18 August 2007


The kitten has grown quite a bit. Here are two photos my sister took of it.

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17 August 2007

I gave away my Tribal Wars account to some 14-year old girl residing in Ang Mo Kio. I have had enough of that game. Too much time spent.
Actually, I heard stuff about his poison some months back.

I found out that this 'friend' I have is two-faced. A regular Janus. He's been saying untrue shit behind my back. Wow-whee. What have we here? A poisonous fucker.

I am furious.

15 August 2007

Singapore Botanic Gardens V

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Singapore Botanic Gardens IV

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I went for a run last evening. 3 km at most. Then, I had kebabs with Colin at Far East Plaza. Urm, paradoxical I guess.
Safari versus Mozilla

In this blog report on ZDNet, it would appear that Steve Jobs would wipe Firefox off the face of the earth:

"Notice how Steve seems to be indicating that Safari will wipe out the competition and leave only IE and Safari in the running."

Well, I guess he could try. Meanwhile, another report stated that 75% of people who downloaded Firefox did not use it.

Can evil Jobs win?
Everton 3 Spurs 1

Too funny! Martin Jol and his vaunted strike force!
Skyspy, the Clown from Waterford

Another in-game conversation on DuneMUD:

Skruideli tells you: skyspy the paramedic's newest slogan is "hello, my name is skyspy and I am your paramedic tonight, I know you are worried but I assure you, I have a perfect record, no survivors to date"

14 August 2007

Mitsubishi ATD-X stealth fighter

The recent American refusal to allow the Japanese Self-Defence Force to purchase F-22A Raptors after the several incidents of Japanese firms leaking sensitive technology to the Chinese had resulted in the Japanese launching a stealth fighter programme. This project, according to an Aviation Week & Space Technology blog report by Bill Sweetman, an aviation authority, had received French support in terms of testing facilities and more. It was not inconceivable as the Dassault Rafale did incorporate characteristics of low-observable aircraft.

Another article noted:
"So it was that on August 9, the above photo was taken of what may be Japan's next-generation fighter. The 46 foot long carbon fiber mock-up was designed and built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, builder of the Zero, at their Komakiminami Factory in Aichi prefecture. Freshly returned from France where it had undergone testing of its stealth technology, the sleek mock-up foreshadows what just might be the future of Japanese military aviation."

Thailand to purchase 96 BTR-3EI

In a recent report, Thailand will be purchasing 96 8x8 BTR-3EI armoured personnel carriers from the Ukraine. I will assume that these are derivatives of the Ukrainian BTR-90s.

It is also noted that most of these armoured personnel carriers will be deployed in the south of Thailand to combat the Islamic extremists and separatists.