17 May 2008


I had dinner at Whitebait & Kale at Camden Medical Centre last night. The food was not bad at all but the prices were on the high side. I also spotted many pretentious people there. Heh.

After dinner, I went for a walk. I took a peek in St Regis Hotel out of curiosity and I must say that I was not impressed at all. I thought that the hall was on par with that of a typical service apartment. What gives? Where is the opulence typically associated with such endeavours?
New Music

Woo! Yes! A package arrived yesterday!

The following CDs were in the package:

Negative Format - Gradients
Seabound - Come Forward: Live in Berlin
Angels & Agony - Unison
Angels & Agony - Eternity
De/Vision- Noob
De/Vision - Da-Mals Limited Edition
De/Vision - The Best of De/Vision Limited Edition

Some of these were released a year or two earlier but I had decided to wait. De/Vision is a long-lived German synthpop band with excellent singles like 'Dress me when I bleed' and 'Drifting Sideways'. De/Vision's new album 'Noob' should be interesting. De/Vision had started with a late eighties Depeche Mode sound initially but had evolved over the years. De/Vision had been experimenting in recent years with some efforts being stellar and others mediocre. I am curious to the direction they had taken this time.

'Da-Mals' is an album of early demos, their formative years. The De/Vision compilation seemed to be the least interesting of the lot with a collection of singles from a few of their later albums. I wonder when De/Vision will release a singles collection, if ever.*

Negative Format's new one! 'Gradients'! I can't wait to listen to it. The last one, 'Moving past the Boundaries' was splendid. Seabound's live collection should be interesting but the choice of tracks has me somewhat puzzled.

Angels & Agony is a Dutch futurepop band. The sound of Angels & Agony has been compared to VNV Nation. One of their earlier efforts was actually produced by Ronan Harris of VNV Nation, thus. Still, their brand of stirring ebm/futurepop is much more uniform than the highs and lows of VNV Nation. I have the 'Darkness' single and 'Avatar' album. I am wondering if I should secure the limited edition of 'Unison' and their other singles like 'Forever' and 'Salvation'.

I am still awaiting for the following two CDs:

Erasure - Stormchaser
Camouflage - Archive 01

I wish VNV Nation would release singles.

*I think it is not likely now since De/Vision went through a few record labels including majors like WEA and Sony/BMG.

16 May 2008

Evening Sky

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A slow dreary afternoon.
Unfinished 45

Unfinished ballpoint pen doodle. I drew this little thingie just after lunch when I had a couple of minutes. Maybe I will finish it, maybe I won't.
I simply can't summon the interest for Speed Racer. I think I will go watch Chocolate instead.

I'm appalled. I am appalled that my maid was extorted of one hundred dollars at an airport in Indonesia. She was on her way home and the customs officers refused to let her and other maids depart from the airport unless each of them cough out a hundred Singapore dollars. She had to pay up. That is not an inconsiderable sum for a maid. The bastards! Preying on their own people no less! Preying on the helpless!

And these bastards are not simply extorting from their fellow citizens, they tried extorting from tourists too. My father told me that they tried to extort from him when my mother and sisters and he visited Lake Toba earlier. He had ignored them.

15 May 2008

I am sorry to see Justin Henin retire. She was not a seven-foot tall hulking bulked-out monster. She had skill and she could run, like Martina Hingis. Pity.

Meanwhile Football 365 has awarded Sir Red Nose the hypocrite of the season. I completely agree. He has been a hypocrite for more than a decade running, attacking and influencing referees. I have seen enough players sent off when playing against Manchester Utd and enough penalties awarded for them too.

I saw a book at Kinokuniya by a doctor about drugs and Lance Armstrong a few months ago. There was a section about a confrontation between Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong. I am not surprised. Heh. I had suspected for a long time.

And finally, congratulations, Zenit Petersburg!

14 May 2008


Mimi was simply adorable when he was a kitten. He's still lively and adorable today. Heheh.
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Night: Orchard Road

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Kuoby always has a penchant for Glock pistols. Here, he inadvertently mentions them again.

Chuang Shyue Chou says (2:45 PM):
It's not like the .38 will do so too.

Kuoby says (2:46 PM):
i think they should be given glocks

Kuoby says (2:46 PM):
9mm at least

Kuoby says (2:46 PM):
berettas even

Chuang Shyue Chou says (2:46 PM):
Whoa whoa!

Chuang Shyue Chou says (2:46 PM):
You just said Glocks!

Chuang Shyue Chou says (2:46 PM):
Very good.

13 May 2008

The Evening Sky

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Briefing for a Descent into Hell

I read this old Doris Lessing novel around 1991. I recall that this was a rather dreary read. Tedious to say the least. My sister who finished it a week ago thought so as well. Heh.

Mental journeys anyone?
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How do ramen-eaters get so big? Many big bowls?
What a hot day!

12 May 2008

According to a BBC report, Doris Lessing has apparently described winning the Nobel Prize as a 'bloody disaster'. Funny.
Woo hoo! Scooter is back again and Scooter has toppled Madge from the top spot in the UK! Simply astounding! Their new album 'Jumping all over the World' came out of nowhere and removed Madge. Haha! Scooter was originally Celebrate the Nun, a synthpop band with style that had similarities with the Depeche Mode of the eighties. Celebrate the Nun released two unsuccessful albums, 'Meanwhile' and 'Continuous' in the late eighties and early nineties to little success. After that, the band reformed into Scooter, a techno band and has enjoyed many successes then. Scooter's music? Really happy, raving stuff! And their music videos? Well, the single 'Weekend!' has topless dancers!

11 May 2008

Pulau Ubin XIX

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I played 'Red Orchestra' and 'Team Fortress 2' with Brian and Willie at the basement gaming centre at the Bugis Junction last night. We thought 'Red Orchestra' had a high learning curve. I like it for its realism. 'Team Fortress 2' was difficult. I never did get the hang of it while Willie and Brian did.