31 January 2011

23.5 degrees this afternoon. I don't recall Singapore being this cold!


Part II. He sent his younger brother, a person who has this devil may care attitude and  has been compared to a 'gangster' of sorts. I tried to explain the situation but he kept going on and on which was a bit difficult. When he said my words were not right, I asked him if he was calling me a liar. Confrontation after. I showed him out later.


A towkay came to talk to me this morning. It became a confrontation. He received a piece of my mind.

Browbeating, exaggeration, loudness. I don't take kindly to that.

Questioning Arms Spending in Malaysia

I found this 2010 volume at the Kinokuniya bookstore on Saturday.'Questioning Arms Spending in Malaysia' by Kua Kia Soong. I am already midway through it. The Mahathir regime up north had bought quite a number of disparate weapon systems over the years. This examined the individual purchases bought then and now. Since then, Mahathir had been succeeded by two different prime ministers.

Shutter Island

I watched 'Shutter Island' on DVD last night. The absurdly bombastic score, assembled from various classical pieces, had hinted at foreboding portents and despite the pace, the atmospheric film had fallen short of greatness.   There is a feel of hollowness about the plot. In addition, there is a sense of detachment about it, a sense that the actions of the protagonists were non-consequential which was possibly deliberate. The stunning visuals aside, the plot, based on a book by Dennis Lehane, was fairly typical. All in all, I enjoyed watching this Scorsese effort. An excellent thriller, good for what it is.
It has been raining continuously since yesterday. The temperature this morning is a chilly 24.5 degrees.

30 January 2011

Bunnies in cages

I went to Suntec City to look at bunnies with Lao Hobo Teck Loong and Zenn yesterday. I don't know. Seeing the bunnies caged like that made me a little sad.
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The rain last night was extremely heavy. I left Teck Leong the Lao Hobo and Zenn after looking at bunnies at Suntec City and was browsing at Borders. After some careful thought and planning, I made it home dry. Whee!
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29 January 2011


Teck Loong the Hobo says (10:37 AM)
oh no
I have zenn to entertain me

Teck Loong the Hobo says (10:37 AM)
that's enough!

Shyue Chou Chuang says (10:37 AM)
Wait, the Zennkey is short too.

Teck Loong the Hobo says (10:37 AM)
I was about to say

28 January 2011

The river does not join!

Look at this segment of the Kallang River on Google Maps carefully. Bad stitching of the satellite photos. The river does not join properly. The river is joined to the banks! (Both light and dark segments).

Castle Age: Arena season III

End of season III. I have spent a lot less time playing Castle Age on Facebook, cutting down to once a day. As a result, I'm not very competitive in the arena. It is not unexpected. Heh.

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27 January 2011

This weekend

It doesn't look as if I can make the urban sketching session this Saturday. Oh well. In the afternoon, I will likely meet Zennkey and Lao Hobo (Teck Loong) for coffee.

I will spend the remainder of the afternoon sketching.


I also do want to browse. Perhaps, sit with a coffee and read.

Two nights out

I watched Solomon Kane at the Bugis Junction with Siu Hean on Tuesday night. Entertaining and engaging. The cinematography and set design were excellent.

I met Zann, Zenn and Julie for dinner at Suntec City last night and had some coffee and tea at Bakerzin after. It was my first time meeting Zann in real life.

25 January 2011

24 January 2011

Game session 15.01.2011, Sunday

Siu Hean, James, Chew Ming, Terence and I played 'Pieces O' Cake', 'Money', and 'Santiago'. My return to gaming after a hiatus of a year.
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Castle Age: Arena Season III

Best possible rank for the arena season 3. Gladiator. 125, 627 points. I can't hit the next rank. I have stopped at this juncture. 731 wins, 37 losses. Heh.
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The Singapore Flyer

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A restful weekend. Suddenly, it is Monday again. Fortunately, I did the bulk of my work last week and there is little left today.

Over the weekend, I slept for the earlier part and spent some time writing my diary at Spinelli's before browsing a bit. Then, I was home, catching up on a fortnight of newspapers.

Conversation with the Lao Hobo

Teck Loong the Hobo says (9:12 AM)
I was wondering if you are free on friday
after work? a coffee perhaps? with zennkey?

Shyue Chou Chuang says (9:12 AM)
Yes, I'm free. I have nothing on.

Shyue Chou Chuang says (9:13 AM)
And have coffee around there?

Teck Loong the Hobo says (9:13 AM)
I'll check with her and see what's best
she might be lazy!

Shyue Chou Chuang says (9:13 AM)

Shyue Chou Chuang says (9:14 AM)
I thought that is a given?

Teck Loong the Hobo says (9:14 AM)
that is a scary presumption!

