28 July 2010

Taipan Trader scores

Kuoby is incredible. His score in 600 turns is out of this world. How on earth did he manage that? I am puzzled. What did that dim little Kuobbit do?

I have been trying for achievements now. Then, I will try for a long term cruise to attempt to close up with the Kuobbit.
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27 July 2010

Mao Mao and Mimi

Mao Mao, the mean-looking thing. Heheh.

And Mimi, the friendly cat!
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Taipan Trader

Kuoby pointed out a new Facebook game, Taipan Trader recently. I started playing and it is addictive. It is an adaptation of the old Apple IIe game, Taipan. This new version has better graphics and also some additions where one can pay real money to get advantages. My sisters and I spent many happy hours playing Taipan in the early eighties. What memories.
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25 July 2010

Novena Square and Marina Bay Sands

On Friday afternoon, I was at Spinelli's at Novena Square and I did a pencil draft of the basketball court outside. The perspective from that angle was intriguing.

Later that evening, I was at the Esplanade and I did a pencil draft of the Marina Bay Sands.

I managed to finish the two of the sketches this evening. I will see about putting them up in time to come.
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