30 December 2006

8.8cm Flak 18, Flak 36, Flak 37 Anti-Aircraft Gun

The infamous German '88' was developed by Krupp of Essen in 1933 and first saw action in the Spanish Civil War. Over 10, 704 of all three models were put in service.

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And you used to be so nice

More exchanges on Dunemud. Pretty amusing stuff. Two players suicided while the discourse continued...

Djdara replies: fuck u

Your hearer echoes:

Celtic (11) just suicided !

-{ The poison-producing fungus will generate more toxin soon }-

-{ More poison has been excreted by the fungus. }-

[chat] Gorgos : Oh noes.

{Fremen}: You sense Tinkar is now part of the Tau.

Your hearer echoes:

Tinkar (15) just suicided !

-{ The poison-producing fungus will generate more toxin soon }-

-{ More poison has been excreted by the fungus. }-

Mystique sends a ball of flames in the sky spelling : *t*a*k*e* *c*a*r*e*

[chat] Djdara waves happily.

[chat] Gorgos : They are dropping like flies.

-{ The poison-producing fungus will generate more toxin soon }-

Trystan sends a ball of flames in the sky spelling : *I*M* *D*O*N*E*

[chat] Potatoe : now suicide sparkplug too

-{ More poison has been excreted by the fungus. }-

[chat] Trystan : go fuck yourself

[chat] Djdara gasps in astonishment.

[chat] Potatoe : sounds painful

[chat] Djdara waves happily.

[chat] Ginger : woo go tristan go tristan

[chat] Marlboro : Djdara replies: fuck u

HP:100% CP:100% >> -{ The poison-producing fungus will generate more toxin soon}-

[chat] Grinch : thats not very nice, he knows you aren't gay

[chat] Grinch : he shouldn't sexually harass you like that!

-{ More poison has been excreted by the fungus. }-

[chat] Potatoe : you must have said something mean marl

[chat] Marlboro laughs.

HP:100% CP:100% >>

[chat] Potatoe : and you used to be so nice

[chat] Marlboro eeps.

[chat] Marlboro cries.

29 December 2006

The Salsa Syndrome

I was having a conversation with a friend on MSN Messenger when she mentioned the 'Salsa Syndrome'. Now that she mentioned it, it is so obvious. Like Ballroom Dancing.

In her words:

"it's so obvious people do salsa to hook up

it's like the "decent" version of going clubbing"

Medici says:
i just cringe at the word salsa

Medici says:
cos i know this other guy who broke up with gf

Medici says:
and then weeks later

Medici says:
he mentions he's now going for salsa

Medici says:

Medici says:
so typical

Medici says:
so obvious

Medici says:
The Salsa Syndrome

I don't know about line-dancing though.
Dinner at Wild Rocket

Lam, Amelia and I braved the rain and ascended to the Wild Rocket at Mt Emily last night. Dinner was a strange Sino-Italian-cum-Local fusion. Needless to say, Lam and I will not be returning there.

The website described it as 'simple unfussy modern comfort food'. It's anything but that.

Skyspy: Dune's Resident Idiot

Another converstation on DuneMUD:

[20:32] Djdara : he is crazy lol a good crazy

[20:32] Ares curses.

[20:32] Marlboro : Djdara, Skyspy is the guy who insults Genesis after he sent a cheque to him donating money to Dune.

[20:32] Ares : hehe

[20:32] Djdara : different in ireland

[20:32] Djdara : why did he do that to genesis

[20:33] Tuukka : skyspy is the guy who keeps saying i'm dating boys and have pink hair without no reason

[20:33] Djdara : lol

[20:33] Gorgos : Naughty.

[20:34] Gorgos : Do you still have coloured hair, btw?

[20:35] Tuukka : well nothing special

[20:35] Gorgos : Oh shit..

[20:35] Gorgos : I always forget how horrible brady tastes. Christ..

[20:36] Gorgos ewws in disgust.

[20:36] Djdara : skyspy skyspy

[20:36] Marlboro : Djdara, the story was like this. Skyspy sent a cheque to Genesis donating some money to Dune. However, Genesis runs a big corporation. He doesn't know if five bucks from some Irish guy arrived. His accounts department would probably know. So, Skyspy got rather agitated and started saying shit about people pocketing the money and all. Genesis couldn't believe what Skyspy was saying... So, he dested Skyspy. It's quite funny. Too bad, I didn't capture the convo.

[20:36] Jackson fucking lafs.

[20:36] Jackson hugs Marlboro.

[20:36] Marlboro eeps and dances with Jackson.

[20:36] Marlboro : Michael!

[20:36] Djdara : i remember he got banished but how did he get back?

[20:36] Jackson giggles merrily.

[20:37] Clutch : he whined

[20:37] Clutch : and whined

[20:37] Djdara : and hacked didnt he?

