09 September 2011

Oh yes, add babes to that equation!
The ultimate cool movie: Pirates versus ninjas versus robots versus zombies!

Angst and the world

The angst-filled types bemoaning that 'the world sucks' and that 'the world should end because it sucks' seem to be a norm among the younger set these days. It would appear that the world revolves around them. It is a 'Me Me Me'world when they don't look beyond themselves.

Not a determinant of ability

I am laughing at the presumptions that some people have. Seriously funny.

The thing is that seniority is not a determinant of ability.
It is finally Friday! HURRAH! HURRAH! Meanwhile, Siu Hean and Alistair have started a new game of CivWorld. Hopefully, we can get Yen Lyn to join us.

06 September 2011

Dreary day. I shall endeavour to sleep earlier in future. No more sketching in bed till 1 am.

05 September 2011

Time to go! Yes!
Sketching at the Botanic Gardens with Leos, Kun Rong, Amelia, and many others on Saturday was great fun! Then, I was at Kelvin and Hsu Chern's wedding at the Birkhill hall and also meeting old friends like Tien Huan, Rex, Regina, Gene, Sharon and Florence.

I slept most of yesterday.