07 June 2008

I had dinner at the Ma Maison Restaurant last night. It was my third time there in twelve years. Not bad at all. This is a restaurant which serves Japanese style Western food. I like the food. I had an Italian style hamburger steak.
Kung Fu Panda

I watched this at Prince cinema at Shaw Tower at Beach Road last night. Kung Fu Panda is essentially Balls of Fury in a panda suit. Enigmatic and wise oriental masters, incompetent and fat disciples, fearsome cruel enemies, silly trials of strength. Heheh. It is funny and enjoyable while one watches it but utterly forgettable upon leaving the cinema. However, I think Kung Fu Panda will have staying power in the sense that years later, it will be far more watchable than say, Toy Story 1 and 2 with their period-specific pop culture references though those two can be watched and enjoyed without understanding the referential aspects. Oh sit on till the end of the credits for a little surprise. 5/10

06 June 2008

"People read The New Yorker to stay on top of the cultural world if they happen to be smart or—if they're just faking it—in the hope of receiving some sort of osmotic transfer of IQ if they hold the magazine tight enough."

Quote from an article titled 'How to win the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest' by Patrick House in Slate.
It's Friday! The weekend is upon us! Hurrah! Hurrah! Charge the enemy lines! Smash the MG post! Blow up the command post!

05 June 2008

Yes, I have been watching old DVDs. I missed quite a few of these when they first came out on the big screen.
Leaving Las Vegas

A romantic drama chronicling the descent of a man into the depths of a chemical dependency. As usual, there would be the presence of a male fantasy in the form of a caring and listening barbie doll, witness Pretty Woman and Lost in Translation, thus turning this into another overhyped and overrated middle-aged wish fulfilment fantasy with some blues and such in the background. Highly clichéd. Elizabeth Shue put on a credible performance while Cage simply played himself. Much ado over very little. Weak plot, non-existent characterisation. 5/10.

04 June 2008

Hot Fuzz

I watched 'Hot Fuzz' on DVD just now. What an amusing and over the top British action comedy that parodied American action movies like 'Point Break', 'Bad Boys II' and more. The humour, the deliberate sequences, the 'extreme' gore were perfect. High entertaining. 7.5/10
I had dinner at Imperial Herbal Restaurant & Tcafe last week. Blah. Oh, the decor was tacky too.

I had eaten at the restaurant at Metropole Hotel many many years ago. It wasn't good either.

03 June 2008

I needed to sit and think this evening. I was at Starbucks at Liat Towers and I wrote a few diary entries there. I stopped by Borders for a moment. Nothing much.
I went for a run this evening. 9:50. Slow. Later, I walked and ran again for a total running distance of 3 km and walking distance of 2 km. I do need more exercise here. More exertion. Greater frequency.

Ballpoint pen sketch. 12cm x 11cm.

Ballpoint pen sketch. Drawn in a couple of minutes. 12cm x 11cm. I am quite satisfied with this piece.
I finished reading 'The Age of Everything' last night. Thought-provoking volume.
If the weather holds, I will go run this evening.

02 June 2008

The Deaths of Ian Stone

I watched this entertaining 2007 horror-thriller on DVD this evening. I had missed it when it was out in the cinemas. A well-executed mystery with some original plot elements though some of the premise is somewhat predictable. Some of it was somewhat clichéd too but given the vein of these types, this is entertaining. 6/10.
I decided against going out.
I think I will head out to town this evening. I will probably be at Spinelli's at the Heeren. Sketch, write.
I did twenty laps at the pool yesterday. When I was there, I saw someone from the same class in secondary school. It had been decades since I last saw him.
Sadly, that last sketch was a mess.
I am going to think about doing serious pieces of work again. Heh. But it is difficult to get inspired. To have that mood, that muse, that energy level necessary.

01 June 2008

God: The Failed Hypothesis. How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist

I picked up 'God: The Failed Hypothesis' by Victor J Stenger at Borders on Friday night. I have been meaning to pick this one up for quite a while. Heh.