09 June 2007

Borders! HMV! Singapore Open Gaming! A nice glorious Saturday! Now, I'm at work. I can't wait to get off work.

Firstly, I need to go over to the food distributors next door.

08 June 2007

I have a deluded friend who has many pre-conceived notions in his head. His opinions are so laughable that when I hear them, I wonder, I really wonder.

Wait a minute! I do have more than one of those friends. In fact, I have a handful of them. Hahahahaha. Modern life. Reality. I think it is too much for some of them.
A low-flying Chinook heavy lift helicopter just flew by. Heh.
Dastardly Kuoby is not online today. What happened to him?

06 June 2007

I saw a flight of three AH-64 Apaches and a Boeing Chinook in the skies earlier today too.
A formation of four F-16s just flew by at low level. I guess they were rehearsing for the National Day thingie.
I hope to draw a bit more and put them up soon.

05 June 2007

04 June 2007


I have heard good things about 'Equilibrium' and I had expectations. When I saw the DVD on Wednesday night at HMV, I bought it eagerly.

Well, I saw it last night and this was one of the most cliched and derivative movies that I have seen in a long time. With stylistic elements poorly directly lifted from The Matrix, derivative and meaningless gunplay action sequences again not dissimilar to the Matrix and a corny futuristic society where emotions were suppressed by drugs, it was obvious that this dismal movie was developed for the teenaged Matrix crowd who hungered for more of the same.

Who needed a plot? Who needed acting?

Who wouldn't know that the Cleric would eventually head over and kill Father? It's that obvious. He would walk along the corridor, waste everybody with his guns and finally kill the leader of that society.

Oh, in an emotion-repressed society, it was ironic that the bad guys with the suppressed emotions would chuckle, smile and rage when things turn their way or turn against them. C'mon!

There was no 'science' in this SF movie.

In my opinion, this is one of the worst action movies I have watched in years. Avoid at all costs.


Was anyone surprised that Kurt Wimmer, the director/writer, went on to direct 'Ultraviolet'?

Server 5

Last night, just as I was preparing my troop dispositions for an attack on Eyuphan, I got a server time out and disconnection. When I went to the main page, I saw that Server 5 was offline again! Doh!

Highly annoying. I called Kenshin85 to tell him of this as we had co-ordinated an attack but he did not pick up his mobile or respond to my SMS messages.

I went to sleep after.

Eyuphan has been attacked and is likely to go down in flames. It is a good time to attack him now.

No answers to my mails. Ack. I have got a few offensive villages ready.