05 December 2009

313@Somerset, Centrepoint, Orchard Central, Illuma, Central, Square 2, Mandarin Gallery

I was at 313@Somerset yesterday. The layout was not dissimilar to that of Centrepoint, conservative with shops ringing a narrow atrium. However, it worked, unlike the labyrinthine Orchard Central, Central at Eu Tong Sen, Illuma, Square 2 with escalators flying all over, dead ends, dead spaces and more. Mandarin Gallery was small and simple and I thought that would work too.

313@Somerset, like the rest of the malls, had the usual chains. Nothing too unusual. The usual bland mix. However, unlike Orchard Central, Central and Illuma, 313 had big anchors like Zara, Brotzeit, HMV, Uniqlo, Marché. Illuma had a cineplex however.

I think it would not be difficult to see which new malls would be the losers.

The redeemer

Mr X of Store X is going to bring in Product X after all. Hmm... Perhaps, I am mistaken.

Am I too sardonic these days? Too cynical of the nature of my fellows?

2010 World Cup draw

The World Cup draw for 2010 is out!

Group A: South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France
Group B: Argentina, South Korea, Nigeria, Greece
Group C: England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia
Group D: Germany, Australia, Ghana, Serbia
Group E: Netherlands, Japan, Cameroon, Denmark
Group F: Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovakia
Group G: Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Cost, Portugal
Group H: Spain, Honduras, Chile, Switzerland

WOW! Group G! Scary. Group C and E look to be the easiest.


Observed last night at Harris bookstore at 313 @ Somerset: 'Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters' placed in the classics section.

Observed some time ago at Prologue at ION Orchard: Cyril Wong's volume placed in Science Fiction and Fantasy.


Harris and Prologue belong to Popular. I think they do need to give their shelving staff more training.

02 December 2009

Next game

I am looking at Dragon Age: Origins next.

Finishing Torchlight

Before I knew it, I have finished 'Torchlight'. Heh. It wasn't difficult at all on 'Normal'. Heh.
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Fax photocopiers

Despite explaining my requirements to the sales people from Fuji-Xerox, Canon and Ricoh, they persisted in introducing models that cost between $2600 to $12,000.

Fuji-Xerox introduced two models that were $9,000 and $12,000 exclusive of GST. Canon presented two that were $8,000 and $10,000. And Ricoh, $2,600 and $4,950.

They deliberately did not present their lower product lines despite my constant reminders that my requirements were basic and that I was cost-sensitive. Oh well. They concentrated on their hard-sell, ignoring everything else and had probably their commissions in mind.

Ultimately, I picked up a KX-MB772CX based on B.'s recommendation from Harvey Norman's for $299.00. I set it up this morning and the machine has been satisfactory. $300 versus $12,000.