31 December 2009

30 December 2009

Goa and Power Grid

The thing that I liked about Goa is the multiple paths to victory. One can embark on various strategies and yet have a chance. Nothing deterministic there.
Power Grid on the other hand is tension-filled though I suspect somewhat deterministic despite an auction device. I will need to play more games.

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28 December 2009


A light, fun, little game with an interesting cascading effect. I think there is potential here.

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Assyria, Metropolys

The German boardgames session yesterday was great. Nikki had bought ten games from Fat Boy's the day before. He brought along 'Assyria' and 'Metroploys' which we enjoyed.

27 December 2009


The optional inclusion of the Yogi had added quite a bit to the basic game of Maharaja which was already a fine, tension-filled game.

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