07 March 2008

Impartiality? Fair coverage?

You know how certain games get 'exciting previews', front page features and top billing? Well, it's paid for. Who is surprised by the revelations, really?

Exerpt from an article titled 'Preview Ho: Gamespot/Gamespy'.

"As it happened, he said, such a gumball is currently in play, for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for the Xbox 360. "I wouldn't want you to jump to the incorrect conclusion that the extra push being given to the review must mean that the game's publisher somehow influenced the review in the first place," Kasavin added hastily. "My guess is this promotional deal was negotiated after we decided to give the game a positive review, but since I'm not privy to the details of these types of deals, I don't know for sure." He insisted that Gamespot maintains a strict separation between editorial and ad sales."

Oh yeah. Right.
It's Friday! Hopefully, I can find time to browse at Borders this evening, possibly even time to head to Sim Lim Square to get 'Supreme Commander: Forged Alliances', 'Caesar IV' and 'Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts'.
Borders Discounts

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Offer ends on 19th March 2008.

06 March 2008

Frontlines: Fuel of War

It's ALL Wilson's fault! There, I have said it. The truth is out. Heheheheheh. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the intensity of this game. It's running on the Unreal Engine 3.

So far, I haven't seen any evidence of cheating on 'Frontlines: Fuel of War' whereas I have wondered about some out of this world shots made in games like 'Battlefield 2', 'Counterstrike', 'Battlefield 1942' and more. It is only a matter of time before some idiot employ auto-aiming bots. In the meanwhile, the game is a joy. It's great fun! Last night, I was doing badly in an incompetent team initially. No one else was making kills except me. Later, I joined another server and was able to rack up kills in an IFV with automatic cannon. I tried the sniper too. I also used the rocket which was excellent as I was able to guide the missile into vehicles and players! Two pistol kills, one chain gun kill from a chopper, a couple of sniper kills, numerous automatic cannon kills from an IFV, some assault rifle kills! Yes!

My online moniker is 'Marlboro'. I'll be online on one of the Kaos servers this evening. Feel free to join me.
After losing the DOS programme and drivers for an old Monarch-Paxar barcode machine in the old PC, I was concerned. I was projecting that I would have to spend several thousand dollars in acquiring a new barcode machine. Fortunately, the software engineer here had written new Windows-based software drivers for her company. I paid for the service which was excellent, she came down and installed the software, showed us its usage. Now, everything is working fine. Yes!

05 March 2008

It would appear that Obama would be the next president of the United States. It was quite evident even in the early days. Still, it remains to be seen.
A veritible junkyard

I spoke to Amelia just now. Her video card finally gave up the ghost. Arrrgh. She needed a card and I had at least five lying around late last year. Alas! I threw it all out when I was clearing my study of old computer parts. I would have given her whatever she needed. I had too many parts lying around anyhow. Seven or eight hard disks, a couple of CPUs, three casings that at least, a two monitors, three sets of speakers and more. There was even an Apple Writer printer lying around somewhere just a few years ago.

Launching a lawsuit is plausible I guess.
How do you recover $25,000 in debt? Small claims tribunal? Lawsuit?

And what of $7000? Small claims?
Someone I know just got laid off a few minutes ago. He is in the information technology (IT) industry. He is in infrastructure and servers and has a few years of experience. If you have a possible position for him, do let me know.
Trying out

I went through the tutorial of 'Company of Heroes'. I was impressed by the adaptation from 'Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War'.

Another real time strategy (RTS) game that I was impressed after trying out the tutorial was 'World in Conflict'.

I liked 'Supreme Commander' as well.
I went for a run last night. Time: 9:20. Heh. The weather was excellent. I also ran up-slope.
This is like Italy winning the World Cup again! Oh yes! Celebration!

GOOD RIDDANCE to that clown for fostering upon us the most crappy of all roleplaying game systems, Dungeons and Dragons. Good that he died. He has done enough damage.

YESYESYES! This calls for a celebration!

Credit, though, must be given to Gary Gygax for co-inventing roleplaying games. Beyond that, his undue influence until 1985 was harmful. He had also created a monster, TSR, which was responsible for churning crap worlds* (settings) and RPGs until lately.

*Dragonlance by Weis and Hickman must one of the most vomit-inducing worlds ever, including the novels.

04 March 2008

Data Recovery

A few years ago, my sister had an unpleasant experience with a data recovery service whose name I shall not disclose. They would essentially disassemble one's crashed HDD and examine through it and if you were to decline their services, they would charge examination fees before they would return it. Well, given the data 'held hostage', I was not surprised that most people paid up.

Anyhow, I shall relate a good experience. I was not able to access my HDD some weeks ago, and I could hear a 'clicking' sound. I called up three different data recovery services, Adroit Data Recovery Centre, Ontrack Data Recovery and Data Savers. The quotes ranged from $500 to $2600 depending on the difficulty of recovery (as well as the possibility). I decided on Data Savers which was located at Suntec City Tower One. They had guaranteed if no data were recovered, they would not be charging.

After a preliminary examination, they were able to determine that the drive head was either spoilt or off alignment and that there were no damage to the platter! Hurrah! Anyhow, all my 'lost' data was recovered thanks to them. Cost? $480 including GST. Recommended.
It is like an episode of the Keystone Cops, isn't it? Meanwhile Mas Selamat remains at large.

It has become a national comedy of sorts. I have seen at least three poster parodies so far.
I was glad that I switched to Avast anti-virus software from Grisoft. Last night, I found four trojans while I was scanning some data on an old HDD which previously had Grisoft Anti-Virus software installed on it. I found that despite constant updates and scanning, Grisoft had often failed to detect viruses and trojans. It was the second or third time this had happened.

The funny thing was that I wasn't a bittorrent user either. The last time I had downloaded anything was at least four years ago.

03 March 2008

The Mas Selamat Media Offensive

Actually, from my observation, the current oversaturation of the media channels is a case of a late over reaction due to the initial failures. All the information about the height, weight, etc should have been released within the first 24 hours.
Games Galore

I was back in the office for a short while at 2:30 pm on Sunday afternoon. There were some pressing issues that had to be settled.

Afterwards, I took a bus down to Rochor Canal Road, ran in the relentless rain to Sim Lim Square where I met Wilson.

I bought 'Frontlines: Fuel of War' collector's edition, 'Company of Heroes', 'Supreme Commander', 'Dawn of War', 'Winter Assault', 'World in Conflict', and 'Total War: Medieval II Kingdoms expansion pack'.

I would be waiting before purchasing the other games. I was looking at some old titles like 'Patrician III' and 'Port Royale II'. I was also contemplating the purchase of 'Caesar IV'. Wei Yi had indicated his interest in 'Caesar IV'. Despite some misgivings I bought 'Company of Heroes' based on Wilson's prompting, I installed it and it looked promising.