[20:37] Clutch : no

[20:37] Clutch : the only thing he ever tried to hack was himself

[20:37] Clutch : and he thought I was doing it

[20:37] Djdara : i heard he did

[20:38] Djdara : mayb not dough

[20:38] Marlboro : Skyspy isn't capable of hacking anything, Djdara. He couldn't even code.

[20:38] Djdara : trust me he can

[20:39] Clutch : oh he has a bit of coding ability

[20:39] Marlboro : That's a new one. Skyspy the Hacker.

[20:39] Djdara : he has been playing this game for like 13 or 14 years

[20:39] Clutch : but he didn't know anything about even network basics. his hacks were most stupid script kiddie stuff

[20:39] Clutch : stuff that would cause windows to BSOD

[20:40] Grinch : i wish i saw that convo marlboro!

[20:41] Djdara : oh yes master hacker skyspy

[20:41] Marlboro laughs and nods at Grinch.

[20:45] Marlboro : Djdara, get Skyspy back in the game!

[20:45] Marlboro : Persuade him to drop WOW and come back!

[20:45] Ares : so you can pick on him, marl?

[20:46] Marlboro eeps.

[20:46] Clutch : duh

[20:46] Clutch : we love to pick on him

[20:46] Marlboro : We need his master hacking ability.

[20:46] Ares bonks Ginger, Amorphia, Jackson, Djdara, Rovack, Clutch, Marlboro, Genesis, Skruideli, Kalden, Kayden, Tuukka, Grinch, Potatoe, Stalion, Gorgos, Psy, Symposes, Natas and Serg with a rubber mallet.

[20:46] Grinch : no, so we can pick on him. marlboro will be hitting on him.

[20:46] Djdara : na cant he is at work in america

[20:46] Ares gives Grinch a high five.

[20:46] Marlboro laughs.

[20:46] Grinch bows.

[20:47] Marlboro : He's been here so long. He's like a fixture of Dune. An NPC, a Harry... you know. Dune feels weird without Skyspy or Llama.


28 December 2006

A week of seeing friends

This is a week of meeting friends. I met June for dinner at a cafe in Wheelock Place last Friday. I met with Alex for drinks at the Borders Bistro two days ago and Jerry at Vivocity last night. Tonight, I will be meeting Lam and Amelia at Plaza Singapura.

27 December 2006

The Weather

Another conversation on DuneMUD:

[22:16] Chibiace: its 19 here because its raining
[22:16] Telosf: it's -2.8 C here.
[22:16] Gorgos: When you're talking about cold weather, the degrees do not matter. Wind matters.
[22:17] Chibiace: southwest 29km
[22:17] Chibiace: thats why its raining
[22:17] Jor: not always... that's like saying it's not hot because it's not humid...
[22:17] Telosf fucking lafs.
[22:17] Chibiace: 68% humidity
[22:17] Telosf loves that emote
[22:17] Telosf: 69% here
[22:18] Telosf: tomorrow its supposed to be -4
[22:18] Chibiace: we're getting all this wind and stuff from antartica, like those iceburgs
[22:18] Gorgos: I've worked in -45 degree celsius weather, in the middle of snow-covered forests in the deepest Finland, and it was not at all unpleasant or difficult. Because there was almost no wind.
[22:18] Jor: well, you will know it's REALLY cold when the penguins start campin on your doorstep... ;)
[22:19] Telosf: well, finland is cold.
[22:19] Marlboro grins evilly at Jor.
[22:19] Marlboro: Snowing!
[22:19] Telosf: Colorado isn't too bad.
[22:19] Jor: don't get me wrong... I love the cold... It's heat that I can't stand...
[22:19] Gorgos: Cold is not a problem when there is no wind.
[22:19] Marlboro: It's thunderstorms here. 4 days of heavy downpours. Torrential downpours and flooding. Mudslides, etc.
[22:19] Gorgos: Cold is always better than heat.
[22:19] Jor: I still have a problem with it... Cold weather shrinks my balls... :D
[22:19] Telosf: agrees... cuz in cold you can always put on another jacket.
[22:19] Chibiace: i hate summer, cant wait until winter
[22:19] Telosf: plus, when you die in the cold, you just fall asleep
[22:20] Gorgos: Well, not exactly.
[22:20] Jor: lol... there's a pleasant thought...
[22:20] Telosf: in the heat, your balls expand until they're 200kg
[22:20] Jor: lol
[22:20] Gorgos: Frostbites will appear before you die. Those can feel like your skin is on fire.
[22:20] Gorgos: So dying in the cold is not all that pleasant.
[22:21] Telosf: not if you're frozen by liquid nitrogen, or get hypothermia in the ocean
[22:21] Jor: that's why cold is so much better, cause the frostbite will warm u up... :D
[22:21] Gorgos: How many people do you know that happened to die by the way of liquid nitrogen-exposure?
[22:22] Chibiace laughs.
[22:22] Telosf: not enough, apparently.
[22:22] Jor: well... I know one that was ALMOST killed by it... The Terminator
[22:23] Telosf: though I did see a wart ge
[22:23] Jor: can u get rid of clingy old gurlfriends that way?
[22:23] Telosf: I bet that'd be a nice, quick way to got rmoved by way of liquid nitrogen
[22:23] Telosf: that was pretty cool
[22:23] Jor: can u get rid of clingy old gurlfriends that way?
[22:23] Telosf: I bet that'd be a nice, quick way to go
[22:23] Telosf: yeah, just make sure you shatter them afterwards
[22:24] Telosf: nah.
[22:23] Telosf: that was pretty cool
[22:24] Telosf: why?
[22:24] Marlboro: Well, someone killed five hookers there.
[22:24] Marlboro: Well, someone killed five hookers there.
[22:25] Marlboro shudders uncontrollably.
[22:25] Telosf: I don't do hookers.
[22:25] Telosf: Only politicians.
[22:26] Chibiace coughs noisily.
[22:26] Telosf is not an assassin. You know nothing.
[22:26] Chibiace: wasnt i
[22:26] Gorgos: "Courtesans"
[22:27] Gorgos: You shouldn't speak ill of the dead. Hooker is not a very nice word to use of a person. 5 courtesans, not 5 hookers.
[22:27] Jor: where is ipswich... or should I say which one?
[22:27] Marlboro nods solemnly.
[22:27] Telosf: yeah, they'll come back to haunt you with their crabs
[22:27] Jor: hehe
[22:27] Marlboro: Ipswich is a city in England where they have a second-rate football team.
[22:27] Jor: nothing like an itchy rash from the afterlife...
[22:28] Marlboro: Zombie Courtesans and social escorts!
[22:29] Telosf turns into Jesus
[22:29] Telosf: Take this, all of you, and EAT IT!
[22:31] Marlboro: Do we get a foot wash?
[22:31] Telosf: If you ask moses.
[22:32] Chibiace: IP switch.
[22:32] Chibiace: they clearly have a huge networking base
[22:32] Telosf: heh
[22:32] Telosf: the facility is large

