06 October 2007

Blaqk Audio

Last night, at HMV, I was surprised when Kelvin pointed me to a CD, 'CexCells', by Blaqk Audio and told me that some of the tracks were somewhat reminiscent of early Depeche Mode. It took me less than thirty seconds of trying out to be convinced.

1. "Stiff Kittens" – 3:47
2. "Between Breaths (An XX Perspective)" – 4:28
3. "Snuff on Digital" – 5:03
4. "Bitter for Sweet" – 6:10
5. "Where Would You Like Them Left?" – 4:16
6. "The Fear of Being Found" – 4:44
7. "On a Friday" – 4:14
8. "The Love Letter" – 4:23
9. "Semiotic Love" – 3:32
10. "Cities of Night" – 3:47
11. "Again, Again, and Again" – 3:26
12. "Wake Up, Open the Door, and Escape to the Sea" – 3:05

The album had legendary Depeche Mode producer, Dave Bascombe, mixing and producing it.


I had heard through the album twice. Standout tracks included 'Stiff Kittens', 'On a Friday', and 'Snuff on Digital'. In my opinion, the vocals were a lot more exuberant than Dave Gahan's controlled and measured vocals in early Depeche Mode (and I preferred the early Gahan vocals). From what I had heard, Blaqk Audio had elements of the Faint, Condition One, Fischerspooner and Duran Duran rather than Depeche Mode. Maybe, the beginning of 'Stiff Kittens' was a little reminiscent, otherwise...

05 October 2007

Warbook: Friends

My friends' statistics:

Alex Y
Magician, Level 3
1894 acres

The Nose
Visionary, Level 10
2935 acres

Yen Lyn
Magician, Level 4
476 acres

Anthony the Swordsman
Visionary, Level 6
2865 acres

Kew Soon
General, Level 1
644 acresBabelus

Kuoby the Hobbit
Magician, Level 11
2611 acres

Siu Hean
Mogul, Level 4
3183 acres
What a glorious day. The sunshine is blinding. At least, it is Friday! WOO!
State of Progress: Warbook

Your Kingdom

Your Kingdom's size:
4,548 acres

Total Income:
103,100 gold

Hourly Revenues:

Hourly Upkeep:

Your income is increased by 104,190.

Your defensive power is increased by 35.5%.

Your Army

Your army's size:

Attack score:

Defense score:





Not too good. Oh well. I need to boost my defences.
I am not surprised that Hamilton is facing an inquiry. Given his attitude and his previous behaviour, I will not be surprised if he were found guilty.
Forgotten Peoples

I hope that everyone, in their zeal to support the demonstrating militant monks in Burma, will remember the oppressed minorities, including the Karens, Mons and Shans, who have been fighting the majority Burmans for the last fifty years. It is hypocritical if the rights of the majority are remembered while those of these tribal peoples are neglected.
Borders Discount Coupon

Buy one full-priced CD and get another at 50% off.

Valid till 18th October 2007. Not much but better than nothing. Besides Borders has got a decent classical music section. One can say that for any music store in Singapore except for HMV.

04 October 2007

Mobile Weapon: Battle Stations - Friends' statistics

Anthony is a pirate at level 17.
Tony is an explorer at level 8.
Siu Hean is an explorer at level 8.
Alex is an explorer at level 6.

Quite a few explorers there. I have a level 9 trader now.
Tyler Projects

I must say that I am surprised. I have not thought that I will say this but a locally-based company, Tyler Projects, has astounded me with an addictive little gem of a game: Mobile Weapon: Battle Stations. It's a game set in an alternate Victorian world of flying sailing ships and aerial cities. Steampunk essentially! Players take on the roles of explorers, pirates, traders and more, fighting duels, exploring and trading while piloting a plethora of ships and dazzling array of weapons.

Anthony, Siu Hean and Tony are playing this game which resides as an application in Facebook.

One more thing, the game has great art direction. At least, I like it.

03 October 2007

The Green Berets

I first watched the John Wayne directed and starred film, 'The Green Berets', over two decades ago and it left little impression except that of a rotund man scrolling around in a beret then. I was watching it again just now. 'The Green Berets' was based on a book by Robin Moore who had also wrote 'The French Connection' which formed the basis of an Oscar winning film.

I had a few thoughts of this clumsily directed patriotic film. Firstly, the script and the dialogue felt extremely artificial. It was as if the main characters were in a bad Western. Granted that a lot of the special forces type did and do come from the south, the dialogue here was simply laughable. I guessed it was just old-fashioned in its approach.

Like Mel Gibson directed 'We were Soldiers', the countryside did not felt tropical at all. Even if it were meant to protray the Central highlands, there should not be orange foliage which was the sign of autumn and that of a temperate forest. Later, I discovered that a lot of the movie was directed in Fort Benning, Georgia.

The orientals in the movie, including the Vietnamese and Montegnards, spoke like book oriental villains of the 1930s comic book variety, a kind of Fu Manchu-cum-Charlie Chan. Each time they spoke or the Montegnard child appear, there would be accompaniment of some pseudo-oriental music.

The scenes of the UH-1 helicopters were not bad at all, as were the protrayal of the small arms used. The explosions in the film felt artificial too. One last note, the movie was made in 1968, during the height of the Vietnam War and was thus contemporary.

02 October 2007

From the looks of it, Kuoby is not very active in Duels while Anthony has stopped playing Duels. I wonder if Ken is still playing. I will ask him.

Likewise, I am not active anymore. I kill my daily quota of NPCs and that is about it. The new 'pets' feature in the game is a yawn. It's like a new overpriced item without the power loading.
I went for a short run at the Botanic Gardens this evening. It was very very warm.
State of Progress: Warbook

Your Kingdom's size:4,155 acres
Total Income:130,069 gold
Hourly Revenues:175,122
Hourly Upkeep:-45,053

Your army's size:28,363
Attack score:32,555
Defense score:71,862

01 October 2007

Oh oh, I made level 6. I went offline. An hour later, I found that I got attacked twice and my ship was sunk!
Mobile Weapon Battle Stations

I just discovered this little gem on Facebook. Mobile Weapon Battle Stations. Fascinating! I am going to give this a go!

My character is level 5 after the expenditure of about 250+ Action Points (AP).