12 June 2010

10 June 2010

Dinner at Outback

Dinner at Outback at Millennia Walk with Brian, Will, and Will's friends.

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Shyue Chou's Law

Shyue Chou's Law.

'People don't learn from history and if they do, they learn the wrong lessons anyway.'

08 June 2010

The Green Knight

The Green Knight. A short sketch at work with a Colleen green colour pencil, a Colleen 2B pencil and a Chinese red pencil. I increased the darkness of the piece with software.

06 June 2010

I'm back home after dinner and drinks with Amelia and Brian at the Bugis Junction this evening. Heh. I did manage a sketch. I should have drawn a bit more. I also borrowed a volume from the library. Hopefully, that book will prove to be of use.