15 September 2007

I bingoed on my first tile lay and I thought I had a chance against Benita in Scrabulous, an online Scrabble game on Facebook. Doh. She bounced back and defeated me narrowed with a word GENA. Whatever that means. Grrrr.... GENA. That 'see ge na'. Grrr....
I will be down at NYDC at the Heeren this afternoon, nursing an ice chilled coffee and sketching. I was able to complete three sketches last night and I will be preparing a few new ones.
I was at Borders last night when I saw this effeminate guy whom I have not seen for eleven years. He was into facial creams and Diana Ross then. I doubted that the facial creams had done him much good as he looked aged and worn.

I stopped by Burger King for a quick bite when I met Wan Sie. I had had fleeting chance encounters with her over the years but I hadn't looked at her carefully. Last night, she looked unchanged from a decade ago! Astounding.

Finally, at eleven, Siu Hean sent a message. He was at Borders, browsing. Liz was too tired to make it down. Siu Hean was very excited over the episodes of Blake's 7 on U-Tube. We also reminisced over old eerie British SF/Fantasy TV productions like Sapphire and Steel and Children of the Stones.

13 September 2007

Army Open House 2007: SAR-21 Assault Rifle

The variant with the foregrip and a video sighting system.

The variant with the 40mm grenade launcher. Note the quadrant sights which can be set to 400 metres.

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Army Open House 2007: Advanced Combat Man System II

The infantryman was armed with an advanced variant of the SAR-21 assault rifle.

Not the lightest of gear. Communications, sensors, new webbing, armour, knee guards and more.

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The abandoned stronghold

A swift piece. Mixed media. Pigment ink, watercolours and colour pencils.

10 September 2007

Army Open House 2007: Sniper with the Steyr SSG 69 Sniper Rifle

A sniper with his Steyr SSG 69 sniper rifle. He was, of course, not in his combat gear.
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Army Open House 2007 : Infantryman with SAR-21 Assault Rifle

A typical Singapore infantryman armed with the SAR-21 assault rifle.

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Army Open House 2007: Advanced Combat Man System I

Many nations have their Future Soldier programmes. As noted in Wikipedia:

"Various Future Soldier programs are heavily funded and underway around the world, including Land 125 (Australia), African Warrior (South Africa), Félin (France), IdZ (Germany), Soldato Futuro (Italy), Combatiente Futuro (Spain), Soldier Modernisation Program (SMP) (Netherlands), NORMANS (Norway), Soldado do Futuro (Portugal), Black Robes (Russia), Advanced Combat Man System (Singapore), IMESS (Switzerland), MARKUS (Sweden), ANOG (Israel), FIST (UK), BEST (Belgium) and Land Warrior (USA)."

The Singaporean programme is the Advanced Combat Man System. No write-up is present in Wikipedia on the Singaporean programme at this time.

The SAF's programme which wa being tested, relied on off-the-shelf proven technologies according to news reports.

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Army Open House 2007: Boeing CH-47 Chinook

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Army Open House 2007: Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier

The Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier, developed by Singapore Technologies Engineering, is very similiar in concept to the versatile BV206.

This was one of the two examples displayed at the Army Open House 2007 at Pasir Laba.

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