03 July 2010

A god-given right

I have never liked Brazil mainly because they have always felt that they were entitled to the World Cup, a god-given right of sorts and it did not help matters when the Brazilian team had egomaniacs like Romario, Rivaldo and Ronaldo then. Yes, Brazil had played attractive football in the past, however, that sense of expectation had totally turned me off.

Another factor why I don't like Brazil, which is not Brazil's fault, is that the local journalists here are all Brazil fans and their reports were like that of fanboys gushing. I read newspapers for their impartial* reports and not sections and sections of opinions. For opinions, I can read the forum boards of Football 365, and that forum is usually a lot more witty, visceral and entertaining. It is not unlike reading the English media and their unrealistic expectations of the perennial choking English team. At least, for the Brazilians, they were installed favourites in almost every World Cup.

*As far as one can reasonably expect.

Netherlands 2 Brazil 1

WOO HOO! Brazil is out! Playing dirty and kicking Robben to pieces did not pay for dirty Brazil. Brazil was dominant and was winning, Brazil did not need to resort to such dirty tactics but they did. Blatant stamping, kicking and tripping. Very ugly. There was justice! Yesyesyes!

The Dutch didn't play well, in this match, in the previous or the one preceding the previous. However, the Dutch had done enough to win. Not the most attractive side so far.

If I had to choose a most attractive side in terms of attacking play, it would be Germany, followed by Argentina.

Robin van Persie was really poor in the last few matches. Why is he in the team? Surely, the Dutch team has another better starting striker?

02 July 2010

Heart of the Forest

Pigment ink sketch. A lost garden within a forest.

Edge of the Forest

A sketch of a forest. Pigment ink pens.
Go Germany!

Escape from L.A.

I watched John Carpenter's 'Escape from L.A.' on DVD last night. It was mildly entertaining. I wondered why I bothered since I didn't like 'Escape from New York' which I watched over two decades back. I did think that Bruce Campbell's role as the surgeon-general of L.A. was great!

What happened? John Carpenter's B-movies had been fun like 'Big Trouble in Little China' and 'In the Mouth of Madness'. 'Escape from L.A.' was somewhat laboured and predictable. Most of the humour didn't work either. It could have been much much more.

As for the sets and models, they seemed to be of poor quality and also rather flimsy-looking.

Green energy investment information

I received a call from a person with a Filipino accent this morning. He wanted to send me investment information on green energy investments. I told him off, telling him that he and his company were retarded. I told him that this was the sixth or seventh call and I had already made it clear that I was not interested and I didn't want their information.

I told him that this was a sales line and not for him to call, unless he wanted to make an order. He insisted on speaking to the managing director. He also said that he wanted my email to send information. At that point, I hung up.

28 June 2010

World Cup favourites

You may wonder which teams I support in the World Cup.

I usually have a list. First choice, followed by the next, and the next. My first three teams that I support?

1. Italy
2. Germany
3. Holland

Teams that I dislike intensely? One actually. Brazil. They are usually the heavy favourites. I think they will win the World Cup this time, like I had expected four years ago.


Well, I like teams with a plan, teams with organisation, thinking teams where the thinking individuals contribute to something greater over instinctive play. Thus, I see the Italians cynical and defensive play as that of, perhaps, the less gifted in terms of ball skills, finding a means against the ones with natural flair. Likewise for the Germans.

For the Dutch, I guess it is a sense of the romantic, just a hope that their system of total football will one day carry them to the pinnacle. Yes, supremely talented individuals.

Anyway, it is just a sport. A sport which makes me switch on the TV every four years.

27 June 2010

Sudden Impact

I watched 'Sudden Impact' earlier. Forgettable Dirty Harry movie. Did I watch it two decades ago and forgot about it? Not unlikely.

The delivery of the lines was rather wooden as was the script. The action sequences were like the TV series of that era. The plot? Simplistic and unimaginative. Oh well.

I suppose the only thing that came out of it was "Go ahead, make my day".

It was also notable for the use of the 0.44 Auto Mag pistol.