19 June 2010

A trip back to the late seventies

I am intrigued by many of the hotels here. Many of the hotels, especially the luxury ones appear to be stuck in the late seventies and early eighties. Glided gold decor, mosaic and slabs of marble tiles. It is not unlike a time travel journey back into time. Think the old Hilton in Singapore before it was renovated.
Willie's wedding is this evening! This should be interesting. Willie and Karen have been tearing their hair out as they have to arrange everything. Apparently, the Hongkies don't believe in wedding planners! Hahahahaha! I am laughing and I am enjoying this!

Willie is envious of Brian and I doing all the touristy things now! Whee!

Windsor House at Causeway Bay

I am at Pacific Coffee Company at Windsor House at Gloucester Road on Hong Kong island now. The heat is stifling. Direct, strong sunshine and temperatures of thirty-two degrees or so.

17 June 2010

An entertaining match between South Korea and Argentina. As Ken was saying the South Koreans were outclassed.

A hurry worth ten million dollars

Someone I knew sold her house for about $10 million. If she had the patience to wait for a few months, she would have gotten about $20 million or more. As it was, she was in a hurry.

Construction Time again

It was impossible to sleep. It does not look as if it will be possible to sleep in the afternoon for the next two years. Oh well.

Perhaps Sundays then.

16 June 2010

What a day. Firstly, an old man rear-ended my father's stationary car which was waiting at a junction. It was raining and the roads were wet. The old man claimed he applied the brakes including the hand brakes but his car kept going. An old Toyota Altis or something.

Then, a man from Australia called, wanting something to be done about a leaking pipe otherwise there would be damages. I had to warn a tenant of the company about it and I asked them to fix it after speaking to the building management.

Then, it was visits to a few workshops.

Orchard Road flooded? Heheheh.
I'm now done with my packing and almost all my preparations. Heh. Hong Kong, here I come. The last time I was there was in 1986. Half a life time ago. I wonder about the changes and all.

I should find time to write my diary instead of watching the World Cup.

It's Spain versus Switzerland later!
I like the tea and ice coffees at Charley T's at Handy Road. I will be back there sketching in the afternoons.

Will and Karen's Wedding

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At the Pan Pacific Hotel

Will was reviewing his schedules and more. It was an elaborate affair involving three countries and great distances. The UK, Singapore and Hong Kong.
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At the Pan Pacific Hotel

Will and Karen's suite. Preparations for their wedding.
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At the Pan Pacific Hotel

The night before Will and Karen's wedding.
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15 June 2010


I was at Equinox at Swissotel at Raffles City with Will and Brian on Sunday.

The place seems to be some sort of institution, being the Compass Rose from 1985 and then the Equinox after.

This was my first time there. I have not ever been to the previous incarnation either. Heh. Quite a view.

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Prince Charles

"..the prospect of a morose bat-eared and chinless man, prematurely aged, and with the most abysmal taste in royal consorts, is a distinctly lowering one. ."

A description of Prince Charles by Christopher Hitchens in Slate.


'I think people are full of indignation. It's a common human motive. Do you think I'll get complaints from the indignant?'

Philip Roth, quote from an interview in the Wall Street Journal, September 2008.