10 October 2008


I watched this recent commercially unsuccessful remake of 'The Invasion of the Body Snatchers' which was an adaptation of the Jack Finney classic science fiction novel, 'The Body Snatchers'. The initial premise was promising and intriguing but the film slid into a series of clich├ęd chases, substituting unnecessary and inconsequential action for plot and finally an implausible, convenient, clean Hollywood tying up of ends. Quite a waste really. 5/10

Mamma Mia

I watched 'Mamma Mia' at the Cathay cinema at Causeway Point on Thursday evening. The musical was an exuberant, over the top affair with hints of Hindi musicals and more. All of my favourites amongst the many ABBA songs were sang. My favourites included 'Lay your love on me', 'S.O.S.', 'Take a Chance on Me', 'Voulez Vous', 'Dancing Queen' and 'Gimme Gimme Gimme'. There were many laugh out loud moments in this corny musical. The moments of sheer ridiculousness were pure joy. I had not expected this. Great fun. 6/10. 

09 October 2008


Two weeks ago, I watched 'Wall-E' in an almost deserted cinema at Great World City. This, the latest overhyped and vaunted of the Pixar releases, was a lacklustre piece about two charmless robots. The statements on excess and waste in the form of a derelict earth and a decadent spaceliner of pure indulgence were force-fed with little irony. Likewise, the comedy was slapstick and clumsy. Were they trying to do a Charlie Chaplin? If so, it was bland and tedious. Like other movies of the Pixar irk, 'Toy Story' and 'Toy Story II', this charmless tale while competently told, had little to recommend except for some good backdrops. Overrated, money-spinning vehicle. Spare us. 4/10

Illuminating games

Chris Farrell had one of the best running online commentary on boardgames and wargames until about one and a half years ago when he took down his blog. He is now back with a new one. Splendid! Welcome back Mr. Farrell.

08 October 2008

06 October 2008

New games

Two new wargames arrived by mail today. Clash of Monarchs and Successors.

A spam mail from AVG Security

I just received a piece of spam mail from AVG Security. Funny how a company like this that is supposed to safeguard one from online predators sends spam. Bravo.

Anyway, I stopped using their free AVG anti-virus software about a year or two ago after finding AVG to be deficient.

Games for Sale

I'm clearing out some games, I need space for my books! These are games that I have either played once or never played. In some instances, I played only half a game before moving on to others. And I have laminated the cards of a few of these games. They are pretty much as good as new, close to mint condition.

Board Games

Fearsome Floors (Finstere Flure) (German edition) - $45.00

Carcarssonne: The Castle (German edition) - $29.00

Too many Cooks - $16.00

Feuerschlucker - $17.00

Station Manager - $28.00

Wings of War: Famous Aces - Reserved

Flinke Finger* - $17.00

Employee of the Month - $21.00

Intrige - $27.00

Wyatt Earp (German edition)** - $27.00

Democrazy - Sold

Fantasy Business - Sold

Most of these games are language independent. For the German edition, the English language rules are easily available.

Computer Games

Dungeons & Dragons Online - $40.00***

Prices are not negotiable. I'm not interested in a trade either as there isn't a game that you have that I will possibly want. Unless it is books... For the sale of stuff, we can arrange a day in the Orchard Road or Novena area to meet.

Send email if interested. Email: cyberiad@pacific.net.sg

* I have not looked at this card game. I don't know if it is language independent, has English rules or otherwise.
** Not language independent. You will need to do some work on this.
*** The first month of freeplay is gone. You can pay with your credit card for additional time.