01 July 2006


I am puzzled. Why wasn't Messi fielded? Were two defenders or defensive midfielders fielded earlier? A strategic blunder?

It's astounding. There were two copies of Front Line Assembly's 'Artificial Soldier' at HMV at forty bucks each. They are gone! Someone bought them.

I'm patient. I will get mine eventually.

From an article in Soccernet:

With Ukraine eliminated, Shevchenko - who won many hearts during his time in Milan - had no doubts about who he would be supporting to win the World Cup.

'I'm rooting for Italy now,' he said.

This man is a gentleman. He doesn't harbour any bitterness or ill-will after a defeat. Look at Argentina after the match last night. Football is everything to Argentina.
Argentina 1 Germany 1

Unbelievable! The Germans did look out of their depth when matched with superior Argentinian technical skills. The Argentinian domination on the midfield did not translate to victory and the tactical decision made to bring in certain substitutes may have been a strategic blunder ultimately. In any case, the unrelenting German perseverance eventually paid dividends. German self-belief was strong in the face of continual Argentinian assault.

Lehmann had not exactly been a rock at the heart of the Arsenal defence at times but he had been a good stopper and this World Cup demonstrated his ability all too well.

Klinnsman had taken a German team which was not expected to progress far to unimagined heights. And he made them play very attractive football.

Now, they will meet the wily Italians and I think it will be a mouthwatering prospect.

Go Italy!

30 June 2006

My World Cup Favourites

The teams I am rooting for?

1. Italy
2. Germany
3. France

The teams that I don't particularly care for?

1. Brazil
2. England

I am indifferent to the others. Realistically, this is Brazil's World Cup, they are unstoppable. And I suspect Argentina to be a close second. I think we'll see an Argentina-Brazil final where Brazil will triumph. Oh well. One can hope. Italy! Italy!
Spectrum 12
Spectrum 12 : The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art (Spectrum (Underwood Books)) (Paperback) by Cathy Fenner, Arnie Fenner is the latest in a long running series of books that showcases SF and fantasy illustrations and figurines found in books, comics, roleplaying games, computer game boxes and so forth.

This American-centric collection is not as imagination as the previous year's. It appears dull relatively, but it does incorporate great illustrations of a high technical level of various types in myriad mediums. Recommended.

Spectrum 1 has been reprinted. The earlier Spectrum books can be found at prices as high as US$200.00 at various online shops.

29 June 2006

I could beat you up with my martial arts

I told Kuoby that his statements weren't inane enough to warrant a posting on the blog. And he responded with:

AK says:
i could beat you up with my martial arts.

AK says:
how about that? inane enuogh?

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
That's more like it.

AK says:
you lying son of a superman!?

AK says:
Superman Returns

After 154 minutes, the payoff? Superman has a son and Lex Luthor and Kitty were marooned on an island. Nevertheless, the audience applauded.

The cinema at Cathay was almost totally full.

28 June 2006

Minds like Empty Rooms

Most people today don't read. And if they do, it will be on tracts on how to make money, be successful, inspiration stuff and so forth. Practical and pragmatic stuff.

Harper Lee made a very rare print appearance recently and made a telling observation.

She tells O, The Oprah Magazine, that in her Depression-era Alabama village "youngsters had little to do but read".

The 80-year-old adds that in today's society "where people have laptops, cell phones, iPods and minds like empty rooms, I still plod along with books".

Source: BBC news article.
Brazil 3 Ghana 0

I thought Ghana was desperately unlucky not to have scored a goal or two despite dominating possession and attacking for long periods. What a pity. I was rooting for an upset here. It would have been sensational.

The second Adriano goal was clearly offside.

27 June 2006

Snog 'Corporate Slave'

The winds will blow
The profits go down
I'm out of work
My daughter will drown
There's stress in my heart
Blood on your hands
Pushing uphill against the company man

Well, I'm just a hard working corporate slave
My mind should hate what my body does crave well

I'm just a humble corporate slave
Driving myself into a corporate grave

It's raining in corporate heaven
All the coffers are a singing

This Snog single is dedicated to all my corporate friends and all the wage slaves I have known.

Source: Snog's album 'Lies Inc.' (David Thrussell)
Australia 0 Italy 1

Phew! Italy got through! Whee!

Go Italy!

26 June 2006


In case I forget to celebrate, South Korea, the crap team is out! Yeah! I saw them play and it was ugly and futile.


As for Singaporeans bemoaning the fact that an Asian team is out, c'mon Pan-Asianism is just a silly invented notion. How much do Singaporeans share culturally with Koreans, let alone Iranians and Saudi Arabians? United Asia? You gotta be joking.
England 1 Ecuador 0

The English performance last night is unconvincing. Long balls down the middle for Rooney? Rooney is not an Inzaghi. He may be strong, penetrating and tenacious but he is surely not an opportunistic poacher like Inzaghi. Rooney runs at the defence, unsettling them, he can't wait and time for these long balls runs.

England laboured against the more dangerous Ecuador despite dominating possession.

England is certainly the most overrated team besides the overhyped and overrated USA team. Rated by the bookmakers as the number two team after Brazil, I can only suspect that they are rated so because of monetary reasons and not patriotism. According to a news report a week or two ago, the British bookmakers stand to make a lot if England were to lose, especially in the final hurdle.
The Mac Crashed!

Here's more from AK on the instant messenger last week:

AK says:
would you believe it. the mac crashed!

AK says:
bah. OS X, Steve jobs. can suck my balls.