Shyue Chou Chuang says (9:16 AM)
But you know it's true!

Teck Loong the Hobo says (9:17 AM)
no comment!

20 January 2011

The telephone cannot stop ringing today. It was when I was about to get some work done, there would be a call from Mapletree then, the Korean Trade Board, then, a tenant, then... It's endless. I can't get anything done at this rate. Focus and accuracy.

It is not surprising that some of the letters that I had typed had a few typos. Oh well.

And I am grappling with a cough that is interfering with my speech.
Day four of the week. I'm still as busy. I have been sleeping early throughout this week. I needed the rest.

Floating Platform at Marina Bay

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19 January 2011

On the road to a full recovery. Alas, now, one of my sisters seem to be afflicted with the cough while the other is giddy. The papers had reported an epidemic that is afflicting Singapore. I had also read the status updates of people I know on Facebook and a large number had reported being down with a cold or flu.

Alarming. I had a cold. Imagine if that had been flu.

I can almost pinpoint the source of my cold but I will not say it here. Heh.

All my most urgent and crucial tasks have been completed. The week should be smooth sailing ahead.


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18 January 2011

Munching on his donuts

Shyue Chou Chuang says (2:17 PM)
The emperor was in Singapore just now.
But he could not visit me.
As I was sick.

Kuoby says (2:17 PM)

Shyue Chou Chuang says (2:17 PM)
Been rather ill yesterday.

Kuoby says (2:17 PM)
typical of royalty

Shyue Chou Chuang says (2:17 PM)
He came back for 48 hours

Kuoby says (2:17 PM)
arrogantly munching on his donuts no doubt

Tasks completed. Now, the receipt of the payment. Then the follow-up tasks.
The Emperor is back. However, I was down with a headache and a cold last night and did not get to meet his Highness. Oh well. On another front, most of the paperwork is done and things are going without a hitch. Smooth sailing ahead.

Now, I will need to list tasks to be accomplished today.


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17 January 2011

Paperwork prepared. Now, it is a matter of waiting. So much accomplished and there is more to be done. The more crucial aspects. Eric should be over here this afternoon with the keys. I better have my mobile out of the drawer.
Busy busy busy day with several impending things to deal with. Some of these will potentially be messy. One step at a time. Settle them all. Then, the weekend will be here.

And much needed rest.
I seem to have lost my voice. Oh well. This lingering cold is more annoying than I would have thought.

Marina Bay Sands

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16 January 2011

Customs House and Fullerton Bay Hotel

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Back to gaming!

An excellent gaming session today. Terence, Siu Hean, James the Younger, Chew Ming and I played six games! We played Dixit, Pieces O' Cake, Money, and Santiago twice! It has been a year since I last played games. I hadn't the heart then. Now, I'm back! Whee!
Seven days of papers. Eight days of diary entries. Lots to catch up. Heh. I will be back!


I was at the Pompeii exhibition after my dentist appointment in the afternoon. I learned to my dismay that it was the Museum Open House as hordes of Singaporeans on hearing that it was free admission crowded the venue. It was pretty much impossible.

I was then at Spinelli's at Orchard Central. Mitchell came to join me after and we talked till evening. He also found the CD of Antal Dorati and Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra's performance of Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture which had utilised a period bronze cannon!
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Marina Square

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14 January 2011

Back in action

I caught a cold over the weekend. It was either from shaking hands or from my aunt who have had a persistent cough for the last few weeks. The irritation proved to be a distraction. A single day of rest later coupled with doses of cough suppressant and decongestant, I am back in action! Woo hoo!

There is an En Plein Air session organised by Marvin tomorrow morning. It should be interesting. Let's see if I can make that one.

Marina Bay

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11 January 2011

Sales pests

Riiiiiing! Riiiiiiing! 'Hello, this is Ms XXXX calling from Citibank.' 'The reason that I am calling is that..'

Well, I put my mobile back into my drawer and let her continue. That is probably the best means of dealing with these cold-calling pests.

Low temperatures

It was a cold 25 degrees this morning. Nice temperature. I don't recall the temperatures ever being this low in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands

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10 January 2011

A night of walking and talking

I had coffee drinks with Zenn and Mitchell at Starbucks at the new Marina Bay Link underground after Portrait Day yesterday. A nice, quiet place with not many people, A nice place to hang out. We talked about paints, art, and more, with the two of them sharing their far more extensive experience in different mediums with me. One was of course an artist who had exhibited and the other an accomplished artist and illustrator of many years.

We were then at the Promontory at the Marina Bay Financial Centre and the Marina Bay Sands until almost midnight. What a wonderful night with the winds blowing. They were great company.

Marina Bay Sands

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