04 July 2007

I have been reading Sir Charles Oman's 'The History of the Art of War in the Sixteenth Century' and this given me the context to understand Machiavelli's 'The Art of War' finally.

And of course, I have read excellent 'The Art of War in Italy 1494-1529' by F. L. Taylor.
Torres for Liverpool! That should be interesting. I wonder if he can adapt to the English game.

And Da Silva for Arsenal? Again, can he adapt?

03 July 2007

Hmm... I doubt if Arsenal will be much of a footballing force in the Premier League next season. Too bad. They were a pleasure to watch at times.
'Judgement' VNV Nation

1. Prelude
2. The Farthest Star
3. Testament
4. Descent
5. Momentum
6. Nemesis
7. Secluded Spaces
8. Illusion
9. Carry You
10. As It Fades

From my initial impressions, this is the strongest VNV Nation release in recent years. Apt adjectives to describe this effort will include soaring, uplifting, majestic, ominous...

Highlights include 'The Farthest Star' and 'Testament'.


Two months after its release, Borders finally brought this in. I waited, resisting from making an order from an overseas supplier.

I wish VNV Nation will resist a single from this album.

Phew! Long day at work. It's only 3:45 pm.

02 July 2007

Singapore Open Gaming XVII

Ken announces the next Singapore Open Gaming session:

Time: 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Date: 07.07.2007, Saturday
Venue: Queen's Road, RC Room

Game Yells:

Die Macher (Ken, Mark, Seok Hui)
Age of Empires III Descent - Quest III (Yien, Gary)
Twilight Struggle (Bernard, Alexis)
Age of Empires III

Oh dear, I have got something on. I should still be able to make it but... Damn. I have missed over 10 sessions now!
What is he doing?

Fat Frank refuses to sign for Chelsea? Is he thinking of Juventus? Holding out for more pay? What is he thinking?

01 July 2007

The Underground City

I found a rather uncommon Jules Verne novel at Borders the other day. I was surprised.
Hmm... I think we should see more bombings in the western world in the coming days leading to the American independence day. I suspect most of the bombing will take place in Europe due to hidden Islamists within the large Muslim communities there.
Run and Walk!

The heat today was stifling. I ran about 3 km and walked another 6 km. All in all, a good nice workout.