21 August 2010


Wanderlust, a new hotel soon to open. A boutique hotel? It did look pretentious inside.

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20 August 2010

The cynic

"A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing."

Oscar Wilde

16 August 2010


Mimi curled up.
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The art of the Lord of the Rings

I have always enjoyed and revered the Lord of the Rings. However, I did not take to Peter Jackson's adaptation. The casting was wrong for some of the protagonists, the direction lacked feeling, the pacing wrong and hurried at points while laboured in others.

Whether the film adaptations were faithful or otherwise did not bother me as I recognise that the film and the written word are two different mediums and would have to be tailored accordingly.

I do think that the art direction, a lot of which were based on well-known artists specialising in the Lord of the Rings were great in many instances. Thus, I bought these volumes at Basheer months ago for the conceptual art.

The artwork of John Howe and Alan Lee were known to the Lord of the Rings readers for their years of splendid visualisation. I have my own in my head, of course.

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15 August 2010

OIC's figure drawing session

I attended the OIC figure drawing session on Saturday afternoon. I made my way there from Owen Road, navigating through the maze of streets, lugging a huge stack of drawing pads, watercolours, inks, pigment pens, pencils, brushes, container and more.

Shyam, pictured here, patiently explained the format of the session, starting with five minute poses by the model, followed by ten minute ones and finally fifteen minute ones. He was immensely patient and helpful. For that, I am grateful.

We drew at a small dance studio at Kampong Kapor in Little India. A charming little place. I was able to make numerous ink and pencil-watercolours sketches. I am recovering my touch and refining my techniques. It was a great session. Thank you to OIC, Michael and Shyam for organising this.

I will be attending future sessions.
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China Square

The swings are gone! Boo hoo!
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Cross Street and Upper Cross Street

Once the domain of the Chinese booksellers and stationers in Singapore, housed in double-storey shophouses, today, this place has been mostly redeveloped. Public housing blocks, squares ringed by commercial buildings and a Hotel 81.

The Chinese stationery and book trade has mostly moved to Bras Barsa Complex.
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More artbooks

Volumes that I picked up at Basheer recently. There were some interesting images conjured by the fertile minds of the people at the Art Centre College of Design in 'In the Future...'

I don't play Midway games, consoles or at the arcade. Their conceptual sketches fascinate me. Their creativity and their imagination.

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