26 December 2006

6-pdr Anti-Tank Gun and Infantry Tank Mark III Valentine

The 6-pounder (57mm) anti-tank gun was a replacement for the 2pdr anti-tank gun. However, the great losses of the 2pdr had led to continued production, delaying the 6pdr till late 1941. The 6pdr was capable of penetrating 74mm of armour (30 degrees) at 1000 yards and was inadequate against the frontal armour of heavier German armour.

The Valentine infantry tank was originally armed with a 2pdr which was then up-gunned to a 6pdr and later a 75mm gun. The Valentine played an important role in the Desert War. By 1944, over 8000 Valentines had been built.

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25 December 2006

4x4 1/4 ton Utility Truck (Jeep) and M40 Gun Motor Carriage

The name Jeep referred to the American 1/4 ton, 4x4 light utility vehicles regardless of make or type. These versatile types were built by Willys, Bantam and Ford. A contract for an improved type designated GP was awarded to Willys Overland and 639,245 were built by Willys and Ford during the Second World War.

Few of the the M40 Gun Motor Carriage saw action at the end of the Second World War when several examples bombarded Cologne. These self-propelled artillery mounted a 155mm gun with a 8-men crew succeeded the earlier M12 GMC.

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Icy waters

I went swimming this morning. 

The water was icy.

Given the previous few days of continuous rainfall, that wasn't surprising.

24 December 2006

Harry Who?

A lot of my friends have bought into the Harry Potter phenomena. Gene, Desmond, Ben, June, Grey (yes, even him?!? What happened?), Siu Hean have bought into it and have read most of the books and watched the movies. Some of them aren't normally readers while others are practical and pragmatic people. It's amazing.

Meanwhile, other friends thought differently. Anne told me in an earlier conversation on MSN Messenger that she didn't care for Harry Potter and that J.K. Rowling's primary motivation for writing was for money. She contrasted it to Tolkien and also stated that the 'Lord of the Rings' was a metaphor for the Great War.

She, like AK, can't care less about the release of J.K. Rowling's seventh book, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'.

Neither can I. I have no interest. This kind of fiction is not in my area of interest.

I do, however, wonder if Rowling will even be remembered, say, in a decade's time.

Medium Tank M4A1 Sherman

The first pilot model of the M4 appeared in February 1941 and by the autumn of 1941, the M4 was in full production, first seeing action at the Battle of Alamein in October 1942. The M4 became the most widest used of Allied tanks and like the T-34, was a war winner.

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Shaw Tower

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