30 January 2009

On the end of subscriptions

My McAfee subscription ran out today! Good riddance. It is time to remove that confounded programme and install another anti-virus package. 

Likewise, I have replaced my Forbes magazine subscription with National Geographic. Anyway, when it comes of business magazines and news publications, my rankings in order of merit and interesting articles are as follows:

1. Financial Times
2. Wall Street Journal
3. Bloomberg Markets
4. Businessweek
5. Fortune
6. Forbes

*The Economist is not exactly a business publication in the strict sense, hence, I didn't rank it.

26 January 2009

Quiet morning

This would be the most important day of the year for 1.3 billion people, the start of a new year. For me, I am not into these festivities, it's a nice, quiet morning, for that matter, a quiet day to settle into a book. Whee!