

And lastly a warning to Australian journalists:

"He then warned Australian journalists not to twist his statement."

14 June 2006

A Study in Lumbering Immobility
Once the most fearsome striker in the world, Ronaldo terrorised and tormented defenders with his pace. Here is a quote from the New York Times of the Brazil-Croatia match last night:

"Its star striker, Ronaldo, who has scored 12 World Cup goals, the same number as Pelé, is clearly overweight. He was a study in lumbering immobility until he was replaced in the 69th minute by Robinho, a teammate at Real Madrid."

Source: New York Times

13 June 2006

Togo versus South Korea

South Koreans punting long balls into the penalty area? Rather silly against a taller team.

And it does not help their cause when they can't do accurate passes. That's why someone like David Beckham is worth his weight in gold to the team.
No more Robo-Crouch!

Quoting from a site devoted to football:

"Peter Crouch has decided to cancel his robotic dance routine in a bid to be to taken more seriously."

And he said:

"Being here in Germany is not about robotic dances and being a cult figure. It's about scoring goals and winning football matches."

Awww... I am disappointed! I was really hoping to see it!

" "If we win the World Cup maybe you'll see the whole team do the celebrations, but for the moment I don't think I will be doing it again." "

England win the World Cup? Doh. I think this is one of the most overrated England teams I have seen in years.
Hairstyles of the Japanese Footballers

One of my sisters made an observation during the highly entertaining Australia-Japan football match that the Japanese footballers appeared rather preoccupied with their hairstyles. Every single player had some kind of fashion statement to make via their hair. Orange-dyed hair, brown-dyed hair and so forth. The diversity was astonishing. There weren't any afro, mullet* or mohawks though.

There was even one guy spotting an ultraman hairstyle!** I was almost expecting him to do some death-beam poses!

*I have a friend who has a mullet. A real life mullet in this day and age. He works in advertising. Don't ask.
**It's not a mohawk. If you had seen him you would know what I mean.
Kissenger on Football

Kissenger is an avid football fan! And Roger Cohen from the New York Times spoke to him on the telephone. The conversation and thoughts are recorded in a blog entry on the New York Times.

Here is a fascinating quote from the great man:

“Football requires a total commitment to prevail consistently,” Kissinger said. “It’s a continuous battle.” A little like life, not to mention the pursuit of lasting geo-strategic advantage.

Kissenger was also a player in his early days.

Kissenger's predictions:

“My predictions are Argentina, Brazil or England to win. The English game is a lot more intricate these days.”

12 June 2006

Australia 3 Japan 1

What an amazing turn of events. Simply unbelievable. The drama!

I thought this image is interesting as there are literally hundreds of different items filling the composition. Topographical globe, tape, bottle of glue, chess clock, diskette storage box, telephone, 1-metre long wooden rule, hula hoop, badminton rackets, heliconia, tubes of shuttlecocks, bottle of raisins, bills, and more. Quite diverse.

Bungalow built in the seventies or early eighties

An undistinguished house built in the seventies or eighties. I snapped this as I walked by it one day.

11 June 2006


This is an ink sketch of jungle. The original drawing measures 21cm x 15cm. I drew this with Faber-Castell Pigment Pens. 0.2.

This was drawn off the top of my head while I watched the England Paraguay football match. I started at the kick-off and finished when the last whistle blew. Two hours. The only picture reference I had? A photo book with lots of trees. I needed authenticity.

I wanted to capture the chaotic nature of a jungle as opposed to a forest.

I should be quite productive during this World Cup period. While I watch football, I think I can draw quite a few pictures. However, I won't be staying up for the late matches.

I remember walking in the secondary jungles and remnants of jungles in Singapore when I was in the army and when I was in the army reserves. It was always a joy to walk alone there. When the section or platoon wasn't there and when there weren't that many mosquitoes. I recall that whenever we set up camp, I would pitch my groundsheet a considerable distance away on a hilltop and sleep alone. I don't know but I love the solitude one can find in the wilderness.

Illustration Friday theme: Jungle