14 January 2011

Back in action

I caught a cold over the weekend. It was either from shaking hands or from my aunt who have had a persistent cough for the last few weeks. The irritation proved to be a distraction. A single day of rest later coupled with doses of cough suppressant and decongestant, I am back in action! Woo hoo!

There is an En Plein Air session organised by Marvin tomorrow morning. It should be interesting. Let's see if I can make that one.

Marina Bay

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11 January 2011

Sales pests

Riiiiiing! Riiiiiiing! 'Hello, this is Ms XXXX calling from Citibank.' 'The reason that I am calling is that..'

Well, I put my mobile back into my drawer and let her continue. That is probably the best means of dealing with these cold-calling pests.

Low temperatures

It was a cold 25 degrees this morning. Nice temperature. I don't recall the temperatures ever being this low in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands

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10 January 2011

A night of walking and talking

I had coffee drinks with Zenn and Mitchell at Starbucks at the new Marina Bay Link underground after Portrait Day yesterday. A nice, quiet place with not many people, A nice place to hang out. We talked about paints, art, and more, with the two of them sharing their far more extensive experience in different mediums with me. One was of course an artist who had exhibited and the other an accomplished artist and illustrator of many years.

We were then at the Promontory at the Marina Bay Financial Centre and the Marina Bay Sands until almost midnight. What a wonderful night with the winds blowing. They were great company.

Marina Bay Sands

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