26 April 2008

Chelsea 2 Man U 1

YESYESYES! Manure can still lose the title yet! Let's hope so. I hope manure end up with nothing this year.

And the manure sore losers were whining. And petulant as well.
Erasure erased

I wonder what had happened to Erasure, the quintessential purveyors of synthpop of the eighties. In the late eighties, Erasure’s output was prodigious and the quality of their synthpop offerings superb with albums such as ‘The Circus’, ‘The Innocents’ and ‘Wild’ being the signature albums of a period of glorious pop music.

The advent of rubbish like grunge in the music scene of the early nineties did little to diminish their continued commitment to glittering pop gems such as those littering two fabulous albums, ‘Chorus’* and ‘I say I say I say’. Erasure moody self-titled album in 1995 proved to be their magnum opus and from there, Erasure was not to achieve those heights again. Following a hiatus of three years, Erasure released a mediocre album ‘Cowboy’, this was then followed three years later by the dreadful ‘Loveboat’. It took another three years for Erasure to release an album of horrid covers, ‘Other People’s Songs’ and another three for another self-indulgent horror show in a country and western mode, ‘Union Street’.

Erasure had reached a pinnacle in the early nineties and had stumbled, releasing lacklustre albums that missed the playful, melodic touch that Vince Clarke had infused into the earlier classics, instead, featuring self-indulgent ‘over singing’. What had happened to the splendid song writing of yesteryear? The soaring choruses? The euphoric anthems? The melodic love songs?

It was as if there was a complete erasure of the Erasure of old. Finally in 2007, came ‘Light at the End of the World’, whilst a decent effort with several mid-tempo gems, the album lacked the signature tunes that had characterised Erasure. This is hopefully, a signal of a return to form for Erasure.

I miss the Erasure of old.

* Interestingly enough, one of the singles, ‘Love to hate you’ was covered by the cantopop band Grasshoppers.
"To speak plainly and truthfully about the state of our world — to say, for instance, that the Bible and the Koran both contain mountains of life-destroying gibberish — is antithetical to tolerance as moderates currently conceive it. But we can no longer afford the luxury of such political correctness. We must finally recognize the price we are paying to maintain the iconography of our ignorance."

Quote from Sam Harris

25 April 2008

"I have never understood the liberal assumption that if there were justice in the world, there would be fewer rather than more prisoners."

Quote from Theodore Dalrymple (Anthony A.M. Daniels)

24 April 2008

Playground at Clover Way

Mao Mao

We found the silly cat rolling on my sister's bed one night. What a delightful little thing!
Last night, I was browsing at Borders. Instead of books, I ended up with four boxes of cereal and a bar of chocolate from Marks and Spencer's.

The potato chips at Marks and Spencer's are turning weird. Heh. I suppose they have gone healthy.

There were a few volumes at Borders that were of interest to me but I think I can wait.
"How many more architects and mechanical engineers must hit the wall at 400 miles an hour before we admit to ourselves that jihadist violence is not merely a matter of education, poverty, or politics? The truth, astonishingly enough, is that in the year 2006 a person can have sufficient intellectual and material resources to build a nuclear bomb and still believe that he will get 72 virgins in Paradise. Western secularists, liberals, and moderates have been very slow to understand this. The cause of their confusion is simple: They don't know what it is like to really believe in God."

Quote from Sam Harris

23 April 2008

22 April 2008

I started reading 'Dead Man's Handle' by Peter O'Donnell last night. It is the last Modesty Blaise novel. There is a further volume, 'Cobra Trap', which is a collection of short stories.

I wish Tarantino would do a Modesty Blaise film. He had indicated interest previously.

21 April 2008

I finished a 57-planet game of Sins of a Solar Empire yesterday. I will cease playing this excellent game for now and start playing others. I have a huge pile of interesting games waiting. I have stopped playing the engrossing and addictive Frontlines: Fuel of War for now.

I also started and finished a Modesty Blaise novel, 'The Night of Morningstar'. Great read. Pulp fiction at its best.

20 April 2008

Fat Cat at the Parliament House

This fat feline was spotted outside the Parliament. The resident feline?

Tubby and contented!