09 February 2007

State of Progress: Tribal Wars, World 5

AK (Silverune) is at the top of his tribe. He's built stables and have started sending scouts to neighbouring villages. He has 364 points at present. He is the DUDE!

Meanwhile, Sir Nose (Chester/Kasi) is nowhere in sight.
Tribal Wars: My Tribe (World 5)

Okay, don't laugh. I joined the top tribe on Continent 64, Romania Elite 64.

Meanwhile, AK (Silverune) has taken a leap in rankings (Top 200+ in the whole game!) and built stables!

08 February 2007

The Financial Heart of Singapore

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State of Progress: Tribal Wars, World 3

I'm doing quite okay in this world. I sent 110 spearmen on a raid and plundered some resources. I have depleted this village after many raids. I shall have to look for another.

07 February 2007

State of Progress: Travian, World 7

The surrounding areas outside my village. I have yet to develop a level 4 resource. It will take quite a bit.

I have built a wall, barracks, rally point, and market. The village is beginning to resemble a living one!

I have one legionnaire. I doubt if anyone will attack me. It's so not worth it...

State of Progress: Travian, World 1

I'm playing Travian World 1 with Eli (Iolai). Presently, we are developing resources mainly. I haven't built a thing in my village yet.

Travian works on a much slower pace than Tribal Wars where you make several decisions an hour. Travian is for people who haven't had the time to make more than 1 or 2 game moves a day. Ideal for really busy people.
State of Progress: Tribal Wars, World 5

After refusing to join me on World 3, AK (Silver / Silverune) instead started in World 5. So, I joined him and his tribe. When we first joined the tribe, we were both ranked about 50th in a field of about 80 members. Chester the Nose (Kasi) was a long way ahead of us. Suddenly, AK (Silver / Silverune) started to raid. The two abandoned villages beside his village served as fodder and he grew really fast. Before long, he was number 3. I managed to keep pace with him despite getting my whole army of a paladin and twenty-one spearmen wiped out.

The state of my finances. I even named my village, Silver 5, after AK! In his honour! My paladin is named Silverado II after the first one perished in an attack.

From what I see, AK (Silverune) will soon overtake the top ranking player in the tribe very soon. He's zooming like a rocket up the ranks.

FV601 Alvis Saladin Armoured Car

The Saladin was a successful postwar armoured car that saw service with the British army from 1956 and many other nations thereafter. The Saladin mounted a L5 76mm gun and had a hull of welded steel armoured construction with thickness ranging between 8mm to 32mm.

The Saladin last claim to fame was in the final desperate actions of the Kuwaiti army against the invading Iraqis in the invasion of Kuwait in 1991. An example of the Saladin was seen on world news, firing against Iraqi invaders with brass casings littering the streets before speding off.

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Singapore River

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06 February 2007

Tribal Wars: Attack on an abandoned village

Other than the loss of a unit, this is pretty worth it. 725 units of resources. I will send more troops in future.
AK and Chester the Nose

In a conversation thread on MSN Messenger about Tribal Wars:

AK IMG Silver says:

AK IMG Silver says:
i am number 2 in the tribe

Chuang Shyue Chou says:

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
You nosed ahead!

AK IMG Silver says:
sorry no. 8

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
You rock Dude!

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
You're gonna be Tribemaster!

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
With your faithful Nose as the Official Nasalmaster!

AK IMG Silver says:
you are rude

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
Master of Nuzzles!

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
Are you going to blog this?

AK IMG Silver says:

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
It's about you being Tribalmaster!

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
You and faithful Nosebuzzer!

05 February 2007

The Padang

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Emerging Markets

"You may know what "emerging markets" are; if you do, it's a tribute to Wall Street Marketing. Bond salesmen are very clever at inventing deception names for risky bons to make them seem more desireable. One example is the ill-favoured "junk bond" of the 1980s, which is now euphemistically called a high yield bond. Another example is emerging markets.

"It wasn't clear what "emerging" meant, or how these markets might "emerge". Still it sounded awfully good, and it helped cloud the fact that the emerging bond an investor bought acutally was a Peruvian loan that hadn't paid any interest since the 1800s."

Two quotes from Frank Partnoy's 'F.I.A.S.C.O.'

04 February 2007

FV107 Alvis Combat Vehicle Reconaissance (Tracked) Scimitar

The Scorpion's 76mm gun was apparently indifferent, as such, the Scorpion chassis was instead mounted with a 30mm RARDEN cannon turrets taken from redundant and phased out FV721 Fox Reconaissance vehicles.

The new vehicle, the Scimitar, proved to be relatively successful and saw action in Operation Iraq Freedom.

A new variant, the Sabre, which replaced the co-axial machine gun with a 7.62mm chain gun also saw action in the same conflict.

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ASEAN Football Championships Thailand 1 Singapore 1

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Singapore wins with a 3-2 aggregate!

Tribal Wars - Attack Reports

Here are some reports from several attacks I made in World 3.

Attacks on defenceless abandoned villages are barely worth the effort. In this attack, the resources plundered barely covered the loss of a spearman.

This attack resulted in no losses but the amount plundered is negligible. Posted by Picasa
Shaw Centre

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This was her when we first got her. She's now a year old.

Falling asleep in the middle of nowhere. She was too adorable then... Posted by Picasa