26 November 2008

New malls everywhere

I wonder with the current crisis, how are the REITs and mall owners going to find tenants to sign up?

Today, it is announced that there will be a mall with a ten-hall cineplex at the Serangoon Central MRT site. There will be another huge one at Victoria Street, right across the road from Bugis Juntion.

Then, there is Orchard Central from Far East Organisation which is 60% filled. And there is the 311 at Somerset, right above the Somerset MRT station. Far East Organisation is revamping the old Ginza shopping centre and there will be a new mall there.

Not forgetting the new iconic Ion Orchard and Scotts Square. Ion Orchard can charge up to $60 psf. I think most of these malls are slated to be completed and launched in the next two years.

Will the financial crisis have passed? These are interesting times indeed!

25 November 2008

Well-educated and sane

"You cannot be both sane and well educated and disbelieve in evolution. The evidence is so strong that any sane, educated person has got to believe in evolution."
-- Richard Dawkins, in Lanny Swerdlow, "My Sort Interview with Richard Dawkins" (Portland, Oregon, 1996)


"Are science and religion converging? No. There are modern scientists whose words sound religious but whose beliefs, on close examination, turn out to be identical to those of other scientists who straightforwardly call themselves atheists."
-- Richard Dawkins, The Devil's Chaplain (2004)

23 November 2008

Food and what not over the weekend

Shin Kushiya, Vivocity - Miniscule portions, high price.
Pietrasanta, Portsdown Road - Good pizza.
Laurent Bernard, chocolatier, Portsdown Road - Good chocolate drinks.

The best food I had over the weekend was the home cooked pasta for lunch on Saturday.