14 April 2007

The server on Tribal Wars World 5 is wonky. It is down again.
Zero, Top and Rowdy

I was at Borders browsing 'The Art of the 300' when I was recognised by Zer0 and his buddy from Top and Rowdy's Dog Blog. Yikes! At first, I couldn't make out what they were saying and I was astonished. We went to Starbucks at Liat Towers and conversed. Heheheh.
Borders Discounts

Borders has quite a few coupons available with discounts this weekend.

Books, 30% off.
DVD/CDs 30% off
Bistro 30% off

For the discounts, click on this link which will open a PDF file.

One can print as many coupons as one wants. There is really no restrictions. WOO!
State of Progress: Travian, World 5

After very little deliberation last night, I have decided to quit playing Travian. I have told John and AK about it but I have yet to tell Yen Lyn, Augustine, Willie and Chester.

Initially, I was distracted by Eli Baskin who wanted to play in World 1 and I did play in World 1. I was then attacked daily for about a fortnight or more by a player named Bones with 100-200 troops. I managed to build enough crannies to stop him from plundering. At the same time, it was a massive setback because I could not devote my resources to building.

Eventually, over a period of three weeks, my neighbours and I managed to build up an army with a shared defence and we beat Bones. Since then, he hasn't attacked. And I managed to build up my village.

Augustine, John and Willie were meanwhile raiding and plundering with huge armies. They had also second cities and more.

My final position in this little of the world. This is the end. That's all folks.

State of Progress: Tribal Wars, World 3

My little corner of the world. It's a lonely world of abandoned villages. If you want to play, play World 5 or 6.
State of Progress: Tribal Wars, World 3

I have decided to stop playing a few online games. I dropped Travian, World 1 previously. I am dropping Tribal Wars, World 3.

My tribesmate Allyn has been very helpful, once providing support when my entire army was destroyed.

I have spent way too much time on these online games. It didn't take much deliberation but I am dropping Tribal Wars, World 3. I am dropping Travian, World 5 too.

My final state before I hand my account over to Allyn.

My latest village. It's still a small one.

The first village I conquered in Tribal Wars. I had built it up quite a bit.

My original village. The 10,000 point village.

My global ranking.

My continent ranking. To my friends on World 3, farewell and take care!

12 April 2007

Oooh! It's back up!
State of Progress: Tribal Wars, World 5

It's so exciting! The Worlds 5 and 6 server appear to be unavailable again!
State of Progress: Tribal Wars, World 5

This is how one takes a village without casualties. First, one waits for someone else to clear the village of defences. At the last minute, just when the person has taken the village, swoop in and take it with one blow. This is known as 'sniping' in this game, the same term used in eSnipe and 'sniping' in eBay where one makes a last second bid to secure an item. The player cannot counterattack as he has just used his noble to conquer that village.

Earlier, I had raided over 200,000 units of resources in one day from this village alone.

I gained over 6600 points. Suddenly, I am ranked third in the tribe.

The hot-headed Turkish player immediately launched six attacks on various of my villages. From the looks of it, they are scouting attacks based on the attack timings. They can be cavalry though.

I know he hasn't got a noble and he cannot take any village of mine. The last time a hot-headed Turkish player counterattacked me, he smashed himself on my defences.

Oh well, I will know the outcome of his six attacks in two and a half hours.

It will be interesting.

I went for a fast and vigorous run at the Botanic Gardens last evening. I can feel my legs today. Heh.
Final Four

Goodness. This is amazing. Four teams left in the UEFA Champions League and three are 'English'. Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea.

The lone Italian team is A.C. Milan. No Spanish or German teams this time round.

11 April 2007

An overheard conversation during lunch at Dino Cake House & Cafe

During lunch at Dino Cake House & Cafe at Upper Thomson Road, I heard a woman in her fifties or sixties confiding loudly to her female companion on the what she would get if and when her brother were to die. In this tiny eatery, her strongly Singlish-tainted voice could carry quite far and it did, conveying this rather sordid tale of wants and mores to a small horrified audience.

It was rather amusing as you could almost hear her thump her chest with pride of her meagre means as she remarked to her companion that she was the poorest person in her church, in her extended family and amongst her siblings. It was evidently a badge of pride for her.

She related with relish of how her mother was a wild, uncontrolled woman and also of a rape of a sister during the Japanese occupation to her fascinated companion.

Yikes! I hurriedly finished the bland meal I was having and left the establishment.

09 April 2007

Wargaming Sunday

I played the El Arish '67 wargame from the Strategy & Tactics magazine with Seow Buay on Sunday. My Egyptian army got crushed with Seow Buay taking a 30+ VP margin.

A week before I had played Combat Commander: Europe against Zi Zhao and a week before that, against June Hwang. In both instances, my American and my Russian forces were unable to dislodge the Germans and I lost correspondingly.

Siu Hean, Zi Zhao and I also did play Settlers of Catan then. Zi Zhao was obviously on the roll as he won both games effortlessly.

What a busy day Saturday proved to be. I was just sipping an ice coffee item and reading Sir Charles Oman's 'A History of the Art of War in the Middle Ages Volume 1' at NYDC at the Heeren when Wei Yi and his friend dropped by. We chatted for a bit.

Later, I was looking at stuff at Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City when Brian called. Suddenly, we were playing 'Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War' at the LAN gaming place on the 9th floor of Orchard Cineleisure. Now, Brian had awakened my interest in that game which I had played a bit but was not too impressed originally. Heh.

Wow, that did bring back memories of those years when Wilson, Brian and Willie came back to Singapore and we would visit LAN cafes. And I recalled that Wei Yi and Augustine joined us once then, that was, before they got married and acquired a family.

08 April 2007

Cat Fight

As I was typing the previous entry, I heard the sounds of a cat fight. I ran outside immediately and found my cat fighting with a large brown cat and I had to rescue my cat. I chased the other kitty away. I found that my cat was slightly scratched and she was growling.
Portsmouth 2 Manchester United 1

I can't believe it! Hahahahah! This is too good to be true!