27 April 2007

It's Friday!

A nice wet rainy Friday! Yeah!
State of Progress: Tribal Wars, World 5

Tribal ranking.

Continental Ranking.

Tribal Wars: Continents

Quoting from website: "The world of Tribal Wars consists of ten by ten continents, which are numbered starting with 0."

I'm on continent 64. Where are you?

Mortyl (Wilson) - Continent 37
Pathfinder (Emperor Loh) - Continent 26
Toepopper (Brian) - Continent 61
Kasi (Chester) - Continent 34
Gone2pub (Colin) - Continent 85
Storm dragon (Nikki) - Continent 72
Fashundiva (Evelyn) - Continent 84
Image Source: http://tw5b.tribalwars.net/help.php?mode=map

26 April 2007

State of Progress: Tribal Wars, World 5

Points: 49.468
Rank: 212
Tribe: AK64
Villages Coordinates Points
01 Citadel of Chaos, 475672, 7.929
02 Eviscerate, 476672, 9.049
03 Forest of Doom, 477672, 5.858
04 Wallenstein, 475674, 8.047
05 City of Thieves, 472674, 7.820
06 Firetop Mountain, 465668, 5.100
07 Deathtrap Dungeon, 469678, 5.665

I need to capture more high value villages. An ally wanted me to capture Number 6 at 5,100 and I did. I wouldn't have gone for it if he hadn't asked. The village is somewhat underdeveloped. Number 7 is somewhat weaker than what I had expected. I have a noble ready for another conquest. However, I will be re-building my armies and consolidating instead. Building up all the villages too.

25 April 2007

I need to focus. Heh.
On Windows Live Messenger, I learn that Fabio is ill. One would have thought that he was like some form of Greek God. Poor Fabio*.

*aka Chester

Last night, I somehow slipped and injured my toe while observing my cat in a bird's nest in a small tree. Thick, dark red oozing blood! Woo! Oh oh, the next hike is in less than two weeks.

22 April 2007

Hunting High and Low

Just where is that squirrel?

Up there? Wait, there's a dove...

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Upcoming Hike

We will be planning another walk sometime in early May. A fortnight's time. We will be making more preparations for this soon.

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Where is the Squirrel?

She is full of mischief. She spotted a squirrel and chased it up a tree.

Somehow, the terrified squirrel evaded her.

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Kelvin's Photos

Kelvin took a fine set of photos which can be found on his website.

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21 April 2007

Hiking in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve

Hiking in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve

A list of links in sequential order of our hike (Kelvin, Jon, Pong and I) on 21.04.2007. 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

A Walk in the Catchment Area


The Hike

Water Pipes

Trudging Along

The Clearing

The Mysterious Hut

The Trail to Jelutong Tower

Jelutong Tower I

Jelutong Tower II

Huge Lizard


Planked Path

Eastern Edge of MacRitchie Reservoir

Water Barrier

The Mangrove Swamp


Petaling Hut

The End of the Hike

Kelvin's excellent photos

The National Parks Guide

The End of the Hike

After a brisk walk, we were back at Rifle Range Road. Note the large numbers of monkeys in the distance. The driver of that van was feeding the monkeys.We hitched a ride in a van and were soon dropped outside the Malaysian rail bridge at Bukit Timah Road. Kelvin and I took a bus home while Pong and Jon took a taxi to a barbeque!

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Petaling Hut

We eventually emerged at the Petaling Hut along the Petaling Trail. It appeared that the trail had been closed off due to a landslide.

Observe that my jeans which were soaked in mud.

The Petaling Trail was closed. At that point, we rested and started heading back towards Rifle Range Road.

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We spotted a tortoise on the trail, a long distance from the reservoir. This was no turtle!

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The Mangrove Swamp

So, like the macho men we were, we decided on the most masochistic of activites. We went through the mangrove swamp instead! Kids, don't try this. Bad bad idea.

We went through deep water, mud and rotten logs. We meandered and wandered for an hour or so and we eventually hit solid ground. Yay! However, it was almost 4:00 pm. It was getting dark and we made a decision of abandon our objective. We started back towards the trail on a north-easterly direction. This was easily the most challenging bit of the journey. My jeans were soaked in mud up to knee level.

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Defeated! Deep waters form a barrier to our destination. There was no conceivable means across.

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MacRitchie Reservoir

Here we were, at the western end of the MacRitchie Reservoir. There were numerous turtles and fishes in the waters.

Across the waters lie the ruins of the Japanese Shinto temple dating back to the Second World War. When the Japs were getting their butts kicked by the Brits and Americans, they hurriedly demolished the temple before the surrender.

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Planked Path: On the Way to the Ruins of the Shinto Temple

A planked path built by the National Parks Board. A wonderful view to view mangrove swamps and nature up close.

This was, of course, deceptive to the inexperienced eye. This grass patch was totally water-logged an impassable. Stream!

On one side of the planked walkway, one would see mangrove swamps, on the other side, civilisation, yeah, a vulgar golf course. The Bukit Golf Course.

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Jon and Kelvin at the bridge. In the distance, a girl wearing sandals walked towards us.

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Huge Lizard

Well, this specimen measured at least 50-60 cm in length.
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Jelutong Tower II

The tower had six levels and one could ascend via a wooden spiral staircase.

The view north, towards the Upper Pierce Reservoir.

There were monkeys in the tower too.

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