14 August 2010

Singapore: 500 Early Postcards, Singapore through 19th Century Prints & Paintings

I picked these two up at Borders recently. I have been reading up on Singapore over the last few years. I have always been fascinated with the developed of the cityscape, the urban development. Much of our history has been written as that of a political narrative, the great movements of history, the deeds of the leaders, the wars and more. However, the social history, architecture history and urban narrative are something else.

These two fascinating volumes are, of course, glimpses as seen through the photographers and painters' eyes.

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13 August 2010

The Tanks of August

A new book from the Centre for the Analysis of Strategies and Technologies: 'The Tanks of August'.


"The Tanks of August / M.S. Barabanov, A.V. Lavrov, V.A. Tseluiko; Edited by R.N. Pukhov; Foreword by David Glantz. – Мoscow, Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, 2010. – 144 pages.

The publication of this collection of essays coincides with the second anniversary of the armed conflict between Russia and Georgia on August 8-12, 2009.

The first essay looks into the transformation of the Georgian armed forces under President Mikhail Saakashvili and details Tbilisi’s key preparations for the war.

The second and central essay offers a detailed timeline of the hostilities. It draws on a wide range of sources, from official chronicles and statements to recollections of the eyewitnesses on both sides and Internet reports. The timeline contains detailed descriptions of all the key combat operations and episodes during the war.

The third essay analyses Georgia’s efforts to rebuild its military machine since August 2008, as well as the existing military situation and the balance of power in the region.

The four remaining chapters look into several individual aspects of the Five Day War, including combat losses on both sides, Russian aviation losses, and the post-war deployment of Russian military bases in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, now recognized by Moscow as independent states.

The Annex details in chart form Georgia's procurement of heavy arms and military equipment in 2000-2008."

It is available online as a download (2.3 Mb) or for purchase in printed volume.

Airview Building

An interesting building at Maxwell Road. I wonder as to its age and history.

It reminds me of the many buildings in European cities, being a mixture of residential and commercial. Shops on the street level and apartments on the upper floors.

There were numerous such buildings in Barcelona, a very livable place. One day, I would sketch the Airview Building.

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12 August 2010

Sun-drenched Art Decor Building

I will draw this old non-descripted building one day.

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Hikmah Food Catering & Restaurant

This doorway was interesting enough to warrant a photo. The back door to the Hikmah Food Catering & Restaurant at the Tanjong Pagar station. I may sketch this some day.
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Artbooks and what not

I picked up these volumes at Basheer at Bras Barsa Complex some time this year.

The work of the artists in them are awe-inspiring. Truly out of this world.

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11 August 2010

Mimi sleeping

Mimi was sleeping on my bed. Funny, little, affectionate fellow.

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OIC Portrait Day: 7th August 2010

More photos from the Organisation of Illustrators Council (OIC) event.

There were at least forty people and a few of them were astonishing good.

And they were fast. There were a few who used paints of some sort. Watercolours I think.

In the end, a few of the pieces were sold. I departed around 6:00 pm as I had wanted to take photos of the shophouses in the surrounding region before nightfall.
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OIC Portrait Day - 7th August 2010

I was at the OIC Portrait Day at the Red Dot Museum at Maxwell Road. I arrived almost at 3:00 pm.

Old JF was running the show, briefing the models and introducing them. He was also sketching.

The session had lasted from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. I was tired as it was the end of a long, working week. I have had not enough sleep throughout and I had worked till 1:00 pm on Saturday.

Each group of people modelled for fifteen minutes before another two were invited to model. I had wanted a fast photorealistic pencil sketch but I was rusty and the time was too short. I had last done life art about a decade or more ago. I was forced to develop new techniques involving ink and pencils on the way. All in all, a hurried but interesting experience.

I had also to sit nearer as my eyesight was not as good as before.

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10 August 2010

Taipan Trader: The final

Ten games or so later, I found that I have crushed Kuoby. After all, that is the basic objective! Whee! The Kuobbit has been pushed off the top ten list!

Amongst friends, the Kuobbit is still at position 3.

I missed the 100 cannon and the quadrillion achievement. Oh well. No.2 on almost every overall list.

I can now safely rest and 'retire'. Whee!
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My Facebook rules

Facebook has become pervasive and intrusive. It is an aspect of our lives now, easily dominating the scene. The other social networks? Pretty much dead.

Anyway, I have a set of rules when it comes to Facebook. Here are my little Facebook rules. Yes, I do HIDE a number of my friends and acquaintances. I don't miss their posts and I am sure you have your little lists too. Here we go:

1. I usually HIDE friends and acquaintances who could not stop talking talking about their iShit or iProduct, iProgramme delivered to them by their idol, the iCon with the designer iCancer. These are boring rather than anything else.

2. I also HIDE friends who post photos of their baby and children continuously. I have no interest in their little ones. Of course, they are welcome to hide me and my continuous posts on AFVs, ebm, rants and more. However, if they post cat photos, woo, I will definitely view them! MEOW!

3. I HIDE most FB games except for Castle Age and Taipan Trader. I play the former because my friends, Pekpire, Monkey, Julie, René play them. Otherwise, it is quite a lousy game. I play the latter because I enjoy it now and I enjoyed it then in 1984. The latter is compelling and addictive.

4. I had a stalker once, her name was B.L. B.L. was somewhat unhinged, that would explain her actions. I mean, why stalk me? I am not a Manhunt of the Year, nor famous, nor a member of a Korean boyband. You really want me singing in Korean? Here goes, 'Kimchi kimchi kimchi! La la la Kimchi!' The thing about stalkers is that they are creepy rather than annoying. So, stalk away! Err, I mean no. Haha!

5. Holy folks and their daily holy sayings. I don't actually mind reading them as they provide glimpses to that person's obsessions, of course, unless it comes from a Facebook application (and at that point, I will hide it. It is automated, what do you expect?) So, go away, post your 'Dismember all infidels and tickle their toes daily' or 'Thou shall covet thy neighbour's goat and gold' and other holy sayings...

6. Removal and blockages. I seldom remove people nor block them even if they annoy me. Instead, I usually remove blockages, that is, from my nose.

08 August 2010

Books Actually

I actually found 'Books Actually' and the selection was decent. I will revisit one day.
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