06 February 2009

Old times

[chat] Marlboro jumps around Baldur, Rusina, Kowie, Nautious, Paradox, Kassandra, Agnus, Hornedone, Turner, Botzy, Splitz, Serg, Jurz, Tuukka, Mreh, Sickgut, Crunk, Clutch, Taze and Salaam like a gorilla wearing panties one size too small.

Frozen Canon scanner

It may soon be time to acquire a new printer for my work. My Canon scanner N670U has frozen twice this morning. The frequency of malfunctions has been increasing.

02 February 2009


My Canon iP3300 printer is temperamental. It has just mangled another piece of paper.

Melbourne's Southern Star Observation Wheel closed due to structural buckling

Apparently, the Melbourne Wheel is closed six weeks after its opening due to structural buckling.

Quote from ABC News:

"Melbourne's Southern Star Observation Wheel has been temporarily closed because of structural concerns."

"The $40 million wheel formally opened for business about six weeks ago, and has 21 observation capsules."

Sometimes, I question all these wheels that were all modelled after the success of the London Eye. Are they all profitable? What is the return on investment? How is the effect on tourism? Is it necessarily a good idea? 

Update thanks to ol' Kuoby who was back in Singapore for a visit. It was great seeing him after eight or nine years.