14 July 2006

Bovington, Tank MuseumsV-22 Ospreys, Spartan APCs and Princes

On the way to the Bovington Tank Museum yesterday, Emperor Loh 's sharp eagle eyes spotted a V-22 Osprey in the skies! We were absolutely gobsmacked! An Osprey tiltrotor in the south of England! Simply amazing.

And just outside the tank museum, we saw a columu of Spartan APCs. Each crew of each Spartan waved and gave us the thumbs up as they sped past at high speed. Emperor Loh even recorded a video of this. Later, we learned that Prince Harry was training in one of these vehicles. We were astounded.

I will put up pictures of the Spartan column later.

Source of Image: Ministry of Defence UK website
Game Stores in London

I visited Playing Games near the British Museum a few days ago. I will drop by Orcs Nest and Leisure Games later today.

I am writing this on the Great Emperor Loh's IBM Thinkpad in Elysee Hotel where he's staying. Emperor Loh the Magnificient condemned this hotel, proclaiming 'a dump!' It is obviously not up to his high royal imperial standards. I did tell him to commandeer Buckingham Palace but he was too modest.

We will visit the National Gallery this morning.

12 July 2006

Italy won the World Cup!

Woo! I can't believe it! Italy struggled in the group stages which was not unusual. I still can't believe that Italy has won! WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Human League, Marc Almond, Depeche Mode DVDs

I saw quite a few Marc Almond concert DVDs at Virgin Megastore. I also spotted a Human League concert DVD. What a pity. No one brings them into Singapore.

I bought the Depeche Mode 'John the Revelator/Lilian' DVD single for the remix of 'Lilian'. It was only 2.99 pounds.
Forbidden Planet

I was at Forbidden Planet, London today. It's geek central. There was even a guy wearing a 'geek' t-shirt. Oh yes, all the patrons are overweight and have pale skins.

10 July 2006

Building at Crusaden Road

This forgotten seedy-looking building at Crusaden Road, the Ming Arcade, houses pubs, bars, pool parlours and offices. It is tucked right behind the Orchard Parade Hotel (formerly the Ming Court Hotel). Image taken with a mobile phone camera on a rainy afternoon.

09 July 2006

Superb Goalkeeping by Kitty prevents Zidane and Henry from scoring!

Marvellous football from Kittizuri! Woo!

Here it comes!

Woo! Kitty grasps it! With this form, even Buffon place in the Italian team is in danger!