27 December 2007


A swift ballpoint pen doodle done during work. Illustration Friday theme: Horizon
It's Thursday! I have another wedding to attend over the weekend. Oh well. There goes the weekend.

26 December 2007

State of Progress: Mobile Weapon Battle Stations PvP Rankings

My PvP rankings. Most of my kills were made over a short two week period about a month ago.
State of Progress:Mobile Weapon: Battle Stations

My current level is 50. This is the state of my ship, which is a level 35 Obsidian Destroyer before I re-configured it. I had two battering rams, a bolter cluster and shield armour mounted.

Siu Hean is level 51. Kuoby is stubbornly clinging onto level 49 when he can be 50. Right now, the universal problem is the shortage of plasma rocks. Plasma rocks for a level 50 or level 55 ship. Plasma rocks for weapons. Plasma rocks for just about everything.

Brian and Dillon have just started out. Brian is already level 18 and he has been sinking quite a number of ships.

24 December 2007

Tree - Unfinished

Ballpoint pen doodle. Unfinished. Heh.


A ballpoint pen doodle. This one, like the others, is small in size.
Pelikan Stick ballpoint pen. A German ballpoint. I applied a 'light sharpness' filter to the image.

23 December 2007

Hand - Unfinished

Another ballpoint pen doodle. This was another which I drew while manning the cash register. I will probably finish it soon.

I haven't been posting my drawings and doodles but I will do so soon enough.

A simple ballpoint pen doodle. Business has been rather slow these few days. I drew this with a ballpoint pen as I man the cash register. It was inspired by the two ruined pillars of Nan Chiau School which I saw one rainy Saturday afternoon at Kim Yam Street.