19 August 2006

Personal Favourites: August 2006

Here's what is in my Creative Muvo:

Decree - Moment of Silence
Die Form - Ex Human
Front Line Assembly - Artificial Soldier
John Foxx - Assembly
John Foxx - The Garden
John Foxx - The Golden Section
John Foxx - The Golden Section Tour and the Omnidelic Exotour with Louis Gordon
John Foxx - In Mysterious ways
John Foxx - Metamatic
John Foxx - Modern Art: The best of John Foxx
John Foxx - Shifting City
John Foxx and Louis Gordon - The Pleasures of Electricity
John Foxx and Louis Gordon - Crash and Burn

When I was in the UK earlier, I had bought a stack of John Foxx CDs. I had planned to get them all eventually when I first heard 'Underpass' and 'Shifting City' some years ago.

I didn't put his 'Cathedral Oceans' and other work on my player yet.

This is what is in my portable digital player. What is in yours?

Dungeon Siege 2

I have missed a large number of interesting games through the years. 'Titan Quest' was extremely satisfying. I finished it in a week or so. It took almost 48 hours in total. Wow, it was quite a ride. Highly recommended.

Meanwhile, Colin had charged headlong into 'Titan Quest' and had completed about 33% in just one night. He made Egypt! He's crazy.

Now, I am embarking on the next game. 'Dungeon Siege 2'. I had missed the first one and the years had passed swiftly. Before I know it, there is a sequel.

After this, I may play 'Sacred' and 'Sacred: Underworld'. Woo!

18 August 2006

Games for Sale

I'm clearing out some games, I need space for my books! These are games that I have either played once or never played. In some instances, I played only half a game before moving on to others. And I have laminated the cards of a few of these games. They are pretty much as good as new, close to mint condition.

Board Games

Fearsome Floors (Finstere Flure) (German edition) - $45.00
Carcarssonne: The Castle (German edition) - $29.00
Too many Cooks - $16.00
Feuerschlucker - $17.00
Station Manager - $28.00
Wings of War: Famous Aces - $37.00
Flinke Finger* - $17.00
Employee of the Month - $21.00
Intrige - $27.00
Wyatt Earp (German edition)** - $27.00
Democrazy - Sold
Fantasy Business - Sold

Most of these games are language independent. For the German edition, the English language rules are easily available.

Computer Games

Dungeons & Dragons Online - $50.00***

Prices are not negotiable. I'm not interested in a trade either as there isn't a game that you have that I would possibly want. Unless it is books... For the sale of stuff, we can arrange a day in the Orchard Road or Novena area to meet.

Send email if interested. Email: cyberiad@pacific.net.sg

* I have not looked at this card game. I don't know if it is language independent, has English rules or otherwise.
** Not language independent. You will need to do some work on this.
*** The first month of freeplay is gone. You can pay with your credit card for additional time.

17 August 2006


The M13/40 formed the mainstay of the Italian armoured forces in North Africa. The M13/40 is armed with a 47mm gun in the turret and twin 8mm machine guns in the front cast superstructure. There is also a coaxial machine in the turret. Armour ranges from 9 to 30mm.

The M13/40 succeeded the earlier M11/39 which had a 37mm gun in the hull. However, the M13/40 was barely adequate in its role.

Tank Museum, Bovington: 2006 Posted by Picasa

16 August 2006

Boxcar 'Vertigo'

I have happy memories of this release. I recall purchasing a cassette tape of Boxcar's 'Vertigo' and Anything Box's 'Peace' in a small electronics shop outside Nee Soon Camp fifteen or sixteen years ago. Earlier, a reviewer in the local papers who hated electronic music and synthpop had slammed the two releases. Based on that, I knew that it would be as far from the traditional dinosaur rock that he had pandered to. Thus, I knew I had to try them.

'Vertigo' has been compared to the New Order of the eighties. Based on the vocal approach, the dance-oriented sound and the use of guitars in the Peter Hook mode...

1. Gas Stop (Who Do You Think You Are)
2. Insect
3. Vertigo
4. Freemason (You Broke the Promise)
5. Comet
6. Hit & Run
7. 900 Hours
8. Lelore
9. Cruel to You
10. This Is the Town
11. Index

It's a terrific release with singles 'Gas Stop', 'Insect', 'Freemason', 'Hit & Run' and possibly 'Lelore'. The second album was, however lacklustre. Pity.

15 August 2006


Got him without resorting to a trainer*! I have completed Titan Quest!

However, from the looks of it my character is too weak for Epic and Legendary levels.

I think my character got killed about eleven times while trying. My character is obviously not 'competitive' and flawed in its conception. One would be advised to build an oracle which is supposedly really overpowered.


There is a means of killing the final monster with minimal risk. Melee or close combat is easily possible. It is entirely possible to 'farm' the final 'boss' for drops**. And one can run through the monster-infested Mount Olympus without fighting.

*Cheat programme
** Treasures and items

Image source: Titan Quest website. Wallpapers.


