04 August 2007

I am concerned and worried. I did not have the mood to venture down to PageOne at Vivocity last night. I don't think I will be doing much today either. For that matter tomorrow. Oh well.

02 August 2007

Constant Battles

This illuminating book by Steven A. LeBlanc, an archaeologist and Director of Collections at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University, explodes the myth of the 'noble savage' and that people lived in ecological balance in the prehistoric and distant past. Like Jared Diamond, LeBlanc illustrates the ecological destruction of the environment in various societies which then lead to a drastic population drop. Carrying capacity of an area. Fortified villages and more.

On a per capita basis, tribal villages lose up to 25% of their population in constant battles, ambushes and massacres. Constant battles were the norm for the whole of human history.

On another note, the startling thing is that infanticides were common up to the last two centuries.

This is not a 'war' book. It is an book on ecological balance and anthropology. I highly recommend this book to all my friends and visitors to my blog.

01 August 2007

Quite a bit to do. Quite a bit of stuff with the Building Constuction Authority, IRAS, PUB, SCDF and more. I will need a break soon.
I have been reading a bit on the LCS. I suspect that the programme will not come to fruition.
Focus focus. The work has to be done.
Sketching at a Cafe

Happier times.
Tentative. Early Friday evening, PageOne at Vivocity. Late Friday night, Borders. Heh.

31 July 2007

Kitten on the Prowl


I need to be planning for a trip to Europe. This will, of course, be based on my interests in history. Sites of sieges and battles. Cities with historical significance. And more.

Someone had made about 10 million on paper. My opinion is that paper profits should always be realised. Not held.
It's time for a spring cleaning. Take stock of things. I had taken out a lot of my old computer peripherals, boxes and more. I have finally retired my faithful, old Dell XPS 133 PC. Twelve years of use! Let's see about the recyclers. Old magazines, hmm..

I layered some shelves last night. I should have done that seven years ago but I was drowned in work. I also re-arranged some of my books. Quite a bit to do.

30 July 2007

I assisted a friend with direct advice and he just made more than $390,000 in less than three years with almost no capital. Heh. He had very little money in the first place and I am really really glad for him. Wheeeeee!
It is time to visit Sim Lim Square. I will go visit some time this week to pick up the expansion to Titan Quest. I need more DVD and CD media too.

I need to do some space maintenance on the machines at work and at home. Re-organise files and so forth.

Time for a clean up.

Perhaps, this September, I shall go on a trip.
Weekly Ritual

I have a weekly ritual where I browse at Borders on Friday nights. Heh. I haven't been adhering to that ritual.

If the weather clears, I should be doing laps at the pool.
Monday Morning

It's the beginning of a long week. So much to do. Time to focus!