13 October 2007

I have just painted two Douglas SBD Dauntless divebombers.
Hey hey, he saved the World today

I had expected Al Gore to easily win the Nobel Prize this year. And he did. He did invent the internet and save the world you know. After all, Arafat the Terrorist had also won one too. So, it's alright.

Meanwhile Doris Lessing picked one up. Good for her. She deserved it. I had read 'Briefing for a Descent into Hell' in 1991 and found the landscape which she had sketched on her literary canvas to be haunting.
I was at the rooftop terrace of the Esplanade this evening. The glittering yellow-hued lights of the skyline were mesmerising. I was inspired and was drawing later.
Balding and Rotund Goth

I saw a ghastly sight at Borders earlier. There was this rotund, stout dude with a bald patch wearing a Projekt T-shirt! A balding rotund goth! He was reading some NS book.
My eyes!
Happy Bikers

I was at Borders earlier. As I was departing, I saw a brigade of twenty or so happy Malay bikers at the junction of Orchard Road and Scotts Road, no doubt celebrating Hari Raya. When the lights turned green, off they went, roaring into the night!

At least, they weren't loud, like some bengs with their bikes with removed mufflers.

12 October 2007

Nice rainy evening. I will probably head down to Borders later tonight. Heheh.
Turkish denial of the Armenian Genocide

Amazing. Turkey has recalled its ambassador to the US after lawmakers labelled the massacre of a million or more Armenians in 1915-1917 as genocide. The Turks can keep denying what is a documented fact.
It's Friday! WOO HOO! The weekend is upon us! Yeah!

11 October 2007

Power fantasies abound. A refuge for the discontented and the lost?
The Fisher King

A surprisingly conventional Terry Gilliam film. I had not expected this. Even then, it was fascinating up to an extent albeit the length.
Otoko-tachi no Yamato

Otoko-tachi no Yamato was a war drama about a group of Japanese cadets who were sent to crew the Yamato in 1943 and were present in all actions till the Yamato's death voyage in April 1945. The movie was viewed through the eyes of the young 15-year cadets but had a documentary style narrative element which combined real war footage. Pearl Harbour, Midway, Guadalcanal, Leyte Gulf, Saipan were mentioned and period news reels were spliced in between.

I had read that this 2005 production on the Yamato of the Imperial Navy dethroned 'Spirited Away' becoming the most successful Japanese film of all time. It was this patriotic and nationalistic outing that had struck a cord with mass Japanese audiences in terms the Japanese all-time box office takings. Rather intriguing that it had connected with the current Japanese psyche. What could that imply? Well...

I had thought that the movie would be made mostly with the wizardry of Japanese SFX but I learned from Brian that a full scale 1:1 set of the Yamato was built. The filmmakers had built 190 metres of the 264 metre long ship. There weren't much computer-generated graphics in evidence.

The turrets built for the movie were pretty impressive. The Type 96 25mm anti-aircraft guns were realistic for instance.

The movie was pretty much melodrama fare with the production standards of a TV serial. The dialogue were likewise at a melodrama level, uninspired. Acting consisted mostly of sailors shouting, making loud proclamations, screaming loudly in pain, scolding others loudly, and more loud patriotic utterances. Everyone shouted throughout the 144 minutes of the length of the film.

Meanwhile, shots of the ship were always of the front hull and turrets for good reason, the other parts weren't constructed. As such, one could actually feel a sense of restriction throughout. The smaller scale models or possibly computer-generated ones of aerial bombardment were somewhat unclear, small and unsatisfactory.

The American aircraft depicted included the SBC-2 Helldiver, TBF Avenger, PBY Catalina and F-6F Hellcat. However, at various times, a radial-engined American aircraft with rounded wing-tips could be seen diving at the Yamato. What was this mysterious aircraft? It was hard to say as the three abovementioned aircraft had square cut-off wing tips. The F-4U Corsair was not in evidence in this movie either.

Regarding the Imperial Navy culture protrayed, the Japanese navy was into beatings when it came to discipline. The movie had depicted that aspect well, illuminating the brutality of the discipline within the service. The kendo and sum practices, the emphasis on food, the war effort in munitions manufacturing in Hiroshima, the realisation of the futility of the suicide mission and the acceptance that the order was from the emperor made for an interesting cultural exposition. Fatalism? You bet, it was there in the bucketloads.

The movie was, of course, worth watching as it might have reflected the attitude of this filmmaker and possibly that of the current Japanese psyche.

Quitting Warbook

I had decided to stop playing Warbook. It was taking too much time. As coins generated more coins, constant investment was needed, in other words, hourly husbanding of resources. Secondly, unspent coins were in danger of being lost through raids. As lost coins would constitute a percentage, a fraction of a small number would thus limit losses.

The game was deterministic and linear, limited by very strict obvious formulae despite the inclusion of a random factor. It was not to my taste after a while despite making steady progress. Thus I stopped playing.
Whoa! It's almost time!
Phew! This has been a long day. Productive too. I am gonna order a Dell Vostro 200 Mini Tower desktop today.
Undiscerning. Inability to distinguish. Hilarious.
Heh. Enough of this sort of musing. Back to work.
I wonder how the children of a neurotic loser I know will turn out. Hopefully, nothing like him.
Reactionary would be an apt description for some. Meanwhile others were undiscerning and dreaming, simply creatures of a hedonist creed.

Nihilism versus reactionism. Nice explosive mix. Heh.
I just got a Sony DRU-840A DVD Writer to back up my office files.
When I read of fears of Singularity, I am amazed. AGI? Seriously? In the next 9 to 40 years?
And thinking with a dick.
A strong hint of degeneration perhaps.
When forced created realities could threaten the very fabric of everyday existence, things could get interesting to an extent. Disengagement could be an apt course. Passivity rather than action.
These are strange days. Deconstruction and such.

10 October 2007

Sore Losers

After the All-Blacks loss, the reaction is simply unbelievable. Death threats to the referee, politicians getting into the blame game, anguish on talk shows, what else?

08 October 2007

There is an AS-332 Super Puma circling overhead in the skies above. I wonder what's up.

Four times now.
The Ego crashes out

Hamilton crashed out. Hahahaha. Still, he would be the frontrunner for the final race. I hope the two 'tainted' drivers lose. It would not be good for the sport if they did win.
Liverpool 2 Spurs 2

Liverpool continues to be a non-contender for the league title as usual. Heheheh.
I am really enjoying the All-Blacks' exit from the Rugby World Cup. It's really too funny. Likewise, the Australian exit too. All that talk of victory. Hubris.

And the recriminations have started. Referee's fault, Osama bin Laden's fault, David Beckham's fault, etc. Hilarious!

07 October 2007

France 20 New Zealand 18

How the mighty have fallen! The All-Blacks lost. Hilarious! And Australia actually lost to England without England even scoring a single try! Ho ho ho ho!

Floyd Landis, Marion Jones. Proven cheats. Who else? I do wonder about Lance Armstrong.
I was just at Bungalow Tapas Bar & Grill for dinner with Brian earlier this evening. We had the sausage platter, Bacalao Al Horno, Cous Cous Ratatouille, Tostadas Mixta and ice lemon tea. Wonderful food! Recommended.

Bungalow Tapas Bar & Grill is at United Square. Recommended.