29 January 2011


Teck Loong the Hobo says (10:37 AM)
oh no
I have zenn to entertain me

Teck Loong the Hobo says (10:37 AM)
that's enough!

Shyue Chou Chuang says (10:37 AM)
Wait, the Zennkey is short too.

Teck Loong the Hobo says (10:37 AM)
I was about to say

28 January 2011

The river does not join!

Look at this segment of the Kallang River on Google Maps carefully. Bad stitching of the satellite photos. The river does not join properly. The river is joined to the banks! (Both light and dark segments).

Castle Age: Arena season III

End of season III. I have spent a lot less time playing Castle Age on Facebook, cutting down to once a day. As a result, I'm not very competitive in the arena. It is not unexpected. Heh.

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27 January 2011

This weekend

It doesn't look as if I can make the urban sketching session this Saturday. Oh well. In the afternoon, I will likely meet Zennkey and Lao Hobo (Teck Loong) for coffee.

I will spend the remainder of the afternoon sketching.


I also do want to browse. Perhaps, sit with a coffee and read.

Two nights out

I watched Solomon Kane at the Bugis Junction with Siu Hean on Tuesday night. Entertaining and engaging. The cinematography and set design were excellent.

I met Zann, Zenn and Julie for dinner at Suntec City last night and had some coffee and tea at Bakerzin after. It was my first time meeting Zann in real life.

25 January 2011

24 January 2011

Game session 15.01.2011, Sunday

Siu Hean, James, Chew Ming, Terence and I played 'Pieces O' Cake', 'Money', and 'Santiago'. My return to gaming after a hiatus of a year.
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Castle Age: Arena Season III

Best possible rank for the arena season 3. Gladiator. 125, 627 points. I can't hit the next rank. I have stopped at this juncture. 731 wins, 37 losses. Heh.
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The Singapore Flyer

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A restful weekend. Suddenly, it is Monday again. Fortunately, I did the bulk of my work last week and there is little left today.

Over the weekend, I slept for the earlier part and spent some time writing my diary at Spinelli's before browsing a bit. Then, I was home, catching up on a fortnight of newspapers.

Conversation with the Lao Hobo

Teck Loong the Hobo says (9:12 AM)
I was wondering if you are free on friday
after work? a coffee perhaps? with zennkey?

Shyue Chou Chuang says (9:12 AM)
Yes, I'm free. I have nothing on.

Shyue Chou Chuang says (9:13 AM)
And have coffee around there?

Teck Loong the Hobo says (9:13 AM)
I'll check with her and see what's best
she might be lazy!

Shyue Chou Chuang says (9:13 AM)

Shyue Chou Chuang says (9:14 AM)
I thought that is a given?

Teck Loong the Hobo says (9:14 AM)
that is a scary presumption!

Shyue Chou Chuang says (9:16 AM)
But you know it's true!

Teck Loong the Hobo says (9:17 AM)
no comment!