16 June 2007


Mao has turned one! She is about 7.5 kilogrammes. Here she is, sulking in her little cardboard box. She is very afraid of the new kitten, Mimi.
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This one is quite a meower! Heheheh.
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Meoooow! My sister took this photo of our little new kitten this morning. It's still a little thin there. Meanwhile, our big resident kitty is still sulking!
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Saturday! Stuck at work. Hopefully, I can get more drawings done after work. Woo!

15 June 2007

I will probably head down to Time Machine Studio at Millenia Walk this evening to pick up some new Concord Publications books.

Afterwards, I may head down to Sim Lim Square and Sunshine Plaza. I haven't decided.

Of course, I will be at Borders later.

14 June 2007

I can't seem to get a good photo at night of my kitten. The Canon IXUS with a flash is hardly a good piece of equipment for his.
State of Progress: Tribal Wars, World 5

I managed to seize a village from Eyuphan this evening, raising my standings to second within the tribe.

Within the continent, I am now ranked fifth. Strangely enough, the best player on the continent and in the tribe, Kenshin85, is Singaporean! Yay! From our game interaction, I gather that he is a nice person.

And I am now at 212, 710 points.

Eyuphan, an enemy who I have had two previous clashes with, has been totally destroyed. He had come off well twice earlier. When he was strong, he was arrogant and full of threats.

When I came to be destroying him this week, he kept sending me mail asking 'Why?' And he also sent a 'fuck you' mail. Anyhow, despite his desperate last ditch defences and attacks, I took his last village, condemning him to a re-start if he so chooses.

Well deserved! Good riddance!


Here it is, playing with my toe!
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State of Progress: Tribal Wars, World 5

I took 12 villages in 12 days and that has propelled my score to 204, 156. My world ranking is 133rd.

My tribal ranking is up to 3rd.

I was drawing again last night. I seem to have lost some fluency from my long hiatus. I was trying to finish some old incomplete ones.
I went for a short run at the Botanic Gardens last evening. It was surprisingly invigorating.

13 June 2007

There will be kitten photos coming up. Meanwhile, my cat is clearly not happy with this kitten.
I had lunch at Pastamania at Junction 8 today. The place was absolutely packed with squealing kids. School holidays.
More F-16s!
F-16s in the skies! The juxtaposition of a lone aircraft streaking upon a white canvas of huge low-lying, billowing clouds brings to mind the immensity of the vaporous constructs. The freedom of soaring through the blue skies, the majesty of it all...
I wonder sometimes.

12 June 2007

State of Progress: Tribal Wars, World 5

My profile. I am doing pretty alright with quite a few full-strength offensive and defensive armies.

The villages I have conquered and lost. 22 conquered. 3 lost.

My big cat is sulking. The presence of the kitten is riling her.

Last night, I walked to Pets Kampong at Novena Square and bought milk powder and a bottle for the kitten.

11 June 2007

Medieval Mercenaries

How will I even begin to describe this latest tome from William Urban? I finished it a few days ago after a short hiatus from it.

Firstly, this unpretentious book is a conversational piece about the role of mercenaries in various wars during the Middle Ages, quoting extensive from popular culture, Shakespeare and more. It describes the role of mercenaries in the Hundred Years War, the Baltic Crusades, the Italian Wars and more with some analysis as to how the mercenaries were viewed, who they were and more. It places mercenaries in the context and framework of the socio-political map. While conversational, it will bewilder readers who are unfamiliar with mention of the lesser known conflicts while delight readers who are familiar with them. Secondly, it can deter while it meanders all over.

Even then, it was good, fast, lightweight read.

Oh dear, this kitten was found near the guardpost of my office. My father found a cage to put it in for now. We're going to bring it home! Whee! New kitten! So adorable! It's meowing!

I need to go buy milk for it! Specially formulated kitten milk!