23 June 2007

I heard that, apparently, the Chinese government will be removing rebates for some Chinese manufactures from the next month, thus, some new imports from China will see a price increase of 5%. This was supposedly some WTO thing and pressure from the United States. Hmm...

21 June 2007

Strangely enough, I saw rainbows twice this month.
Nissen Huts

Hmm.. The old Quonset huts or Nissen huts next to the bungalows in the NUS compound next to the Botanic Gardens have been torn down. Not much of a loss but Nissen huts did represent a certain past era. I think these should Nissen huts rather than Quonset huts, then again, they could be Quonset huts as many were distributed throughout the world after the war as surplus. As it is, there are still some corrugated steel structures left in Harding Road and Dempsey Road area. I think there are some left in some of the older army barracks in Singapore.

20 June 2007

Oh dear, the skies are grey. I wonder if it is possible to go running after work.
The Curse of the Age of IP Telephony

I just got his call from some ang mo guy from Hong Kong trying to get me to set up a trading account.

Straight off, I told him that I was not interested in buying anything or any investment information. I told him that I was not interested in hearing about his company. He was distinctively annoyed and he tried to control the conversation, trying to tell me that he wanted to talk to me and that he was not selling and more. It was pretty overt. Outright. I hadn't experienced such a 'control freak' in.... wait, I had recently at PS Cafe! Haha. I told him that I didn't want to waste his time or mine but he kept trying to control the conversation.

I simplytold him that I was not interested continuously and he was getting quite heated. Finally, I said 'goodbye' and hung up. He was apparently annoyed enough to try calling again! This time, I didn't bother. I said 'hello' but he was silent. I left the phone hanging.

I got a lot of these calls from investment companies, trading account companies and more. Often, the tele-promoters were usually Filipino, Indian or Caucasian. The former two would have a robotic monotone manner of speech for some reason. Kinda like the late 70s Cylons in Battlestar Galactica.

Wilson said this was the curse of the Age of IP Telephony. Nonexistent telephone charges.
I think I will probably go to Madrid and Barcelona in September. I should start making plans now.

19 June 2007

Harold & Kumar go to White Castle

Toilet humour? College humour? However, this is comedy with a difference as there were so many stand-ups of racial stereotypes. The perception of minorities within America. I saw it just a few nights ago. Hilarious!

Ravenor Rogue

Riveting, riveting read. I finished it over the weekend. This new release from the Black Library is pure escapism, superlative space opera from Dan Abnett.

Like the Eisenhorn trilogy, I feel that the Ravenor trilogy is one of the best series of space opera out there, forget the awful Shadowrun novels, the bland Battletech ones, the Starcraft money-grabbers, the Dune corpse-diggers, this is it.

17 June 2007