18 December 2010

Old lady at Starbucks

A sketch of an old woman at Starbucks, Liat Towers. I thought she glared at me, since I was drinking nosily, trying to get at that last bit of chocolate in my iced chocolate drink, so, I sketched her. I didn't manage to capture her evil glare as it was momentary. I got her face as she was engrossed in her laptop. Interesting face, hair and all. Pigment ink sketch and watercolours. 150mm x 100mm.

House of Timms

A sketch of the House of Timms. I have eaten there twice and I doubt if I would be back there for food, drinks maybe.

Sketches from the REACH Pre-Budget Dialogue Session

A sketch of Neo, the cameraman and some participants during the REACH pre-budget dialogue session at the 17th floor in the MCYS* building at Thomson Road. 15.12.2010. Mr Neo was, of course, aware that I drew him and he seemed to like it. His fellow photographer wanted to be sketched too! Sadly, the photographer was moving about a lot and was seldom in front of me, but rather, behind me!

It was hosted by Dr. Amy Khor, a deputy secretary from the Ministry of Finance and the REACH team.

A woman named Adelaide had stood up and spoke on mental health issues as did many many other people. The session went well overtime. There was a wide diversity of views. There were, of course, the few usual self-important people who were there to 'score' points. Ugh.

Here is a sketch of Rachel Lin, the reporter from the Straits Times. She had a reporter's spiral notebook (it says so on the cover!) and a voice recorder which recorded the event.

Pigment ink and watercolours. Uni pigment ink pens, Van Gogh watercolours. 150mm x 210mm sketches (for the first and third). A-Zone A5 sketchbook.

*Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports