14 January 2009

A call from Standard Chartered Bank

Finally, someone from Standard Chartered Bank called me and he told me that he has personally put my name and number from the DO NOT CALL list and has sent email to all the promotion companies that the bank has engaged. Thank goodness!

13 January 2009

New order

I placed an order at A Different Drum for these CDs:

The Azoic - Re-Illumination / The Remixes

Elegant Machinery - A soft exchange

Elegant Machinery - Feel the Silence

Elegant Machinery - Move

Imperative Reaction - Minus All

Kiethevez - Non-Binary

Rotersand - I cry

Ashbury Heights - Morningstar in a black car

Ashbury Heights - Three cheers for the newly deads

I am looking at Cesium 137's 'Proof of Life', Informatik's 'Beyond' and Seabound's 'When Black beats Blue' in the next order. I wonder about Funker Vogt's 'White Trash K-17'. Heh.

The bank did not do anything

I called up Standard Chartered Bank and informed them of another sales call. After checking my particulars, the officer at the other end said that they would look into it.

I said I had called before on the 12th of December last year. She said it was lodged in their system but no one did anything. I told them that I expect an apology letter from Standard Chartered Bank over the calls. I was told to expect a call from their management.

I had also asked if I could get a guarantee that there would be no further calls. The only reply I received was that they would look into it.

Another pesky call from Standard Chartered Bank

Happy 2009! Another pesky Standard Chartered Bank sales call, trying to promote some new deal or something. I have called the bank to ask them to remove me from their list. Well, their promoters called me just now. Doh.

12 January 2009

The return of Red Flag

I placed an order for the following Red Flag CDs a few days ago:

  • Time is the Reaper (Album)
  • Remnants
  • Once Past Twice Future
  • Halo
  • Time is the Reaper (Single)
  • My Door is Open
  • Misery Loves Company
  • Unleash all Hell

Red Flag, a classic Californian electro-gothic and synthpop band, is finally back with albums and singles. YES!

11 January 2009

A missed concert

I went online to purchase tickets for the Beethoven concert on the 14th and was astounded to find that the tickets were completely sold out! Wow!

I guess I should have known, Beethoven is popular to say the least. Oh well. A missed concert.