21 February 2011


Random mode. This is difficult. I managed to pipped Zenn by a bit earlier. However, she has not used her powerups. She has explained her one simple strategy to me but what is left unsaid is that she is consistently good across all modes and thus, has good consistent decision-making skills and has done her risk-benefit analysis unconsciously.

Classic mode. After spending all my powerups, I was only able to get 99. I played a last throwaway game without much hope or deliberation and was surprised when I got 103. Siu Hean is still unbeatable at 123.
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Lost Cities

The Facebook implementation of Reiner Knizia's classic card game, Lost Cities. I'm behind Colin, June Hwang and Alistair in scores here. Heh. I have been playing the Classic Mode for this.
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20 February 2011


Progressive mode. Zann has managed yet another incredible score, surpassing mine. 870! Zann has started on this and Lao Hobo is still at 360.

Random mode. I managed to match Brian with a 79 score, pipping the Lao Hobo (Teck Loong) by one point. Siu Hean has started on this. Meanwhile, Zenn had effortlessly sailed to 86 points and she did all this without the aid of powerups whereas, I used them when I can.

Classic mode. I am still stuck at 75 points. I had managed to beat my previous 69. Zenn, Siu Hean and Lao Hobo are over 100. Zenn had explained that she is not a risk taker and had one simple method. Still... Brian. Bah. I can't surpass his score. One or two tiles away in points!
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