03 March 2007

I saw a white-breasted waterhen fly across the road earlier. Most amazing. It's essentially a flightless bird though it can do short distances

Benita reveals that she is a Man U fan! GASP!

All together now.

Walter Krueger

This morning, Wei Yi just pointed out this book, 'General Walter Krueger: Unsung Hero of the Pacific War' by Kevin C. Holzimmer. I have heard of Krueger previous but I had not known of his achievements. He was apparently the architect of the re-taking of the islands in the Pacific at the operational level during the Second World War. He is practically forgotten to the public today.

Quoting from Wikipedia:

"A month after the activation of the Sixth Army, in January 1943, Krueger took command of the army, based in Australia. He remained in command of the Sixth Army — which included in various combinations at different times I, X, XIV and XXIV Corps — throughout its combat duties. These included the assaults on Japanese positions on Kiriwina and Woodlark Islands (July 1943) as part of Operation Coronet; New Britain (December 1943-February 1944); Admiralty Islands (February-May 1944); mainland New Guinea (July-August 1944); Morotai (Netherlands East Indies, September-October 1944); Leyte and Mindoro (the Philippines, October-December 1944); and Luzon (January-February 1945)."

I am quite interested. Thanks Wei Yi.

On another note, today, there is a bunch of self-serving, revisionist Japanese fare that attempts to protray Japan as a victim during the Second World War. These 'pacifist' stuff includes books, manga, anime and so forth. What HOGWASH! The Japs were never innocent. Neither were the politicians, military, civilians, their society was completely militarised.

02 March 2007

New wargames from GMT Games

I received two new wargames by mailorder from GMT Games last night. In the finest tradition of Avalon Hill's old classic Squad Leader*, Combat Commander: Europe is a new leading edge simulation of tactical level combat in the Second World War in Europe. The first set simulates squad level warfare in Europe while subsequent sets will see warfare in the Mediterranean and the Pacific. The GMT Games website describes the game:

"Combat Commander is a card-driven board game series covering tactical infantry combat in the European and North African Theaters of World War II. One player takes the role of the Axis (Germany in this first game; Italy & the Axis Minors in later installments) while another player commands the Allies (Russia & America here; Britain, France & the Allied Minors in future expansions).
This first game of Combat Commander will include units, cards, and historical scenarios depicting the American, German, and Russian forces. The second game in the series will provide cards, counters, and historical scenarios for British, French, and Italian forces.

Each game will include 6-12 historical scenarios as well as a "roll your own" scenario system that provides an almost unending variety of map configurations, force structures, and combat situations. Replayability value for Combat Commander is very high."

The second wargame I received is, legendary wargame designer, Richard Berg's strategic level treatment of the first three Crusades. The website describes:

"Onward, Christian Soldiers is Richard Berg's newest strategic level game, this one focused on one of, if not THE, centrifugal events in the Middle Ages - The Crusades. Onward, Christian Soldiers will allow gamers to replay not only the first three Crusades - the only 3 that focused on what we call The Middle East - but with scenarios that range from a 7-player version of the 1st Crusade to a 3rd Crusade scenario that supposes Frederick Barbarossa didn't drown in Turkey and his immense army reached the Kingdom of Jerusalem pretty much intact."

*Squad Leader still exists in print in a more advanced form. Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) and it can be found at Multiman Publishing.
I will be making a pre-order for wargames from GMT Games soon.
It was raining again last night. I did not manage to run. Oh well.

28 February 2007

Tribal Wars, World 5

I'm no longer making as much progress as previously. The surrounding villages have built up defences and it is too costly to try to take them. It's a delicate balance of power now. I have been building up my army. I had briefly achieved the top position in the tribe. Now, I'm stuck at rank 31st. Still, an army is more important.

The crowded environs.

Travian, World 5

My current game in Travian is World 5. I kept getting attacked by large armies. At least, those that I can't defend against. However, my crannies, of which I have five, have minimised the losses to nought. I lose nothing.

The reports of attacks. Quite a bit. There is no point in building an army. It would get wiped.

My village is getting crowded. I am developing my village. Not as quickly as John as he raids. Yen Lyn, Emperor Loh, Augustine, Chester are also playing. AK has given up.

My resource generating sites could be better developed as I lost focus earlier when I was playing many simultaneous games.

Tribal Worlds, World 3

I am doing quite alright in World 3. I'm ranked 27th in the continent. My small tribe is actually number 1. This continent is rather quiet which suits me.

As one can see, most of my troops are out plundering. I have over 1000 spearmen now and that I have heard is barely enough.

I won't be building a second village as yet. Defences come first.

Woo! 5:19 pm.

It doesn't look as if I can go running this evening. It is raining. Anyhow, I ran yesterday.
Witch Killer

Not literature by any stretch of the imagination but a highly entertaining piece of pulp fiction.

This is the third novel from C. L. Werner's series about a witch hunter who is rooting out Chaos infestations in the Empire. 'Witch Hunter' and 'Witch Finder' are the first two preceding novels.

27 February 2007


Here she is sleeping. This evening, the neighbour's cat slipped in and she was frightened to death. Poor thing! We had to chase the neighbour's cat.
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AK's way of greeting on MSN Messenger. I came back and found this message a day or two ago.

AK says:
how goes the TW loser?

26 February 2007

AK's Final Report

The report of the attack by the Turk (Amorphia) on AK's village. HILARIOUS!
Tribal Wars: AK's Village

AK has been savagely attacked by a Turk. The gains to be made from attacking AK seems dubious as the attacker was losing huge amounts of troops for seemingly nothing.
AK has reduced his village to almost nothing. From a 900+ pt village, it is now a 363 pt village with the resource sites at level 1. His scorched earth policy has yield nothing to the Turk.
He has made it very costly. This last attack was exceptional and had cost the aggressor 64 spearmen, 67 axemen, 7 archers, 83 light cavalry, 3 rams, 3 catapults and 1 paladin. Very serious losses. And his past attacks also cost him serious losses too. The resources cost of the 83 light cavalry lost was easily 37,350. And the haul from the attack was a miserable 855 resource. What gives?
On my suggestion, AK has also named his village 'Lepanto 1571', after that of a victory of the Holy League over the Turks in 1571. Hahaha. Will that rile his attacker?
Travian, World 1

Eli (Iolai) has decided to quit Travian. I discussed this with Augustine who is playing three different worlds at the same time and we have also decided to quit World 1.

This is my final positions. The village and the buildings in it.