05 January 2008

Such a pleasant day. Blue skies and all.
There is an upside though. It's unrelated but it's still an upside. I signed for electricity in a fixed price contract at the end of last year. Guess what? The oil prices went up. The HSFO price at contract confirmation was USD491.70/MT. The current price level is about $513.84/MT. High Sulphur Fuel Oil. Whee!

I will probably head down to Borders this afternoon to pick up a few more volumes. I picked up 'A History of Histories' last night, some pulpy SF novel and an illustrated volume on Ancient Athens and Rome.

It seems like I am born to be a perennial troubleshooter. When there are fires to be put out, they get me.

Right now, I'm settling an accident thingie. Van hit some car or the other way round. No details at all. It happened a bit ago but no one told me till half an hour ago! Now, they want me to assist and I shall have to utilise my 'powerful mind-reading ability' again.

Oh well. I have a few days left before the deadline set by the other party's lawyers. Let's see what I can do.

I am usually called in to fight fires. Settle ugly incidents or businesses when it is sometimes far too late to resolve. Heh. In many previous jobs, I dealt with emergencies too.

04 January 2008

The creator of 'Flashman' has died


I only read of George MacDonald Fraser's death today. I have only read the first of his very funny Flashman novels.

Of course, if one were familiar with 'Tom Brown's School Days' and some Victorian era history, the books can be immensely enjoyable.

02 January 2008

I am looking forward to purchasing and reading Daniel Dennett's tome 'Breaking the Spell' soon.

I read 'The Siege of Mecca' recently and it has been both instructive and indicative.

01 January 2008

I visited the National Museum this morning. I was home for lunch. I would liked to have visited the Istana grounds which would have been opened to the public today.

30 December 2007

I spent most of the day reading 'The Siege of Mecca'. I would recommend this account of that fateful siege in 1979. A forgotten event.
I usually don't care for the eight course wedding dinners. However, I had the best wedding dinner I had ever had in my life on Saturday evening at the Intercontinental Hotel. He was so nice and he had a menu just for me! Stupendous!