Oh no! I'm stuck in Titan Quest. I built a balanced* character which could finish almost the whole game except kill the final monster. What am I going to do?

Use a trainer** for closure?

**Cheat programme

Image source: Titan Quest website. Wallpaper.
Hacking and Slashing in the world of Titan Quest

I made level 31 last night with my illusionist. I increased my dpi to 481. I think there is a need to increase my defence. I can handle the bosses (so far) but some of the dragon beastmen and tiger team leaders are giving me problems.

My illusionist met the Jade Emperor and is on the way to the final confrontation. I think I am 95% of the way through.

Image source: Russian gaming site.

“Hezbollah is winning the war of images because it’s not being pinned with immoral and unconscionable war tactics, not to mention the genocidal war aim to wipe Israel off the map,” said Max Boot, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Quote from the New York Times. (Article on media balance. 'In Wars, Quest for Media Balance Is Also a Battlefield')
The Mahathir Legacy

The former prime minister of Malaysia continues to make the news. Here is something from an article on the BBC:

"For more than two decades he single-mindedly drove Malaysia towards industrial development through a combination of large scale state intervention (such as launching pet projects like Proton) and by building a coterie of favoured businessmen to whom were handed government projects and lucrative monopolies."

Compare this with his successor:

"Abdullah Badawi broke with Dr Mahathir's penchant for mega-projects to concentrate on problems like rural poverty and education while rebuilding institutions debased during his predecessor's tenure - the police, the judiciary and the civil service."

Which ruler do you think is the better one?

Apparently, things are reaching a crescendo with the ex-prime minister challenging his successor. Mahathir boleh! Heh.

"The joke doing the rounds in Malaysia at the moment is that Mahathir Mohamad is suffering from PPMS - Post Prime Ministerial Syndrome.

The symptoms, say the wags, include irritability, emotional outbursts and a tendency to criticise everything and everyone. "

*Proton is a national car company in a protected car industry. It is generally not competitive and is reliant on 'dated' automobile technology from Mitsubishi.
AK is proud of his new blog entry

AK says:
do you like my blog entry SC

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
Yes, I do.

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
I think you are asking questions which are valid. Most people are not discerning. They are emotional. They are stirred by doctored images of the destruction in Lebanon.*


AK says:
you're pwned!

Chuang Shyue Chou says:

AK says:
shut yer pie hole

Chuang Shyue Chou says:

*The Reuters faked images. The BBC's agenda, etc.
The footage of Muhamed al Durah and his father Jamal at Netzarim Junction

Remember the incident from six years ago when it is alleged that the Israeli military killed the boy from a post? The investigations afterwards showed that the incident was staged by the Palestinian terrorists and subsequently, the media simply ignored the conclusions after the incident was no longer deemed 'newsworthy'.

The video clip of that incident is a lot more illustrative.

It is sad that a lot of the world mainstream media has been co-opted in a sense. There are many anti-Israeli pieces, where is the sense of balance? Appeasing Islamic terror is a bad idea.

Source: Second Draft

14 August 2006

Titan Quest character builds

Here I was, happy with my 220 dps*. I took a look at various forums discussing character builds. There are people with 15,000 to 34,000 dps! WOW! Oh dear.

I made level 30. I have left Thebes, journeyed through the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Silk Route, the Great Wall of China. My character is at Chang-An, battling the terra-cotta warriors. He will have to seek out the Emperor.

*dps - damage per second


Yes, I know, these characters I read about are level 45-50. They are either at Epic or Legendary settings, having already finished the game once or twice. And they have farmed.**

**farmed - Game jargon used by many games to indicate time spent killing the same monsters (usually bosses) again and again until the monster drops a specific item they want.
John Foxx 'Subterranean Omnidelic Exotour'

I checked John Foxx's website recently and spotted a limited release 'Subterranean Omnidelic Exotour'. This release was recorded during the live rehearsals at The Brook in Southampton on the first date of John Foxx and Louis Gordon's 1997 UK tour. It includes the following tracks:

01. Burning Car 8:39
02. Dislocation 4:39
03. Overpass 5:54
04. This City 4:31
05. Shifting City 8:43

Apparently, only one thousand of these were released.

Format : Compact Disc
Catalogue Number : META 0003 CD
Label : MetaMatic Records
Release Date : 10 October 1997
Country : United Kingdom

I did a search on eBay found that there was one CD on auction. The bid was already up to 31 pounds! The EP was described to have re-worked versions of the originals including 'Overpass' which is a re-worked 'Underpass'.

However, a hundred bucks (in Singapore dollars) for five tracks from a rehearsal!

Well, I'm not a 'complete-ist' or a collector despite owning a LOT of CDs. I will give this a miss.

Image source: eBay

13 August 2006

M9A1 Half-Track

An American M9A1 Half-Track. This vehicle was used in a large variety of roles including armoured personnel carrier, anti-aircraft platform, anti-tank gun platform, reconnaissance and more.

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