31 January 2011

23.5 degrees this afternoon. I don't recall Singapore being this cold!


Part II. He sent his younger brother, a person who has this devil may care attitude and  has been compared to a 'gangster' of sorts. I tried to explain the situation but he kept going on and on which was a bit difficult. When he said my words were not right, I asked him if he was calling me a liar. Confrontation after. I showed him out later.


A towkay came to talk to me this morning. It became a confrontation. He received a piece of my mind.

Browbeating, exaggeration, loudness. I don't take kindly to that.

Questioning Arms Spending in Malaysia

I found this 2010 volume at the Kinokuniya bookstore on Saturday.'Questioning Arms Spending in Malaysia' by Kua Kia Soong. I am already midway through it. The Mahathir regime up north had bought quite a number of disparate weapon systems over the years. This examined the individual purchases bought then and now. Since then, Mahathir had been succeeded by two different prime ministers.

Shutter Island

I watched 'Shutter Island' on DVD last night. The absurdly bombastic score, assembled from various classical pieces, had hinted at foreboding portents and despite the pace, the atmospheric film had fallen short of greatness.   There is a feel of hollowness about the plot. In addition, there is a sense of detachment about it, a sense that the actions of the protagonists were non-consequential which was possibly deliberate. The stunning visuals aside, the plot, based on a book by Dennis Lehane, was fairly typical. All in all, I enjoyed watching this Scorsese effort. An excellent thriller, good for what it is.
It has been raining continuously since yesterday. The temperature this morning is a chilly 24.5 degrees.

30 January 2011

Bunnies in cages

I went to Suntec City to look at bunnies with Lao Hobo Teck Loong and Zenn yesterday. I don't know. Seeing the bunnies caged like that made me a little sad.
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The rain last night was extremely heavy. I left Teck Leong the Lao Hobo and Zenn after looking at bunnies at Suntec City and was browsing at Borders. After some careful thought and planning, I made it home dry. Whee!
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